Stores like HomeGoods – 11 options for affordable, stylish decor

Who doesn’t love HomeGoods? Or at least, who, that’s reading this blog, doesn’t love HomeGoods? It’s got furniture! It’s got decor! Area rugs! Kitchen gadgets! Throw pillows galore! The thrill of the find gets me every time.

But, as much as I love a Saturday morning spent sniffing candles and test-fluffing pillows, HomeGoods doesn’t always have everything I’m looking for. Luckily, I’ve been able to find plenty of trusty stores like HomeGoods to turn to when I can’t get the goods at the ‘goods. Got it, I’ll stop.

Whatever the reason you’re looking for HomeGoods alternatives, these 11 top furniture stores are great options for cute and cheap home decor. Some are more similar in style to HomeGoods, some in price, some in category selection. I’ve noted why each store is similar to HomeGoods as well, below.

Stores like HomeGoods

1. HomeSense

If you are lucky enough to live near a HomeSense, I am jealous. It’s probably the store that’s most like HomeGoods out there. For one, it’s owned by the same company as HomeGoods, TJX. It’s also bricks-and-mortar, so you can go and browse your heart out.

And, like HomeGoods, it carries a variety of brands and styles, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something to suite your taste. The pricing is also comparable. The major difference between the two stores is that HomeSense is more focused on furnishings than HomeGoods.

2. Marshall’s

Image via @Marshalls / @StyledSnapShots

Marshall’s is owned by HomeGoods parent company, TJX, and you’ll find a lot of crossover between the decor aisles of Marshall’s and what you’ll find at HomeGoods. The big difference is that Marshalls focuses more on clothing and shoes than it does on homewares, so you’ll find a smaller selection of home items here. They also rarely sell large furniture, but you will find some accent pieces like side tables, round coffee tables, bar stools and shelving.

3. TJ Maxx

Image via @TJMaxx / @nikkyshomedecor)

Ditto to TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx is also owned by TJX, and similar to Marshall’s and HomeGoods in that it stocks similar brands and styles. Like Marshall’s the big difference is that Tj Maxx also sells clothing and accessories, so a smaller portion of the store is dedicated to homewares.

4. Target

Target is on this list because in my mind at least, it’s like HomeGoods’ sister store. When I want to buy a throw pillow or hand towels, or update my house a bit for the season, it’s a toss up between going to HomeGoods and going to Target. (Call me basic, I embrace it). Target’s home section is a bit more limited, style wise, since they mostly sell their own brands of decor and accents.

5. Kirkland’s

Kirkland’s is another favorite spot for bargain-friendly decor, and is similar to HomeGoods in that you can shop both in store and online. They have a great selection of mirrors, baskets, and dinnerware, but they’ve also got a huge line of products that also includes furniture, drapery, bedding, bath and more. Style-wise, they have a little bit of everything, but their biggest selection by far is farmhouse/country style decor. If you’re not familiar with the brand, stores like Kirkland’s include Frontgate, Ballard, and Grandin Road. 

6. Urban Outfitters

UO is an unexpectedly awesome (not to mention affordable) spot for modern & on-trend decor like throw pillows, wall art, and accent furniture. They’ve also got a good selection of smaller-scale apartment furniture.

7. Michael’s

Michael’s may be a craft stores, but if you’re looking for stores like HomeGoods because you’re in the market for seasonal decor, it’s a surprisingly good spot to go. Michael’s typically offers lots of holiday-themed wreaths, mantle decor, faux florals, throw pillows, etc. along with supplies you need to make or customize your own (of course!).

8. World Market

best home decor stores
Image via @blissful_design_studio, featuring a chair from World Market

Like HomeGoods, World Market is a great resource for affordable, stylish furniture. They always have a few gems that make this site (or store if you live near one!) worth a regular visit. A few things I’ve had the best luck with at World Market: Lighting, shelving, and side chairs/dining chairs. It’s also a great source for small tabletop decor, dishes, and bathroom textiles.


IKEA is similar to HomeGoods mostly in pricing. Like HomeGoods, you can find a stylish, budget-friendly sofa, or coffee table, or set of storage baskets, etc. I also get most of my picture frames there because they’re inexpensive and awesome. If you don’t live near an IKEA, or can’t stand sorting through the massive warehouse in person, their website is your friend.

10. Amazon

Browsing Amazon home decor is sort of similar to HomeGoods in that you never quite know what you’re going to find. Amazon has so many decor options that it can almost be overwhelming to sift through them (or frustrating when you can’t quite get the search terms right to find what you’re looking for). However, I love this trick for finding dupes on Amazon, which also works for finding very specific decor items, too.

11. H&M Home

H&M’s home line is one of the best decor stores out there for on-trend, cute accents and decor. If you want to update your shelfie with the it-objects everyone has on Instagram, you’ll find an affordable version here. I also love their throw pillow cover collections. They change seasonally and are up-to-the-moment trend wise (and CHEAP! Oh so cheap.)

Is Tj Maxx the same as Homegoods?

Tj Maxx and Homegoods are owned by the same parent company, TJX, but they are not the same store.

Often times, you’ll find similar home decor items at TJ Maxx that you would find at HomeGoods, but because TJ Maxx also sells clothing and accessories, the homeware selection is much smaller than HomeGoods. So, I consider TJ Maxx to be one of the stores like HomeGoods, without actually being the same store.

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