The Best Places to Buy Rugs Online in Any Price Point

Our dining room rug is from

One of the design questions I get asked most often from family and friends is about the best places to buy rugs online (and off!).

It feels like kind of a niche question, but at the same time, it makes sense. Rugs are expensive, they’re cumbersome to return and they have a major impact on the style of a room. So it’s a purchase you want to get right, and knowing where it shop really helps.

After years of working as an editor at Wayfair and for various home design magazines, and decorating eight of my own homes, I’ve become very familiar with all of the places to buy rugs online. I find myself recommending the same places over and over again.

So, if you’re wondering where to buy rugs online, here’s my go-to list. I’ve included both spots to buy high-end/original rugs, as well as more mass-market rug options, below.

The Best Places to Buy Rugs Online

I bought the vintage rug in this room in our Michigan Airbnb on eBay for under $100!

In general, when shopping for rugs online, you’ve got three categories of stores.

  1. The first is the big, conglomerate-style websites that sell a wide range of brands and styles. These are sites like Wayfair, Overstock, Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs. At these online-only retailers, you’ll find the biggest selection, but you’ll also find a lot of overlapping inventory. They all tend to carry similar items. These stores are perfect if you’re looking for a budget-friendly rug, and want a ton of options to choose from. Bonus: most of these retailers now sell washable rugs, too!
  2. The second is the style-specific retailers that create their own designs. If you’ve exhausted the bigger sites and can’t find a rug you like, try a retailer that creates their own designs. Think West Elm, Lulu & Georgie and Serena & Lily. You’ll pay a higher price, but the selection will be more unique, and it’s usually tailored to a specific style, which can help if you get overwhelmed by too many options.
  3. The third is vintage/antique rug sellers. These sites, like eBay and 1stdibs, along with smaller, independent stores, sell one-of-a-kind rugs with character. Again, these sites tend to be more expensive.

I’ve broken up my list into the three categories, below.

The Big Rug Sellers

1. Rugs USA – $-$$

Rugs USA is one of my go-tos for budget friendly, on-trend rugs. I’ve used rugs from Rugs USA in pretty much every home I’ve owned in the last five or six years, including our Chicago condo, our two Airbnbs and our current home in CT.

Rugs USA has a similar selection to a lot of the other major online retailers like Overstock and Wayfair (think Loloi, Surya, Safavieh), but I tend to go back to them because I like their shopping experience. They include lots of customer photos, so you can see what the rugs look like IRL, and they also have a room visualizer, so you can get an idea of what the rug looks like in you room.

Another plus is that Rugs USA offer free 2-day shipping. As far as returns go, it’s a mixed bag. Getting your return started is easy and you can do it on their website, but you do have to pay for return shipping, and it can only be done through FedEx. I don’t live super-close to a FedEx so this is a bit of a pain for me, but wouldn’t be so bad if you were closer to one.

2. Wayfair $-$$

A rug from the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Collection at Wayfair. You’ll also find the collection at most other large rug sellers, like Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs.

In addition to Rugs USA, Wayfair is probably the other site where I buy most of my rugs. Like Rugs USA, they’ve got a massive selection of rugs in all sizes and styles, but they tend to have a wider range of price points (i.e. both mass market brands like Loloi as well as high-end brands like Dash & Albert).

It might seem like Wayfair has different brands than Rugs USA or Overstock, but that’s because Wayfair simply white-labels the products (i.e. just changes the manufacturer name to its own brand name).

Like Rugs USA, Wayfair also includes customer photos in their shopping experience.

Wayfair also offers free shipping, and I find returns easier because you have the option to send them back via UPS or FedEx.

3. Boutique Rugs $-$$

My dining room rug, from Boutique Rugs

Boutique Rugs is similar to Rugs USA in that they sell a lot of the same brands and styles and have similar pricing. The site is newer and not quite as established, but I had a really pleasant first experience with them when ordering a rug for our dining room.

I like to check both Rugs USA and Boutique Rugs now, though, since some of the stock is different, and sometimes one of the retailers is running a promotion and you’ll get a better deal.

I’m also really into Boutique Rugs’ washable rugs collection, which is fab if you have kids.

Want to check out Boutique Rugs? Use my code “MADDEN” for 10% off your first order!

4. Overstock $-$$

Overstock has 1000s of rugs available from brands like Safavieh, Nourison, Artistic Weavers, Overton, Surya, and Kavka Designs (They don’t carry Loloi, however).

Overstock is more similar to Wayfair in that the website carries both mass-market brands and higher-end rugs.

Shipping is free, too!

5. $-$$ is yet another site that sells rugs from the major brands. Despite the name similarity, the selection is a little different than what you’ll find at Rugs USA, though. I ordered our living room rug via, when I couldn’t find anything I liked on Rugs USA. also seems to have a larger selection of really big rugs.

The one thing I didn’t love about is that, for returns, you have to email customer service to get started. I like a DIY return process that I can take care of all in one shot. The return went smoothly after that, and they may have changed their process since then, but just something to note.

6. Amazon $-$$

There can’t be a list of where to buy something online that doesn’t include Amazon, right?

Amazon has rugs from both the big brands as well as independent sellers.

The Niche Rug Sellers

7. West Elm – $$

My bathroom rug, from West Elm.

For modern or trendy rugs, West Elm is a great place to shop. The selection is more curated, and prices tend to be higher, but you’re also getting something unique that you won’t find on all of the other sites (like Wayfair & Overstock, etc).

I purchased a Turkish rug for my first son’s nursery from West Elm, and it truly made the space. I also recently purchased a bath mat for our bathroom makeover (does that count as a rug?), above, which I love.

8. Lulu & Georgia – $$-$$$

In my opinion, Lulu & Georgia has the most stylish collection of rugs on the Internet. I love pretty much ever rug on their site. They definitely have an aesthetic, though, and you’ll know if it’s yours in a few clicks. The rugs are a combination of exclusives, as well as some more curated picks from other rug manufacturers.

The one drawback is that the rugs are expensive.

9. Serena & Lily – $$- $$$

Speaking of aesthetic, Serena & Lily is also known for their breezy, California coastal vibes. You’ll find lots of blue and green tones, as well as neutrals and natural-fiber rugs on S&L. Again, prices are more than what you’d pay at some of the mass-market sites, but the style and quality make up for it.

One plus for Serena & Lily? You can order rug samples, so you can see color and texture in your room before you commit.

10. Cb2 – $$

If you’re looking for rugs that blend contemporary design and classic appeal, try Cb2. The store is known for its modern aesthetic, but the colors and patterns also feel refined and high-end. The price, while higher than the average rug at, say, Rugs USA, are still affordable.

11. Crate & Barrel – $$

Crate & Barrel rugs are versatile. The assortment tends to be neutral, and there are a lot of solid/textured options, as well as timeless designs with a modern twist. Think grid-style patterns, striped, and checkered print rugs.

12. Pottery Barn – $$

Pottery Barn has a big selection of high-quality rugs in transitional and traditional styles, from solid-colored rugs, to jute versions, to modern Persian-style rugs and more contemporary pick. Prices are similar to West Elm and Crate & Barrel.

13. Rejuvenation – $$-$$$

Rejuvenation sells both its own line of rugs as well as vintage finds. The style of the rugs is traditional and Pacific Northwest-inspired. Prices tend to be between $500-$2,000 for the brand’s own rugs.

14. Target – $-$$

I’ve included Target in this section of the list because, while Target does sell rugs from other manufacturers online, it’s their branded rugs that are what sets the store apart. Particularly their collections from Studio McGee, Joanna Gaines and The Jungalow.

(This section includes all the usual furniture retail suspects. You can also check sites like RH, Arhaus, Room & Board, etc).

The Vintage Rug Sellers

15. eBay $-$$$

While you can find new rugs on eBay, the real gems are in its vintage collections. Individual sellers from Turkey and Pakistan sell vintage rugs from the region, usually at a fraction of what you’d pay in a high-end antique store (Though some rugs do sell for thousands, too).

16. 1stDibs – $$$

If you’re looking for an authentic vintage or heirloom quality rug, try 1stDibs. The online marketplace has higher pricing than what you’d find at eBay, but the selection is much more curated, and vetted by 1stDibs sellers.

17. Etsy $-$$$

Etsy has a wide range of rugs, mostly either vintage or handmade. If you’re looking for a custom rug, Etsy is a great spot to look because a lot of sellers are also the manufacturers, so they’re willing to make tweaks or customizations.

18. New England Loom $$-$$$

New England Loom was started by a fellow Wayfair alum, Lindsay Graziano and her husband. What I love about their site is that the couple hand-selects all of their rugs, and they’re always gorgeous. Keep an eye on their Instagram for new arrivals!

Where to buy rugs in person

If you want to see your rug before you buy it, the options will depend largely on where you live, but you have a few good bets, including:

  • Major home retailers, many of which I included on this list, including Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel. Most carry a more limited selection of their online stock in stores.
  • HomeGoods. HomeGoods has lots of rugs in store (and not as many in their online store, which is why I didn’t include them in my online list). But, if you need a rug ASAP, or simply want to touch and see something before you buy it, check out HomeGoods.
  • Target. Another retailer from the above list, Target stocks rugs in the home section of its stores. Most are on the smaller side, though (think 5×7 and 4×6). but you’ll find a few 8x10s, too.
  • Costco. Coscto sells a smaller selection of rugs, and the assortment varies throughout the year.
  • Local antique shops and flea markets.

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