There’s an eBay Shop for Target Discounts

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I love a good bargain. I find a lot of the furniture and decor in my home from Facebook Marketplace or thrift shops, but I also love bin stores and salvage, too.

I got the ottomans near the fireplace from Bullseye Deals

For the most part, bin stores (basically liquidators that re-sell overstock items and returns from Target, Amazon, etc), are independently operated, physical stores … but one of my favorite Target salvage stores is actually on eBay.

It’s called Bullseye Deals, and they’ve got all sorts of salvage items from Target discounted by anywhere from 25-75%. Of course, I tend to gravitate toward the furnishings and decor. But they also have electronics, clothing, kids items, etc.

I like Bullseye Deals for a few reasons. For one, going to a bin store in person can be … overwhelming. They’re usually cluttered, and it can be time consuming to dig through everything and, sometimes, not find anything you’re looking for. With Bullseye Deals, you don’t have to leave your couch, and you can search for what you’re looking for without digging.

Also, they sometimes have items that are sold out at Target. This was the case for me a few months ago when I saw a Studio McGee ottoman that I wanted for in front of my fireplace. I actually wanted two, to set side-by-side, but at the time they were out of stock at Target.

I got an alert from Bullseye Deals (I must have done a search for them there at one point) that there was one in stock, and they actually ended up having two. So, not only did I get my stools, but I got them for 60% off.

Happy shopping!

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