What Color is Alabaster? And How to Use It at Home

Alabaster paint color and side table ; Image via H2 Design Co.

What color is Alabaster?

If you’ve ever searched for a white paint color, then you’re already aware that there are hundreds (thousands?) of shades of white. One such shade is Alabaster.

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This lovely off-white hue is a go-to color in design because it had the versatility of white, with just a touch more depth and interest. It’s a common color for everything from paint to upholstery.

If you’re looking to incorporate alabaster in your home, I’m delving into the color details, sharing alabaster inspiration, listing popular paint colors, and more, below.

Let’s start with a few FAQs.

Is the Color Alabaster the Same as White?

Image via Neiman Marcus

Good question! While alabaster is a shade of white, it’s not a pure white. Alabaster has a slightly warmer undertone and a hint of creaminess, setting it apart from pure white.

Alabaster is a mineral that’s often used for carving, and it actually comes in a range of shades, from ivory to golden tones. However, when the term “alabaster” is used by designers and manufacturers, it’s generally referring to a creamy shade of white.

Although alabaster is not identical to white, it is undoubtedly close on the color spectrum. This closeness makes alabaster an excellent choice for those who seek the timeless and classic appeal of white, but also want a shade that offers a touch of depth and warmth. Alabaster can create a more inviting and cozy atmosphere compared to the starkness that pure white can sometimes create.

Is Alabaster the Same as Beige?

Image via @onceuponarowhouse

Alabaster is often mistaken for beige due to their shared warmth and creamy undertones. While they do share some similarities, alabaster typically has a lighter and more neutral base compared to beige. Alabaster tends to have less yellow or brown undertones, resulting in a purer, cleaner appearance.

Beige, on the other hand, can lean towards a warmer or earthier tone. While alabaster can be used as a substitute for beige in many cases, it is essential to consider the specific color scheme and desired aesthetic to determine the best choice for your project.

What Colors Go with Alabaster?

Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint paired with an off black. Image via piperjames.co 

One of the great things about alabaster is its versatility and its ability to complement a wide range of colors. Its neutral undertones make it a nice match for both warm and cool color palettes.

When paired with other neutral hues, such as grays and taupes, alabaster can create a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. It also makes a pretty counterpoint for colors like navy, amber, and olive.

Is Alabaster Warm or Cool Toned?

Image via Liz Marie Blog

Alabaster is considered a warm-toned color. Its underlying warmth lends a soft and inviting quality to any environment. However, it is worth noting that alabaster’s warm undertones are not as pronounced as those found in other warmer colors. This subtle warmth makes alabaster a versatile choice that can complement both warm and cool color schemes, allowing it to adapt to various design styles and preferences.

Alabaster Paint Colors

There are plenty of alabaster paint colors to choose from. Some are obvious: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both have a paint color called “Alabaster,” which are each a slightly different shade of off-white. But, there are other colors that fit the bill too. If you’re looking for an alabaster paint color, try:

Each of these colors is a slightly different shade of off white.

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