Our modern traditional entryway vestibule

We started our remodel on modern traditional entryway vestibule a year ago. A whole year. And this week, I’m finally able to call it done.

The project started with a pretty major overhaul. The original entryway vestibule was cramped and not super functional, and we also needed a new front door, so we took the room to the studs (by ‘we’ I mean we hired a contractor).

entryway before
This is a before shot from an Instagram story I did on the entry … It was cramped and not super functional.

We replaced the door, took out strange little corner closets that fit nothing in them, and added tile, new drywall, and an amazing reclaimed “second front door” that closes off the vestibule. For a while, the room just stayed like a plain, but pretty white box while I figured out what to do with it.

Finally, in the spring, I decided to do a DIY board and batten wall with wallpaper above it, which really made the room come together.

But, it was still missing a few little touches. First and foremost, I wanted to do a fun, bold and modern light fixture. The room, like the rest of our home, has very traditional, classic bones, which I’ve played up when I choose decor. But, I don’t like design that’s too traditional, so I knew a modern light and  contemporary art would go a long way in balancing the classic vibe.

I’ve always looked to AllModern for contemporary and midcentury decor that doesn’t cost a fortune, so that was my first stop when I was looking for a light. Pretty quickly, I ended up finding a light that was exactly what I’d pictured, the Drake two-light 20” Semi Flush Mount. It feels fun and modern, but it’s also retro inspired, which is perfect for a more traditional space like mine.

There was a one-light option in this same style, but I went with the two-light version, even though it’s borderline too big for the room. I really wanted it to make a statement and bring the contemporary element to our modern traditional entryway.

We installed the light ourselves, which took about an hour, and I LOVE the result. It’s the perfect modern focal point to contrast all of the traditional elements in our entry vestibule.

Once the light was up, it was time to finish off the last few details in the room: Adding in wall hooks and art. I knew I wanted to hang the art from the picture rail molding (it has a lip in it for wall art hangers), so I was again looking for something that was classic but fresh. After browsing AllModern’s art selection, I found a pair of prints that were just right: a small, abstract black-and-white pair of prints that I could use with an antique mirror I’d planned to hang in the room (again, all about that mix of old and new!).

 They’re just what I was looking for, so after hanging them up, I’m calling this project complete.

Products in this post were gifted by AllModern. 

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