Is Farmhouse Going Out of Style in 2024? Yes .. and No

bedroom with farmhouse elements and green accent wall
A farmhouse – cottage look by Bria Hammel

For a few years I’ve been writing an annual blog post about the biggest home decor trends of the year and one of the topics I’ve always touched on was whether farmhouse is going out of style. Turns out, about half of the traffic I was getting to that post was from people looking for the answer to that question. So, I thought it deserved its own post.

If you’re here because you’re wondering whether farmhouse is out of style in 2024, the answer is yes .. but also no. There are certain overdone aspects of the farmhouse style that have fallen out of fashion. But, there are other elements that are truly timeless and will always be in style. Below I’ll explain which is which.

The Farmhouse Decor That’s Out of Style

farmhouse style bedroom
My old Airbnb rental in Michigan had a farmhouse style. While I wouldn’t go for this exact look today, there are elements of the room I still love, like the rug and sconces.

After 10+ years of signs pointing to the nearest Farmer’s Market, white shiplap walls and iron beds, the original farmhouse and modern farmhouse looks feel cliché. Farmhouse decor ended up everywhere, from Walmart and Hobby Lobby, to Wayfair and HomeGoods, even at higher end retailers like Restoration Hardware.

The thing with trends is that people like them because they’re new and fresh, and when they stop feeling new and fresh, they start to feel dated.

So if you’re worried that your farmhouse style is going out of style, it’s probably time to switch up some of your accessories, or paint a wall, or upcycle some things that aren’t working for you anymore. The style as a whole can still feel relevant and fresh with some tweaks.

Here are some of the farmhouse details that are past their prime.

Typography signs

Skip the Gather sign in 2024. Image via Kirkland’s

This includes anything that says, yep, “Gather,” “live, laugh, love,” “Welcome to the farm,” “blessed,” etc. It started off feeling sweet and original, but now, those signs feel cliché. There are memes about these signs. When that happens, it’s time to move on.

Faux-distressed furniture / Faux salvage items

Image via Wayfair

Finding furniture at a flea market that has real, authentic character is one thing. But buying cheap furniture or decor that already looks worn was a rightfully short-lived trend. Pass over anything that’s pre-distressed when you buy it, since it’ll look dated. The real thing is way better, and probably less expensive.

Buffalo check everything

farmhouse living room
Our old Michigan cottage, decorated with a farmhouse look back in 2018. There are some elements here I definitely wouldn’t choose today, but others I still love.

Black-and-white buffalo check was a hallmark of the early farmhouse trend, but it’s another trend that’s become ubiquitous to the point of being cliché. A touch of the print is still just fine, but adding it in everywhere feels too done.

Decor that looks DIY but isn’t

Things like mason jars glued to faux-distressed barnboard and hung as wall art. Or faux-antique window panes with chicken wire behind them. If you bought something like this at HomeGoods in the last five years, it’s time to take it down.

Barn Doors

cabinet with barn door

Barn doors are another trend that has run its course, both as actual doors, and as an accent on furniture. If you have to do a barn door for space-saving reasons, then go for a classic-style door on a low-profile track.

Speaking of barns, skip over the barnwood as an decorative element, too.

The Farmhouse Style that’s Timeless

Farmhouse style is rooted in a timeless architectural look, so certain farmhouse pieces are classic. This is especially true if you live in an actual farmhouse. Decorating your home to reflect its architecture is always in style.

Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse, though, there are still farmhouse decorating elements that are considered classics. Among them:

Authentic farmhouse dining tables.

The farmhouse table in our Vermont cabin

These are well made and beautiful, and if you can get your hands on a solid wood or antique farmhouse table, you’ll be able to keep it for years.

Authentic shiplap or shiplap that suits your home’s architecture.

farmhouse style renovation with white walls and black windows
I made this image in AI to show an application where shiplap still looks great.

Wondering if shiplap is out of style? It’s not, so long as it’s an original part if your home’s architecture, or it looks like it could be an original part of the architecture. It’s well-suited to older homes, but can also be part of new construction or renovation projects if it’s done in a thoughtful way.

Windsor chairs.

Image via Chris Loves Julia

These spindle-backed chairs have been around for centuries, and were adopted as a signature farmhouse look. But, that doesn’t mean they’re a trend. These classic chairs might not always be so on-trend, but the look will still stand the test of time.

Farmhouse sinks.

Image via DeVol Kitchens

Farmhouse sinks are beautiful, and a classic. Plus, their large size makes them practical. I always think a farmhouse sink is a good idea.

Vintage rugs.

Image via Etsy

Vintage Turkish, Oriental and Persian-style rugs are currently a big farmhouse trend. If you get your hands on an original version (I’ve found some great ones on eBay), you’ll likely be able to find a spot for it in your home for years to come.Etsy has tons of great vintage rug options:

How to Do Farmhouse Style in 2024

A kitchen by Park & Oak that has some farmhouse elements, but feels fresh and contemporary.

Finally, let’s talk about how to do the farmhouse look in a way that feels fresh and relevant now.

Essentially, farmhouse decor is moving towards a more refined, layered, and maximalist look.

To achieve it, you’ll want to look for authentic items (so real distressed furniture instead of faux), add in antiques or modern pieces for balance and depth, and bring some color into neutral spaces.

If you’re looking to update your farmhouse style, try:

Color and pattern

A dining room by Joanna Gaines

Embracing color and pattern is the easiest way to make farmhouse style feel fresh. Try adding a botanical wallpaper or painting the walls, ceilings and trim all one color.

Landscape paintings/prints

Image via HomeTalk

Landscape prints, especially vintage or antique ones, are a fresh addition to farmhouse décor. In general, landscape prints have become popular in home décor overall, from modern spaces to traditional ones, but they’re especially suited to farmhouse décor and will make a natural complement to what you already own if you currently decorate with farmhouse style.

Real vintage landscapes can be pricey, but Etsy has lots of great print options on a budget.

Plaids, not checks.

Image via Magnolia Home

One quick way to update your farmhouse decor is to swap out your buffalo check items for simple plaids, a la this tablecloth I spotted on the Magnolia Home blog. Plaids of all kinds are having a big moment in interior design, and the fact that there are so many types of plaid allows you choose something that’s based more on your style and less on what a trend dictates (like when buffalo plaid was the only acceptable check pattern).

Botanical prints.

Print via Etsy

Besides landscape, botanical prints, like images of ferns or eucalyptus, or sketch drawings of flower bouquets, for example, are a big farmhouse wall art trend. This one risks becoming overdone in the next few years, but wall art is easy enough to change that it’s worth the risk.

Pale, lime-washed woods.

Barnboard and distressed woods have been traded in for light, stripped woods, often with a subtle lime-wash (or white wash).

Rustic planters and pottery.

Pottery that feels weathered or handmade, like it was pulled right from the kiln or perhaps found in an old barn somewhere is having a major moment, and is an easy way to update your farmhouse decor.

Overall, the farmhouse look is simply evolving. The styles that originally made farmhouse decor popular might not be “in” anymore, but you can still create a layered, rustic space by embracing new trends and building around the classics that made the look so coveted in the first place.

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