Design Crush: Emily Henderson

I’ve been a fan of Emily Henderson for a few years now, ever since I first saw her on HGTV’s Design Star. Not only because her style is on point, but she’s also freaking hysterical.

If you aren’t currently following her website, or Twitter or Instagram profiles, do that now. I will wait.

We good?


So anyway, Emily is a crazy-awesome designer, with a super entertaining blog, an adorable son, and an enviable new job as Target’s home design guru. She recently talked about all this–plus her new California home–for Domino magazine, and here are some of the highlights:

Her kitchen, which looked like this before she gave it a makeover. Also, her baby.

And her living room in her new home. She does a great job of making midcentury design feel fresh and welcoming. <3

emily henderson living room


Her blue velvet headboard, which is  so dramatic and different. I’m imagining it’s custom, but I wonder if I can make something like this, because I NEED one for my guest room.

emily henderson blue velvet headboard


Her boho-chic patio, full of Target finds.

emily henderson patio

She also made a few really good points about design in her Q&A for the Domino website: The best piece of advice I picked up? The idea that, when it  comes to decorating, pretty always goes with pretty, regardless of style. This is a very liberating concept for someone who spends way too much time pondering whether X will look good with Y, but what about if I buy Z down the line? “Pretty” is going to be my new litmus test for whether or not things are coming home with me. You’re pretty, come on in! Stay awhile.

PRETTY“I assisted an amazing stylist named Cindy
DiPrima for five years, and she was such a
wonderful friend and mentor who taught me
everything. I think one of the greatest pieces
of advice she gave me was that pretty always
goes with pretty. As long as you have a
consistent color palette, all the things you
love can live together if they are pretty.”


Want more? Check out this video tour of her home, and read the full article in the lastest issue of Domino.

YouTube video

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  1. Wow! Really enjoyed the home tour 🙂 She is such a fun/spunky designer.

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