Sherwin Williams Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray kitchen cabinets via Kelley Nan

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are two of the brand’s most popular paint colors year-after-year. Both are gray tones with touches of beige, and make versatile neutral paint colors to use in any area of the home.

Although both hues are timeless classics, their popularity has risen due to the greige paint color trend that’s currently happening.

If you’re considering both of these paint colors, their similarities can make it hard to choose the right one for your home. (And yes, despite their shared characteristics, there are some key differences that can make them look very different in certain rooms).

Here, I’m breaking down the key differences, with tips to decide which shade is right for your space (and plenty of photos along the way!)

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Vs Agreeable Gray: What’s the Difference?

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray vs. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Although both colors belong to the light gray color family with warm undertones, there are minor differences between the two shades.

First, Agreeable Gray is a slightly warmer tone. If you are looking for a greige color that tends to gravitate towards its warmer side, it is the best suit for your needs.

However, if you prefer a true gray that is slightly cooler, you should stick with Repose Gray. It is a balanced color that doesn’t have the cold feeling that silvery grays have. However, we can’t say that it is a true gray. The moderate warm undertones give Repose Gray its warmth, making it slightly warmer but not as warm as greige.

Agreeable Gray in a room by Coastal Cass. Notice how its beige tones are showing?

When it comes to the brightness of each color, or LRV, there is no drastic difference between these colors. Agreeable Gray comes with an LRV of 60, while Repose Gray has an LRV of 58. Therefore, Repose Gray is slightly darker. Both colors have slight green undertones, but they can be more prominent in Repose Gray, which give it that slightly cooler feeling.

Finally, in case you’re swayed by the popular vote, Agreeable Gray is slightly more popular than Repose Gray, and is actually Sherwin Williams’ best-selling paint color.

If you can’t decide between these two colors, there is one more thing to consider. The combination with other colors will determine whether you want to opt for a cooler or warmer shade.

Although Repose Gray is neutral and can fit in various color schemes, it still has a cool note. And don’t forget that its cooler tones might not be the ideal match with warm off-whites. For example,  you use Repose Gray as wall paint and warm white for the trim. The blue undertone in Repose Gray will make the yellow undertone of the white stand out.

If you aren’t keen on yellowish whites, it is better to avoid this match. Instead, stick with crisp white tones to create a cohesive and balanced combination. On the other hand, Agreeable Gray has a warmer gray tone and minimal cool undertones depending on the light. Consequently, it will tolerate warm colors more than Repose Gray.

When choosing between Agreeable Gray vs. Repose Gray for your remodeling project, you should consider your specific home. Although the paint looks gorgeous on the swatch, it will behave differently under various conditions.

Is Agreeable Gray or Repose Gray Better?

Repose Gray living space by Cass Design Co.

Although both are gorgeous grays, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer a warmer tone or something more neutral.

Overall, Agreeable Gray is warmer and a bit lighter than Repose Gray. If you want more of a greige look, go for Agreeable Gray. If you want more of a neutral gray look, Repose Gray is probably your winner.

Of course, my best advice is, that no matter what color you’re leaning towards, that you get paint samples to be sure.

As I mentioned, lighting greatly affects how color looks in different spaces, so you might think you like Agreeable Gray best in photos online, for example, but in your home it might end up feeling too warm (or maybe even too cool!).

I love using Samplize peel-and-stick paint swatches to test out paint colors because you can move them around the room super easily to test different paint colors in your space, and you don’t have to live with paint swatches all over your walls until you decide.

What type of gray are Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray?

SW Repose Gray cabinet via Finding Lovely

Both Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are warm grays.

If you are into decorating, you know that there are cool and warm gray tones.

Warm grays feature a red, yellow, or brown undertone. On the other hand, cool grays have blue or green undertones.

It all comes to your preferences and decorating style. Cool grays look sleek and modern, but they tend to appear icy and sterile in some cases. Warm grays tend to have slight hints of beige in them, making the space look cozy and welcoming.

Let’s talk Repose Gray

a Repose Gray bedroom
Repose Gray | Living with Lindz

Repose Gray is a warm gray with an LRV, or light reflectance value, of 58.

It is the ideal choice if you want to add depth to the room while not making it look too bright. It is a warm gray that tends to look more gray than greige. It is the perfect option if you want a gray tone that looks warm but not too warm with a noticeable yellowish note. It is a true light gray with green and taupe undertone that gives its moderate warmth.

When decorating with Repose Gray, keep in mind that it isn’t too sterile like the silvery grays. Its cool tones will stand out more in north-facing rooms, so be sure to test it out if you are looking for color on the warmer side. Or, play with the artificial lighting and add warm bulbs to soften the cool tones. But if you are looking for something warmer, then Agreeable Gray might better suit your needs.

Repose Gray is a versatile color choice that fits many styles and tastes. The warm tones will pop in a south-facing room, creating a cozy and inviting space. However, remember that Repose Gray is still on the cooler side. Therefore, avoid pairing with warm whites since the cool gray will highlight the yellowish tones.

When used for painting the cabinets, Repose Gray creates a perfect backdrop for playing with hardware. You are free to use golden or brass hardware to bring a high-end vibe to your kitchen.

If you want to curate a neutral color palette, Repose Gray can be paired with white, beige, gray, and greige. However, it will also complement accent colors such as navy, pink, and teal. Keep in mind that softer colors will highlight the cooler side of Repose Gray.

What about Agreeable Gray?

agreeable gray kitchen
Agreeable Gray | Image via Stefana Silber

Agreeable Gray is a light greige tone with a warm hint. It belongs to the top 50 colors by Sherwin Williams and is a timeless classic. It isn’t one of the icy and silvery grays that feels cold and sterile. Instead, Agreeable Gray is a combination of gray and beige with prominent warm undertones. This color has slight blue and violet undertones, just like other grays. However, they tend to stand out in north-facing rooms.

When accessing the lightness of the color, the LRV is an important indicator. With an LRV of 60, this color is considered mid-tone, which means it’s not too dark or too light.

Agreeable Gray is the right choice if you want to add style to the room without it feeling too luminous. In south-facing rooms, this paint color will show off its warm side.

agreeable gray cabinets
Image via Julie Blanner

When it comes to application, Agreeable Gray is a versatile color choice that will suit any room in your home. When the classic beige appears too yellowish for your taste, you can switch to a more neutral tone.

Agreeable Gray achieves the right balance between gray and beige, completing a wide array of styles ranging from modern to traditional. In addition, it pairs excellently with crisp white trim. Agreeable Gray will enhance the curb appeal and add a modern vibe if you want to update your house exterior.

Pairing Agreeable Gray with other colors is straightforward. Sherwin Williams highlights Extra White, Coral Rose, and Incredible White as the best matches for this greige tone. The whites are crisp and clean, so you can use this combination for the house siding and trim. If you want to add a pop of color to your home, dusty red tones will ideally complement the neutral tone. Agreeable Gray is a versatile choice that will complement both cool and warm neutrals. Therefore, it will become part of your curated neutral color scheme.

However, Agreeable Gray can become the perfect backdrop for introducing accent colors to your home. It will make an excellent match with teal or navy, adding a dose of sophistication to any room.

Repose Gray vs Agreeable Gray: The Final Verdict

Still considering Repose Gray vs Agreeable Gray? Here’s the final verdict. If it’s warmth you want, go for Agreeable Gray. If it’s a more neutral gray feeling, for for Repose Gray.

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