Kitchen Hardware Trends 2023 – Gold, Brass, Nickel, oh my!

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When it comes to kitchen design, I’m all for embracing kitchen hardware trends. That’s because kitchen hardware is one of the only elements of a kitchen design that is truly easy to change. If you get sick of your kitchen hardware in five years, you can change it without spending thousands of dollars or calling in a professional to rip things out of walls.

Kitchen cabinet hardware is also one of the most fun elements of a kitchen design to choose, because there aren’t a ton of functional considerations, and it’s mostly about looks. Kitchen hardware can also really tie a space together, or make an older kitchen feel updated. I changed out our stainless steel kitchen hardware for unlacquered brass last year and it made a huge difference!

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There are a number of new kitchen hardware trends for 2023, plus a whole bunch more that have been around for a while and aren’t going anywhere. Here’s an overview of the biggest trends.

1. Ball-style knobs

Round-shaped knobs are nothing new, but this year the look goes a step further with a spherical shape. This ball-shaped silhouette is a subtle difference that makes the hardware feel more unique.

This look is especially popular on drawers that need a pair of knobs.

2. Long bar pulls

Like spherical knobs, elongated bar-style pulls take a tried-and-true hardware classic and make it feel more substantial just by making it a little bigger.

3. Unlacquered and antique brass

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Brass has been a kitchen hardware trend for over a decade now. At first, it felt like a bold choice, since during the early 2000s the default finish was always stainless steel, pewter-toned nickel, or brushed nickel. But now, brass is a kitchen hardware staple, especially authentic unlacquered brass or antique brass with a patina.

4. Polished nickel

Like unlacquered brass, polished nickel is a timeless kitchen hardware choice. It always looks stunning and high-end, and pairs especially well with white and blue coastal decor, as well as transitional style.

5. Textural details

Image via CB2
Image via Rejuvenation

Kitchen hardware with a touch of texture has been trending for a few years, and it’s not going away any time soon. Knobs with stamped texture, knurl, or ridge detailing around the sides gives hardware a little something extra.

6. Matte black hardware

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Matte black is one of the trendier hardware looks happening right now. The matte black hardware trend rose to popularity during the modern farmhouse craze about a decade ago. To keep it feeling modern and fresh, pair matte black with another hardware finish, like antique brass.

7. Edge pulls

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If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary look, try edge pulls. These streamlined pulls sit on top of the drawer edge, so you can only see a sliver of the hardware from the front of the drawer.

8. Wood, leather and marble details

Image via Rejuvenation

In addition to the standard all-metal hardware, more and more retailers are offering mixed-media kitchen hardware with wood, leather or marble/stone details. These extra touches turn a functional element of kitchen design into a stylistic one.

9. Cup and Bin Pulls

Cup and bin pulls are yet another kitchen cabinet hardware style that’s been popular for a while. While they’re a fashionable pick now, this look is actually a classic one that’s been around for decades, and just came back into style thanks to the farmhouse trend.

10. Nailhead details

Image via RH

Another niche trend that’s happening is hardware with visible nailheads on the backplate. It’s an elegant and traditional look I love!

Is gold hardware still in style?

In a word, yes. Gold hardware is very much still in style. Brass adds warmth and elegance to a kitchen space that other hardware choices can’t. Of course, it’s not right for every space, and certain tones feel more on trend, but if you like gold-toned hardware or brass, go for it.

Now, I mentioned in my article on the biggest home decor trends of 2023 that “bright brass” was going out of style this year. I still feel like that’s true. By bright brass, I mean the brushed brass (i.e. the kind with a more matte finish) that looks super yellow-toned. The brass that’s more on-trend today has a more authentic feel. Unlacquered brass is a big trend, as is brushed brass with a darker, more brown undertone. Antique-gold or antique-brass hardware is also in style.

So this is the gold hardware that I don’t love so much anymore…See how it’s very yellow? That’s what I mean by bright. It’s definitely not bad. It’s just a look that’s being replaced by different shades of brass.

Here’s what I’m loving for 2023. The look is less manufactured and more authentic.

Where’s the best place to buy kitchen hardware?

If you’re looking for on-trend kitchen hardware, there are a few places I always love to look first, including:

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