Top Kitchen Inspo for 2024 – 38 stunning spaces

Top kitchen inspo for 2024

Since we completed our first floor home renovation in the fall of 2022, I’ve had kitchen inspo and design trends on the brain. Our kitchen was one of the few spaces in our home that was renovated when we moved in (the rest was straight out of the 1950s, or 1980s, or 1990s).

For the most part, I still really like it. It’s a white kitchen with custom cabinets that reach the ceiling, which give it a timeless feel. And it has light gray granite countertops, and white subway tile on the backsplash, with some sort of paint treatment on them. Again, it might not be the most cutting-edge or on-trend kitchen out there, but it’s basically timeless.

But now that I’ve see our the rest of our renovation come together, it just feels a little basic. (Not that I think kitchens should be overly trendy or too closely follow home decor trends. Generally, classic is better because it’ll last longer and kitchen remodeling is ex-peeeen-sive.) Still, that doesn’t mean a classic kitchen doesn’t need a little refresh every once in a while.

So, I’ve been looking for kitchen ideas that I could layer over what we have. Things like affordable lighting, or a new kitchen backsplash and bar stools. I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole, and ended up gathering a few dozen gorgeous kitchen designs, as well as some of the big kitchen trends happening right now, so I wanted to share in case you, too are on a mad search for kitchen inspo.

My favorite kitchen inspo of the moment

Image via Zia Tile

I found these kitchen ideas in all the usual places: Pinterest, Instagram, and my email (I get lots of pitches from designers for finished spaces, and I always save the ones I love even if I can’t write a story about them).

So, this kitchen inspo is a bit of everything. White kitchens, green kitchens, traditional kitchens, English country kitchens, Studio McGee Kitchens, Jean Stoffer kitchens, you get the idea. The one thing they all have in common: These are some seriously gorgeous spaces.

Because I have so many photos here, I’ve broken this kitchen inspo roundup into two types of kitchens: white, and other. Then, I listed out all of the big kitchen trends I’m seeing for this year. (I also have a post on kitchen trends to avoid this year, in case you’re interested!)

White kitchen inspo

Let’s face it: the white kitchen is the go-to. These photos prove why.

1. A bright white kitchen

I love how open and clean the space above feels. It’s like the kitchen I picture in my dream beach house. I think a lot of the feeling comes from the wall of windows that let in a ton of natural light – something to consider if you’re planning a kitchen renovation or remodel.

2. Try a cream kitchen

Design: Studio McGee (see more of my fav Studio McGee kitchens)

MId-tone wood floors are a timeless flooring color trend, and I love how these ones pair with the creamy kitchen cabinet color (looks like Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee to me!).

3. Pair white with wood

Design: Cozy & Kin

To me, this perfectly organized cabinet is every bit as beautiful as a gorgeous backsplash tile or perfect cabinet paint color. Dreamy.

4. Add shelves

Design: House of Jade

Personally, I’m on the fence about open kitchen shelving, because I have it in our Vermont cabin and it’s a pain to keep organized. But, I love the way it looks in spaces like the one above.

5. White with a wood island

Design: Julie Blanner

I love this cream cabinets with the light wood island

6. Go for a beadboard backsplash

Design: Julie Blanner

The beadboard backsplash is having a moment! I love this one.

7. Make white the dominant color, but use lots of accents

Design: Bria Hammel

Contrasting islands are always a great way to add a little personality to a white kitchen.

8. Go for a French-inspired white kitchen

Design: Jenny Martin

This kitchen has been one of my favorite since I first saw it! It’s just so inviting and bright, but cozy at the same time.

9. Choose a beige-y shade

Design: Emma Courtney

If you love white but want something that feels a little different, try a subtle cream or pale beige shade, like the one above.

10. Hidden pantry inspo

Design: Jackson Leroy

This is pantry goals right here.

11. Add a statement range area

Design: Jackson Leroy

Make a statement with a luxe range and sleek range hood.

Design: Jackson Leroy

A black range adds some contrast (and some detail!) to this all white space.

12. Add a pop of blue

Design: Blue Gray Gal
Design: Blue Gray Gal

This kitchen has a white foundation, but it’s layered with a touch of color and warmth thanks to the pale blue range and range hood, and the honey oak kitchen island.

Colorful kitchen inspo

Not all of these kitchens are “colorful” in a way that’s bright and bold. Some of them are. But others are taupe, some are deep green, and some are wood-toned. None of them are white.

13. Go for a green-black

This nearly black shade of green is so moody and sophisticated. It feels very English country, which is a big kitchen trend this year.

14. Browse English kitchen styles

If you couldn’t tell, English kitchen manufacturer DeVol kitchens is one of my favorite sources of kitchen inspo. You can even just go right to their website and look at their portfolio (or follow them on Instagram).

15. Try taupe

Design: Jean Stoffer

Taupe kitchens are another big trends this year, especially paired with antique brass hardware.

16. Or black

Nearly-black cabinets don’t feel so bold against the pale beige subway tile. The color combo strikes a perfect balance.

17. Go for a dark color and a light backsplash

Aside from the cabinet color, this backsplash and shelf setup is just stunning.

18. Olive green kitchen inspo

I love this color green! It looks like the Sherwin Williams Palm Leaf that I used in our green bathroom.

19. Add open shelving and a library ladder

Chris Loves Julia’s entire kitchen (entire house actually) is housegoals.

20. Bring in sage green

A green-beige paint adds just a touch of depth to this otherwise white space.

21. Install a backsplash with a shelf

How gorgeous is this range? And the backsplash?

22. Do gray the right way

Gray isn’t as popular as it was a few years ago, but it can still be done in a way that feels fresh when it’s paired with antique details and characterful touches.

25. Try sunny yellow

Design: DeVol Kitchens

I’ve seen a lot more butter yellow tones in decor lately! Sunny yellow is perfect for adding country charm to this kitchen.

26. Mix warm neutrals

More CLJ kitchen inspo! I love how they mixed taupe with an espresso brown island and warm white.

27. Choose a light green-gray

Design: Studio McGee

This space just feels so timeless. I love that the cabinets have such a subtle whisper of color.

28. Pair black with brass

Design: DeVol Kitchens

I think this one is technically a mudroom, but the whole color scheme could easily be borrowed for a kitchen.

29. Add a touch of color

Design: DeVol Kitchens

Here’s another shot of the yellow one. Painting the cabinets on the side of the range a different color makes them almost feel more like furniture.

30. Bring in a fun wall tile

Here, the wall tile ties in all of the other color elements in this kitchen.

31. Chose non-white neutrals

Design: Jean Stoffer

Pale neutrals like beige and warm gray are versatile, like white, but add a bit more depth.

32. Bring in dark wood tones

Design: DeVol Kitchens

Dark, polished wood tones and marble accents are always a chic combo.

33. Go for green

Photo: Painted by Kayla Payne

Can you tell I love olive green in the kitchen?

34. Pair beige with espresso

Design: Amber Interiors

It’s the 2024 version of black and gray.

35. Try Navy

Navy is almost a neutral, so give it a shot if you want to dip your toe in the color pool.

How can I make my kitchen look nice?

There are lots of ways to make a kitchen look nice, even on a budget.

If you’re working with your existing kitchen and aren’t ready to undergo a major renovation try:

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