9 Big Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2024 – With Paint Colors

Image via McGee & Co

Wondering about the kitchen cabinet color trends we’ll see in 2024? Like all areas of the home, kitchen cabinets go through color trends every 10 years or so.

After writing about interior design for major magazine for 15 years, I’ve seen a number of trend cycles come through. First it was all-white everything, then gray tones, and a lot of two-toned kitchens with one color on the bottom half and another on the top.

Currently, we’re in the middle of another big trend shift, toward a lot more earthy and organic cabinet options. Colors including taupe, cream, pale beige, mushroom tones, rich greens, sage greens, and wood tones are all big kitchen cabinet color trends in 2024. Here’s an in depth look at those colors, and more.

Kitchen cabinet color trends

1. Taupe kitchen cabinets

Image via Chris Love Julia

Taupe might just be the biggest kitchen cabinet color story this year, replacing the heading out-of-style cool gray-tones we saw for the last decade.

If you look through the images in this post, a bunch of them feature cabinetry that’s painted a taupe-y shade. I love this look! It’s neutral and just a little bit moody.

Mushroom and taupe paint colors to try:

2. Greige kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet color trends greige
Image via Heidi Callier
Image via Stefana Silber

Pale shades of greige are an updated take on cool gray cabinet colors. They’re not quite as bold or rich as taupe, but still bring a similar warmth. Some tones, like the Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray that designer Stefana Silber used in her kitchen, above, feel neutral and bright, but offer more depth and interest than bright white.

For paint colors, try:

3. White kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet color trends  white
Design: Jenny Martin

I’m calling white one of the big kitchen cabinet color trends because white kitchen cabinets are a timeless interior design choice. I chose white for my kitchen when we painted our kitchen cabinets in 2014, when we refaced our kitchen cabinets in 2018, and I also have a white kitchen now, in 2023.

White cabinets still seem to be the default, and plenty of the top interior designers are putting out new photos of their work featuring white kitchen cabinets. You just can’t go wrong with white. It works for coastal kitchens, modern spaces, and traditional ones, and it’s a color you can grow with over time.

White paint colors to try:

4. Cream and beige kitchen cabinets

Design: Emma Courtney
kitchen cabinet color trends -cream
SW Accessible Beige. Image via Alma Homes

If you love a white kitchen but want something a little bit different, try cream kitchen cabinets. It’s basically an updated version of the bright-white kitchen trend of the 2000s and 2010s, and the feel is warmer and a bit more English cottage.

Cream paint colors to try:

  • Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  • Sherwin Williams Shoji White
  • Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

5. Dark green kitchen cabinets

home decor trends 2020 - dark green kitchen cabinets
Image via House & Home
The cabinets in our Vermont cabin, painted Benjamin Moore River Rock

Color has been creeping back into kitchen design little by little over the last few years. It started with contrasting islands in all white-kitchens, or gray cabinets in lieu of white, and now cabinets are being drenched in saturated colors.

While moody blues have been a big hit and will remain popular in 2023, the most of the moment shade is a dark green, a la this kitchen inspo from House & Home. I actually painted the kitchen cabinets in our Vermont house a mossy green, Benjamin Moore River Rock, last year, and I LOVE it.

Deep green paint colors to try:

6. Burgundy kitchen cabinets

If you had told me a few years ago that burgundy kitchen cabinets would be a thing, I would have thought you were nuts. But here we are! Deep red kitchen cabinets evoke an English country vibe thats spot on trend right now.

Burgundy Colors to Try:

  • Farrow & Ball Deep Reddish
  • Sherwin Williams Sommelier

7. Wood-toned kitchen cabinets.

Image via Jean Stoffer

The return of wood tones will inform lots of kitchen designs. While wood tones were a no no for a while after the early 2000s, they’ve returned as a top kitchen cabinet trend for 2023, typically as a kitchen island or for the lower cabinets, paired with white or colored upper cabinets.

But, the shiny, orange-toned oak cabinets of 2003 have been replaced with rough-hewn, rich, natural looking woods like in the photo above by California based Taylor + Taylor.

8. Blue gray kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet color trends -blue gray
Image via Virginia Tupker
kitchen cabinet color trends -blue gray
Image via McGee & Co

The navy and deep kitchen cabinet colors that were popular a few years back have given way to softer iterations. Pale blue-gray tones and powder blues are a popular choice for English style or traditional cabinets.

For paint colors, try:

9. Dark brown kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet color trends -brown
Image via Stoffer Home

Brown tones, especially deep espresso colors and rich shades of bronze, are making a big comeback this year. I love these hues paired with unlacquered brass hardware, creamy white tones, and vintage accents.

Brown paint colors to try:

Are white kitchen cabinets out of style?

If you love white kitchen cabinets, you’ll be happy to know that no, white kitchen cabinets are not out of style. White is as timeless as color gets, so this look will always be in style. The key to keeping an all-white kitchen looking interesting and current is to pair your white cabinets with other on-trend or unique details. Things like your choice of countertop, the style of your cabinet face, the cabinet hardware you pick, lighting, and the kitchen backsplash trends you incorporate will all give a classic white kitchen relevance.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color?

Again, the answer has to be white. White kitchen cabinets are the go-to for many homeowners for a number of reasons. For one, white is timeless. Most homeowners only change out their kitchens once every few decades, so going with something too trendy can mean living with a dated space years later. White cabinets can be continually refreshed over the years by swapping out backsplashes, lighting, and hardware.

And two, white kitchen cabinets are widely available in all sorts of price ranges, styles, and configurations. If you’re buying spec cabinets and not custom, white is usually the choice that will give you the most options.

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