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You might be looking for home stores like Arhaus if you appreciate the brand’s tailored, transitional aesthetic and dedication to quality, but can’t quite find what you’re looking for.

Arhaus is one of the largest home furnishings retailers in the country, with more than 80 store locations spanning from Connecticut to California and a major online presence. Thanks to its high-quality, often-handcrafted items, prices at Arhaus are more expensive than at other popular furniture chains like West Elm or Pottery Barn. I consider it a high-end furniture store with prices that are similar to Restoration Hardware.

Whether you’re looking for stores like Arhaus but cheaper, or you simply want to broaden your design horizons, I’ve listed 12 stores to check out on your next shopping trip, below.

12 Stores like Arhaus

Here are 11 stores like Arhaus to shop for high-quality, high-style furniture. I’ve also included a few cheaper options, too, if you like the look of Arhaus but not the prices.

1. Restoration Hardware

To me, Restoration Hardware, or RH, is one of the stores that’s most similar to Arhaus (especially the RH Modern collection). Both retailers share a similar look, that’s built around neutral tones, metallic accents, and rustic elements. The websites even feel the same, with product images taken on minimalist gray backgrounds. Arhaus does tend to skew more contemporary/clean-lined, RH leans into the rustic, romantic side of things a bit more. In terms of pricing, RH is slightly more expensive, but they also offer an annual membership, which lock in lower “member” prices for 12 months.

2. Pottery Barn

Like Arhaus, Pottery Barn is not only one of the largest furnishing retailers in the U.S., but it also offers almost anything and everything you need to furnish your home. Think custom and in-stock upholstery and furniture, a selection of homewares, and home accessories like rugs, bedding, and throw pillows. While both retailers offer transitional-style furnishings, the Pottery Barn aesthetic leans a little more traditional/cottage-style than Arhaus, which tends to be on the contemporary side of traditional.

3. Crate & Barrel

Style-wise, Crate & Barrel is one of the mass-market furniture stores that’s most similar to Arhaus. Both brands are rooted in traditional design, but create pieces that offer a contemporary interpretation of classic aesthetics. Both brands also offer lots of neutrals. You’ll find more kitchenware and small appliances (i.e. toasters, blenders, coffee machines) at Crate & Barrel, as well as a wedding registry option, so head there if these items are on your shopping or to-do list.

4. CB2

Cb2 is a great spot to shop if you’re looking for stores like Arhaus but cheaper. While cb2 isn’t exactly cheap, the prices are more moderate than what you’ll find at Arhaus. Style-wise, the furniture at Arhaus tends to straddle the line between traditional and contemporary. whiles Cb2 is straight-up contemporary design and furniture that’s spot on trend, try CB2. Not only is the design more modern, the furniture is also typically smaller scale, which makes it a great resource if you’re shopping for an apartment or urban space.

5. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen is similar to Arhaus because both retailers were founded on a dedication to craftsmanship. If you’re looking for home furnishings that will stand the test of time, Ethan Allen is an excellent bet. From a style standpoint, Ethan Allen design is more classic and simple than Arhaus. Price points at both stores are comparable.

6. Room & Board

From a style standpoint, Room & Board furniture is more modern and midcentury-leaning than Arhaus, but only slightly. So, if you love the sofa options at Arhaus but want other fabrics, or you loved a Arhaus dining table but need different dimensions, try Room & Board. Like Arhaus, Room & Board is a great place to look for those staple furniture items like sofas, coffee tables, dining chairs, and beds.

7. Horchow

Like Arhaus, Horchow mainly sells high-end furniture and decor. But, unlike Arhaus, the furniture Horchow sells isn’t under its brand name. Instead, Horchow sells items from top manufacturers like Hooker, Palacek, Global Views, Four Hands, and Interlude Home. As such, the style offerings are more wide-range, and you’ll find everything from minimalist furniture, to coastal styles, to traditional pieces.

8. West Elm

West Elm is another furniture store that sells quality, stylish furniture at a less expensive price than Arhaus. The West Elm style is also more modern/midcentury, so if you’re in the market for quality furniture in a midcentury style that’s cheaper than Arhaus, check out West Elm.

9. Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma Home is not quite as aesthetically similar to Arhaus as some of the other retailers on this list, thanks to its more rustic, traditional look, but the quality is comparable between both stores. Like Arhaus, Williams Sonoma is more of a high-end furniture store, so prices are similar, too.

10. Ballard Designs

Ballard has emerged as a rising star in the home decor retail industry, offering a range of mid-priced furniture and decor with a timeless, traditional aesthetic. Their selection leans towards a fresh-traditional style, similar to Frontgate, that perfectly complements coastal homes, grandmillennial spaces, and individuals seeking a classic yet modern home decor. The prices at Ballard Designs are less expensive than Arhaus.

11. Rejuvenation

Like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma Home, Rejuvenation is another retailer that’s owned by Williams Sonoma, Inc. Rejuvenation started as an independent lighting and hardware company in the Pacific Northwest, and later branched into furnishings, rugs, bathroom vanities, mirrors, etc.

The Rejuvenation look is part traditional, party midcentury, with a healthy dose of Americana. It’s overall a bit more masculine and earthy then the Arhaus look.

12. Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is known for affordable, modern furniture with a glamorous streak. Think: Lots of black, white, and metallics, animal prints, fax-fur, and velvet in modern silhouettes. The looks is sleeker and less-rustic than Arhaus, which makes Z Gallerie a great place to look for items to add a little contrast to your space.

Who are Arhaus’s competitors?

Arhaus’s major competitors are those stores that are most similar to the brand, including Restoration Hardware (RH), Crate & Barrel/CB2, Room & Board, and the Williams Sonoma companies that include Pottery Barn, West Elm, Rejuvenation and Williams-Sonoma Home.

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