What Colors Go With Green? And How to Use Green at Home

A pewter green with white and pale blue. Image via Bria Hammel Interiors

If you’re wondering what colors go with green, then we may be kindred spirits. Green is my favorite color, and one of my favorite colors to use when decorating.

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I actually think that every room needs a touch of green, even if it’s a plant in the corner. It just adds a sense of life to a space in a way that other colors can’t.

If you’re wanting to add green to your space, but aren’t sure what shade to choose or what colors to use with it, here’s an overview of my favorite color pairings. (Note, that while I’m putting this in the context of home decor, these color pairings also work for clothing or things like event planning and weddings, too).

What colors go with green?

So, asking what colors go with green is kind of like asking what ingredients go with pasta. It depends on what you like and what you’re working with.

There are hundreds of shades of green, and each one works best with certain hues. To keep things simple, I’m going to break down five of the most popular shades of green for decorating, plus the colors that work with each.

Before I do that, though, there are some colors that work well with pretty much any shade of green. Those are:

  • White
  • Blue (including sky blue, cobalt, navy)
  • Yellow
  • Gold or brass tones

I’ve put together quick graphics that show how common shades of green pair with these complementary colors. You can see that a lot of the green shades on the left would look good with almost any color on the right.

Greens and whites

Greens and blues

Greens and yellows

And, to put those color pairings into real-life context, here are a few examples of different shades of green paired with these hues.

green laundry room with blue wallpaper
A bright, Kelly green with blue wallpaper. Image via Andew Howard Design

Image via Laurel Bernstein – Original source unknown

These colors bring out the best in nearly any shade of green, though you may have to tweak the exact shade of each color to suit the green you’re using.

So now, let’s break down the more specific shades of green, and colors that go with each. We’ll cover:

  • Olive green
  • Dark green (i.e. hunter green and forest green)
  • Sage green
  • Kelly green, or a true, bright green

What colors go with olive/khaki green

green bedroom
Image via Heidi Caillier

green bed
Image via Lulu & Georgia

Olive greens and khaki greens are muted greens that usually have brown, beige, or gray undertones. Because of this, they work well with similarly muted tones, as well as Earth tones.

Colors like ivory and off white, camel and terracotta, mustard, deep navy, and slate blue go beautifully with colors like moss, olive, and pewter green. Mix in weathered woods and leather and you’ve got yourself a room.

What colors go with dark green

green walls with neutral furniture
Image via Amber Interiors

Dark green shades like Hunter Green and Forest Green tend to have more of a blue undertone than colors like moss and olive.

For a luxe, sophisticated look, these colors pair beautiful with neutrals like white, beige, tan and charcoal gray.

ski house bedroom
The kids loft in our Vermont cabin – with wall trim painted Sherwin Williams Dard Hunter Green

camp themed bedroom
Image via Mountain Living

However, they can also go rustic, or Adirondack inspired when paired with red, navy, and mustard yellow.

Image via DIY Playbook

Finally, dark green pairs well with deep reds, navy and wood tones to create a feel that I like to call “Pacific Northwest Modern” for lack of a better term. It’s basically the vibe that feels like you’re walking into a Rejuvenation store. A bit modern, a bit vintage, and a bit masculine.

What colors go with sage green

Image via DIY Playbook

Image via Etsy

Sage green is a soothing pale green that’s surprisingly versatile.

To maintain its relaxing vibe, pair it with other soft hues to create a low-contrast look. Think: pale blue, cream, light gray, white-oak wood, and pale yellow.

For a more energetic combo, or a vintage-traditional look, try navy blue, rose colors, and amber yellow.

What colors go with Kelly green/Emerald

Emerald and Kelly green are what we’d call “Clear” greens. That means they haven’t been dulled out with any gray tones, or muted in any way. Clear colors like this go well with other bright, or clear colors.

Think: Bright pink, cobalt blue, yellow, and clear white. Because of this, Kelly and Emerald green naturally lend themselves to a preppy decorating scheme.

If you prefer a more subtle look, bright green also works well with sky blue and icy blue tones.