A Visit to The Huntress, New York

I think we can all agree that retail has changed drastically over the last 20 years. I make most of my purchases online now, for my home or otherwise. But, every once in while, I walk into a shop that reminds me that there will always be a place for old fashioned, bricks-and-mortar shopping.

Most recently, that shop was The Huntress, in Pound Ridge, New York.

I’ve been following The Huntress, a boutique curated by designer Jenny Wolf, for a few years on Instagram now. It’s about a 30 minute drive from my house (45 minutes if I take the scenic back roads, which I did on the way home). I was in need of some inspiration this week, and had a free afternoon, so I decided on a whim to take a drive up there. And I’m very glad I did.

It’s one of those shops that has such a well-curated perspective, from the wall color, to the way the vignettes are styled, to the font they use on the labels, to the scent of the room and, of course, the product assortment, that you almost feel like you’re in someone’s very well decorated home. You instantly know what the shop is all about, who their customer is, the lifestyle they’re embodying. I always find shops like this to be like peak creative inspiration, not only because of all of the pretty things around, but because of the story they tell and the poignancy of the brand and experience.

They’re also very fun to shop at. Most of what they sell at The Huntress is home-related. There is dinnerware, art, vintage pieces, custom furniture, textiles, etc., but you’ll also find a smaller selection of clothing, teas, and bath/fragrances. In fact, the only thing I bought when I was there was a gorgeous-smelling perfume called Isola Rosa, from Litoralle Aromatica, that smells like a fancy European vacation in a bottle.

Here are some more photos I took while I was there (apologies for some of the weird angles, I was holding my 2-year old shopping companion while snapping them). I highly recommend a trip if you’re within driving distance! The town of Pound Ridge is also adorable, so it’s a great day trip.

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