14 Uber Cool Kids Bedroom Themes You and You Little Will Love

My kids’ rooms have quickly become my favorite rooms in the house to decorate. They’re all about fun, and comfort, and catering to these tiny people with big opinions. And if you get it right, and your kids just LOVE their room, it’s the best feeling ever. Of course, as a parent, you want to get it right (no pressure), so I’ve rounded up some my favorite cool kids bedroom themes to help get you thinking.

But first! I wanted to share a few general ideas and guidelines I have for decorating kids rooms based on some things I’ve learned while decorating my own boys’ spaces.

Guidelines for decorating your kid’s bedroom. 

It doesn’t have to match the rest of the house.

I think this is one of the big reasons I love decorating kids rooms: they can be a total departure from the theme or style of the rest of the house. At least I think they can be. If your entire home is neutral (like mine is), but your son loves firetrucks and school busses and all things colorful, go with it. Why not? Kids spaces should be fun and reflect their interests, so let the ideas flow.

Let your child have a say (on a few things).

If I actually let my son pick out everything in his bedroom, he’d probably have orange walls, firetruck bedding, and one of those roadway rugs that you drive cars around on. So, while it is his room, mama’s gotta put her foot down somewhere. I want his room to reflect his personality but, well, I also don’t want it to be ugly.

What I do is choose the general direction of the room and let kid weigh in on some of the details. For my oldest son, I had an idea to decorate his room around a Hudson Bay teddy bear my husband had bought him on a business trip when he was a few months old. I got a matching quilt, and bought the bed and mattress, etc.

But I let my son choose some of the wall art from an Etsy shop that sold transportation prints for kids. He also got to choose the paint color (I told him to pick his favorite blue, and he wanted the same blue as my husband’s office, so that’s what we went with). I also let him pick his sheets, and a few other things here and there, so he felt like it was his space.

Don’t go too crazy with a theme.

I love a themed kids room, but it’s so easy to overdo it. Instead of using every decorating decision as a chance to reiterate your theme, pick a few big moments to set the tone for the room, and let the rest of the decor play a supporting role. If you have a nautical theme, for example, maybe you do a print of a ship on the wall, and a table lamp shaped like an anchor, and a few nautical flags. Then, for the rest of the decor, choose things that have a nautical “vibe” without going overboard (couldn’t resist). Use striped bedding, polished brass drawer pulls, and and canvas baskets. These things evoke a nautical feel without taking it too far.

Don’t spend a ton.

I look at kids bedrooms almost like their clothing. I want something that’s relatively good quality and will last, but I’m also not going to buy the best quality thing on the market or something overly expensive because I know that they’ll get two seasons of wear out of it, max, before they grow out of it.

My oldest son is four, and his room has already gone through three iterations. First was the nursery, then we revamped it slightly when he changed over to a toddler bed, then we redid it completely when he got a twin bed and wanted a “big boy room.” It’ll probably change again in a few years when we move his little brother in with him, and probably a few more times after that as they get bigger and have different interests (and decide that their “big boy” room is way too babyish).

Because of this, I try to find deals on kids room decor whenever I can. I do buy quality furniture and mattresses that will last (we still use the dresser, rug, and and storage unit from my son’s nursery in his big boy room) but when it comes to wall decor, bedding, accent pieces, and lighting, I’m not going to splurge.

Think about safety.

This one is kind of obvious, but if you’re going to be decorating a kids’ room, you’re going to want to choose a design that’s durable and safe. A few things I recommend for safety: Cordless shades, rug pads or rug tape to hold down corners, zero VOC paints, and wall-mounting hardware for shelves and dressers.

All of that said, I do try and make my kids rooms as stylish as possible. Here are 19 cool kids room ideas that I currently love, and I know my kids would, too.

14 of My Favorite Cool Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas

Vintage Space Themed Boys Bedroom

This was one of my favorite boys’ bedroom themes I saw on Pinterest while looking for ideas for my son’s room. I love that it has a theme, but it doesn’t beat you over the head or feel childish.

Image: Sunny Circle Studio

Palm Springs Girls Bedroom

Pink bunk beds, flamingo decor, a swing, midcentury touches, and palm-tree wall art? This lucky little girl’s room is both fun and chic, and feels like the ultimate escape.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Camp-Out Kids Bedroom

Talk about a cool bedroom idea. What kid wouldn’t want to camp out every night? This tent-canopy looks like a fairly simple DIY project that might make your child happy to go to bed (which would be worth every minute of the work it took to hang it up).

Image: weliketheworld.com

Chalkboard Wall Kids Bedroom

Dark green walls have been a major trend lately (I even wrote about it here in my home decor trend predictions for 2020), so I love this idea for making the whole look kid-friendly: use chalkboard paint. This green hue feels like a chalkboard from a vintage school house. I also love the little built-in table ledge and the mountain stencil at the top. Cute!

cool kids room ideas
Image via Petite & Small.

Soft and Modern Bunk Bedroom

Every kid wants a bunk bed, and this built-in version by Amber Interiors is amazing with the built-in bookshelves and reading lights. Not to mention how light and airy this room feels.

cool kids room ideas
Photo by Tessa Neustadt, design by Amber Interiors.

Dugout-Themed Baseball Bedroom

This room takes the oft-done “baseball” theme, and really takes it to the next level. How cute is this little dugout space?

cool kids room ideas - baseball room

Click here to see more of this room on Project Nursery.

Preppy Bunk Room

This is the dream, right? If you can swing it, there are few kids room ideas cooler than a built-in bunk room. Bunks aside, I also love the overall decor in this room because it’s not too childish — perfect if you’re not someone who likes motifs or character prints.

cool kids room ideas
Image via Traditional Home

Clouds & Canopies Bedroom

I love this room because it’s special, but simple. The wallcovering and bed canopy are a little girl’s dream, and the garland on the canopy and globe floor lamp feel like a subtle take on polka dots.

cool kids room ideas
Image via Project Nursery

Vintage Cottage Kids Bedroom

This campground-inspired boys room is whimsical and rustic, and thanks to all of the vintage touches, can be super wallet-friendly too You could probably furnish most of this room with finds from thrift stores and Facebook marketplace by painting an old bed frame and chair, and finding an antique desk, and decor.

cool kids rooms
Image via Better Homes & Gardens.

Boho-Modern Girls Bedroom

How fun would it be to sleep here? This bohemian-modern girls bedroom feels so of-the-moment and hip, but youthful at the same time. I love the palm-leaf decals, because they’re bold and whimsical, but they’re not so tied to a specific theme or style that you couldn’t keep them up if you changed the room decor in the future.

French Riviera Boys Bedroom

Yep! A kids room inspired by the South of France. How chic! I saw this room after I decorated my son’s room and had a brief moment of wanting to tear the whole thing out and start again with something a little more French. This room might be high-brow, but it’s also sweet thanks to cute nautical touches and a soft color palette.

Image and design by Sarah Tucker

Pendleton-Inspired Boys Bedroom

This is the direction I took for my son’s room and I ended up loving it. The primary color stripes of the classic Pendleton (or Hudson Bay-style) blanket make the perfect palette for a boys room (they match all the fire engines and construction trucks and almost, almost make them look intentional.)

And here’s my own son’s room!

cool kids room ideas -kma

Creative-Type Boys Room

From the drums, to the art, to the high-design chandelier, this room is all about fostering creativity. This kid’s gonna be a star.

Image via Decoist

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