The Big Debate: What Color Gutters For Our White House?

A white house with white gutter /shutters. Rendering by Carlos Aparacio Associates

Last week I shared that we are having our house re-sided in the next couple of weeks. I’ve figured out the siding color (white) and trim color (also white) but the thing that is stumping me is the color of our gutters.

We live in a classic white colonial home, that at one point has copper gutters. For some reason, one of the previous owners painted over the copper gutters with white paint (excuse me while I go cry into my coffee because whhyyyyyy?!), so the gutters have been white since we moved in.

However, since they’re also being replaced as part of our re-siding process, I’m wondering if I should take this opportunity to add a little contrast back into the house.

Now, I won’t be able to do real copper gutters, because I’d have to sell one of my children to pay for that. But! What I can so is choose colored aluminum gutters instead of white ones.

We’re going with half-round gutters, which basically look like a tubular shape, and can choose from various shades of brown, copper, grey, etc.

I’ve been leaning towards a bronze-y color, because of the inspiration I’ve seen online and while driving around our area, but I also have a few hesitations.

One of my hesitations around the bronze gutters are that there are two gutters that down down the center of the house…

My main hesitations are:

  1. That our house had a grey roof. I’m not sure if the bronzey color will clash with the roof. I don’t think I’d want to go for something gray or black, though, because that’s more modern farmhouse that I’d like.
  2. Our house has two gutters running off of of window dormers that go straight down the center of the house, so I’m not sure if that’ll look weird, like my house has smile lines or something. I’ve also thought about keeping those two smile-line gutters white, and having the rest be a contrasting color.

All that said, here are the inspiration photos I’ve found that make me lean towards bronze, and then another round of photos that show the all-white look. Which would you do?

White House with Contrast Gutters

Image via Ariel Okin, Photography by Reed MckEndree
Image via Pinterest, original source unknown
Architecture Design: @stevetiek
Exterior Photography: @joshwacaldwell
Image via Rufty Homes

White House with White Gutters

Image via Cover Me In Ivy
Image via Emily A Clark
A simple white exterior. Home by Thiel Architecture and Design
Image via Nicole Davis Interiors

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