Where to Buy Printable Wall Art That Looks Expensive

Wall art is one of my all-time favorite things to shop for. I buy it at thrift stores, at antique shops, from strangers on the Internet, in mass-retailers, here and there and anywhere. One of the most-recent ways I’ve been procuring it, though, has become a bit of an obsession: printable wall art. I love printable wall art because it’s both affordable and beautiful, which makes it easy to swap out. (Something I do often).

It’s also a great solution for vintage frames I find when thrifting or at antique shops, because I can buy a pretty frame and then find the perfect piece for it online.

I would also imagine that, if you’re the type of person who’s a little commitment-phobic about wall art and therefore never buys anything and lives among big blank walls (this is not me, but I know a few people who place wall art up there with getting a tattoo), that printable wall art would be awesome because you can try on different art with very little risk.

Here’s How it Works:

If you haven’t bought printable art before, the process is basically this; You browse whatever website you’re shopping on, and find the artwork you like. But then when you buy it, instead of getting a piece of paper or oil painting or whatever it is in the mail, you get a digital file that you can print out at home, or get printed at a local print shop or office supply store.

Typically, you’ll either get an email with the files attached, or a link to follow that will take you to where you can download the print. If you buy printable art on Etsy, you’ll also be able to download it from your account.

The digital file usually comes in a few formats/sizes, so you can print the right scale for your frame.

How to Print Your Printable Wall Art

You can, of course, print your wall art at home. I’ve done this and it’s worked fine for smaller prints like 5″ x 7″ s I’m using for filler frames in a gallery wall. But if it’s something bigger, I typically have my prints printed at Staples, but I’ve heard great things about Costco (if you’re a member), and the printing services through Artifact Uprising. For small prints you can also use the standard photo printing options from stores like CVS or Target

Each of these stores have a section on their website where you can upload your files, choose the size and printing options you prefer, and choose your in-store pickup or delivery options.  I always go with in-store pickup because I’m impatient and the stores typically have a turnaround time of about 24 hours. Also, in-store pickup is free!

Staples charges anywhere from $5-$15 depending on the size (probably more if you print something really huge). But I’ve never gone above 12″ x 18″, which brings the total cost per print to $10-$30 depending on the price of the printable.

In case you’re looking for some new art for your space, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite sources for printable art, below.

The Best Places To Buy Printable Wall Art

Juniper Print Shop

Juniper Print Shop (formerly called Jenny’s Print Shop) was started by former interior designer and stylist Jenny Komenda. I love this shop because it’s highly curated. So it sells about 100 different prints, but everything is on-trend, and selected through the eye of someone who has major style. So if you suffer from decision overwhelm (hi, I do!), Juniper Print Shop is great place to start. You’ll find abstracts, vintage-inspired prints, modern photography, landscape paintings (the ones below Hills I, and Wild Oak, are some of my favs), and more.

The Printable Concept

The Printable Concept has something for everyone. They divide their selection into Art Prints, Photography, Typography, and Nursery, and offer dozens of options under each. It’s also a great resource for those who love the look of a gallery wall but doesn’t have the patience (or confidence) to curate an entire look. That’s because, in addition to individual art prints, the shop offers gallery wall printable sets for as little as $15.

I love this set of portrait line drawings for creating a gallery wall, or interspersing through a larger gallery wall with some other artwork.

This eye print is also fab – it’s graphic and high-contrast, and I haven’t see a ton of other art like it.

I’m also really into the colors of this photo – so on-trend for 2020.

Crayon Stationery, Etsy

This is another of my favorite shops. I personally love their digital midcentury collection (the photo below is one of the prints from this collection), but they also do cute brushstroke art and nursery prints, too.

Moriland, Etsy

As a boy mom, I LOVE this Etsy shop for printable wall art for kids’ rooms. The shop has a few hundred printable illustrations of all the things that make little boys’s hearts sing: dinosaurs, fire trucks, vintage cars, robots. They’re adorable, and priced from $7.70.

I bought the fire truck print, below, for my son’s room (his pick from all of the prints).

This train print was also a favorite.

Chaos and Wonder Design, Etsy 

Chaos and Wonder is an Etsy shop with a few great print styles available. I love the altered portraits – classic portrait art with a twist, whether it’s painted over, or a random brushstroke here or there. It makes classic art feel modern.

But I’m also a huge fan of the antiqued nudes, like the one below, and their architectural prints, too.


The Crown Prints

This is an incredible shop if you’re looking for printable wall art for a nursery or kids room, specifically. They have other cute art too (lots of abstracts, some travel photography), but their nursery wall art is where this shop shines. The baby animal print are adorable, and very similar looking to the versions I’ve seen online retailing to $150 +. Purchase these for as little at $5.90, print them out at your local Staples, and you’ve saved yourself about $100.

But really how cute is this elephant?

Best places for printable wall art -The Crown Prints

And the rest of the photography is original, bright, and invites you in.

Prints Mius Studio, Etsy

If you want a one-stop shop for trendy printable wall art, this is it. (And if you’re printing the art yourself, who cares if it’s a little trendy, because you can change it out in a couple of years without feeling an ounce of guilt).

You’ll find abstracts in the au courant palette of muted blush pink and pumpkin orange, realist photography of bulls and cattle, and tasteful nude line drawings.

Printsvilla, Etsy

If you prefer photography over paintings or drawings,  check out Printsvilla. This Etsy shop is mostly made up of beautiful nature photography, architectural shots, and lifestyle vignettes, but there are some nature-inspired watercolors mixed in as well. Prices range from $5 for a single print, to $10 for a set of three prints, and $19 for a set of six like the Moroccan prints shown below.

Single prints start at $5.

And sets of three start at $10.

printable wall art

Gallery J9, Etsy

Gallery J9 is another favorite Etsy source for modern and abstract art. I love the neutral brushstroke-style prints, like the one below, which start at $4.95, and the gallery wall sets, which start at $19.95. The shop also has a gorgeous selection of printed art that’s priced for not much more if you decide you’d rather let someone else handle the printing for you.

The colors in this print below pretty much go with anything.

And here another portrait collection that would make a gallery wall a cinch.

Free Printable Wall Art

There are also plenty of places online to source printable wall art for free (legally!). Here are a few I’ve heard about.

Feed Your Soul

free printable wall art

Feed Your Soul offers original printable artwork for free. Yes, the selection is a little more limited, but if you’re on a major budget, or you’re looking for a few pieces to pepper into a gallery wall, this is a great resource to keep in mind. I’d say most of the prints are colorful and youthful, so would be best suited for a nursery, kids’ room, or play room.

 USDA Special Collections

Yes, the USDA might just have your next favorite art print (if you’re into drawings of product, that it). The USDA Pomological Watercolor collection 7,584 watercolor paintings, lithographs and line drawings, including 3,807 images of apples.

According to the USDA website, the drawings document “fruit and nut varieties developed by growers or introduced by USDA plant explorers around the turn of the 20th century. Technically accurate paintings were used to create lithographs illustrating USDA bulletins, yearbooks, and other series distributed to growers and gardeners across America.” BUT! The drawings are also free to download and print, and would make a heck of an art arrangement for a kitchen or dining room.

Happy printing! And let me know if you have any questions about where to buy printable wall art, the printing process, where to find frames, etc.

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