Kathalow Warehouse Treasures: What to know before you go

A snap from the Instagram story I shared on my first trip to Kathalow Warehouse

If you’ve never been to Kathalow Warehouse Treasures and you live in Connecticut, it’s time to hit the road. Especially if you like all the home things (decor, linens, appliances, etc.) as much as I do.

Kathalow Warehouse Treasures, in Bethel, CT, is essentially an overstock warehouse. They purchase pallets of unsold goods or returned items from retailers like Target or Wayfair, and then re-sell the items in their warehouse. The warehouse is open to the public, like a regular retail store, so you can just walk in anytime they’re open.

What that means for shoppers is big discounts on things like furniture, cookware, linens, fitness gear, holiday merchandise, and more. It’s one of a few such places that have cropped up in Connecticut over the last few years, along with Retail 101 in Naugatuck/Beacon Falls and American Liquidations in Prospect.

If you’re curious about what to expect from Kathalow Warehouse Treasures, here’s a rundown. I first found out about Kathalow Warehouse Treasures when I was browsing on Facebook Marketplace, and I’ve since been there about a half-dozen times.

What does Kathalow Warehouse Treasures have?

A sink that was recently posted in the Kathalow Facebook group

What you’ll find at Kathalow Warehouse depends on when you go. The store gets new shipments almost constantly, but the retailers and type of product varies, so it’s very “luck of the draw.”

For the most part, the bulk of the merchandise is household items, like smaller furniture, small kitchen appliances, wall art, mirrors, holiday decor, accent lighting, home fitness equipment, electronics, kids toys, bathroom vanities, sinks, outdoor items, rugs, and linens.

A chair recently posted by Kathalow.

The furniture is generally on the smaller side, in that you’ll find things like barstools, dining chairs, accent chairs, ottomans, benches, and bookshelves, but I’ve never seen any sofas or larger dining tables. Most of the furniture is from affordable but on-trend brands like Threshold, Safavieh and Inspire Q, and prices range from about $20-$150.

Appliances and kitchen items are usually things like slow cookers, dutch ovens, pots and pans, soda streams, silverware, etc.

The store also has a smaller selection of clothing and beauty/health supplies, but you need to be prepared to dig for the clothes since they tend to just be stacked in piles (I’ve never done it myself).

I’ve found the most luck purchasing small furniture and kids toys.

If you want to get an idea of what’s in stock before you go, you can follow the Kathalow Warehouse Treasures Facebook page, which is often updated with new arrival news.

Kathalow Warehouse Treasures location and hours

The Kathalow Warehouse is located at 4 Paul Street in Bethel, CT. It’s in a small industrial park with a handful of buildings, and the warehouse can be a bit hard to spot since the sign isn’t very large. It’s on your left when you pull into the driveway, on the first floor of the building. It looks a little odd from the outside, but you’re in the right place!

The warehouse is open seven days week, and hours are Mon-Sat-10:30-7:00 and Sunday 11:00-5:30.

If you can go during the week, that’s your best option as it’s less crowded. During the week I’ve found I’m usually one of three or four customers, but on weekends it can be a dozen of more at any given time.

Good things to know before you go

A few things that are good to know before you go:

-Kathalow accepts all major forms of payment including credit cards

-There is staff on hand to help you load items into your car

-You can purchase items and pick them up at a later time

-You’ll need at least an hour to see the place, maybe two

-Generally, it’s not the best spot for kids, since there’s a lot they could get into. I did bring my daughter when she was only a couple of months old because she couldn’t move :). I ended up wearing her because the aisles are small for a stroller.

Are the items at Kathalow Warehouse Treasures new?

From my experience, all items are either new or returned. The returns are like-new quality, but the packaging may be damaged.

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