The best Samsung Frame TV art (& it’s all under $6)

We bought a Samsung Frame TV about a year-and-a-half ago, after a long debate about whether or not we should have a TV in our living room. I said no, my husband said yes. The Frame was our compromise, since you can set it to “art mode” that makes it look less like a TV when it’s off.

To me, it still looks like a TV with a picture on it, but it has a sleek white frame and a low profile, so if you have to have a TV in a spot where it’s not the best design choice, then the Samsung Frame is the option to go for.

That said, after a year of living with the “stock” art options the TV came with, I finally decided to figure out how to upload custom art to the Frame TV (it’s actually not hard to do at all, and took me about 5 minutes to do, which made me wonder why I waited so long).

When you’re choosing Samsung Frame TV art, you have a few options. You can go directly through Samsung, since they have an art store, or you can download your own art and upload it to the Samsung SmartThings App (I’ve included directions on how to add art to your Frame TV at the bottom of this post). From there, it will be loaded as an option for you to select for the Frame. 

I prefer the latter because it’s less expensive, so you can buy lots of art and swap it out for the season or atmosphere, plus, there are more options to choose from. (Related: I also love printable wall art for the same reason)

If you’re in the market for art for your Frame TV, I’ve rounded up my favorite finds below. They’re all from Etsy, and they all happen to be under $10.

Side note in case you’re wondering how you get the art from Etsy to your TV: After you check out, you can instantly download the image. Do this on your phone to make life easier, and save to your photo library– I Then, you’ll upload it to the Samsung SmartThings app, which connects to your TV. Technology, am I right? If you need help with the upload process, here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial.)

My favorite Samsung Frame TV art

Contemporary line print, $5.95

Coming in at just under $6, this modern line print is actually the most expensive on the list. It feels high-end and very now thanks to the curved lines. 

Landscape painting, $5.87

I’m pretty sure I saw something exactly like this from Studio McGee’s Target collection. Landscape paintings are a big trend this year, and a digital download is probably (/definitely) the cheapest way to get in on it. 

Aerial beach print, $4.99

The Grey Malin vibes here can’t be denied. If you’re a color-lover, a travel enthusiast, or you’ve always wanted a Grey Malin or Slim Aarons photograph but couldn’t find room in the budget, this is a great pick.

Paris windows photo, $5.77

At this point in a global pandemic, who doesn’t have wanderlust? If you can’t go to Paris, bring Paris to you (for under $6).

Metallic texture print, $4.99

If your vibe is a little more glam or feminine, I also really like this gold-tinged print. It’s tonal, but the texture makes it interesting. 

Buffalo photograph, $3.96

This buffalo print gives off big farmhouse vibes, but it would also be a cute pick for a playroom or family room. 

Midcentury black-and-white print, $5.10

frame tv art black and white

Looking for high-contrast? I love this half-moon print which would work well in a contemporary room, a loft setting, or a traditional room that needs a twist. 

Roses art print, $4.44

Feminine and pretty, this photo would be lovely in a formal living room or bedroom. 

How to add art to the Samsung Frame TV

  1. Download the Samsung Smart Things App
  2. Connect it to your TV with Bluetooth
  3. Select “Art mode”
  4. Click “Add your photos” and choose the images you want to add
  5. Choose whether you want a mat around the photo or not
  6. Click “set” 

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