The New House To-Do List

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Now that we’re settled into our new house (and by settled in, I mean we’re unpacked, and the cable/internet is hooked up), and the larger/most immediate projects have been taken care of — like installing a washer/dryer, buying a couch, painting the kitchen cabinets, and ridding the yard of some serious tree overgrowth–I’m left with a very long list of “b-list” projects. Things that need to get done around here at some point, but that don’t necessarily need to be done immediately in order for us  to live here.

Which is making it difficult to determine what my next endeavor will be, and where I should allot my time and money, because none of these b-listers is jumping out at me as the next must-do.

I’m hoping writing it down will help me organize my thoughts and recognize a few priorities (and also, maybe it will keep me accountable!).

So here she is, the to-do list. Any advice on prioritizing would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

The dining room plan I have to execute on someday.


Living Room:
Paint (but what color?)
Get a media cabinet (revamp one from Craigslist?)
Buy another arm chair (or a new pair altogether?)
Change out coffee table
Get a second end table
Install blinds
Eventually: Add recessed lighting

Dining Room:
Buy new chairs for the ends of the table, spray paint the bottoms
Get a new light fixture
Pick out curtains
Buy a new rug
Hang art

Powder Room:
Paint or wallpaper?
Hang towel bar
Install blinds
Eventually: Change tile flooring

Buy new appliances
Get new pantry shelving
Install granite countertops
Knock out wall between dining room
Install kitchen island
Change tile flooring
Add backsplash


Inspiration for the guest room.
Inspiration for the guest room.

Master bedroom:
Hang curtains
Hang mirror above bed
Get an arm chair for reading nook

Guest Room (currently empty)
Buy a mattress
Make a headboard
Paint or wallpaper
Buy curtains
Buy a rug
Buy a dresser
Buy lamps

Find another curtain panel (I bought a gold herringbone one from Crate & Barrel’s clearance rack thinking it was a pair)
Get a rug
Install shelving
Find/Make wall art
Install blinds

Upstairs Bathroom
Patch holes (from where we moved the towel bars)
Tile tub surround
Change out tile flooring

Get a new front door
Change out light fixtures


(*This list is not inclusive of basement projects, and all of the un-fun stuff we need to do like get new windows, vent our attic, and replace the water heater.)

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