17 Gorgeous Board and Batten Wall Ideas I Love

Looking for board and batten wall ideas? I’m sharing my favorites, including the one I used in my own home…

Board and batten in my front entryway

I love board and batten walls because they’re one of the easiest ways to add architectural interest to a room. I’ve installed all sorts of wall paneling in my homes in the past, including picture frame molding, chair rails, and yes, board and batten, and I find board and batten to be the easiest.

Installing it in our entryway, above, took my husband and I a few hours on a Sunday.

Not only that, but board and batten looks great, too! As I mentioned, board and batten (and all wall paneling, in general) instantly adds architectural detail and character to a room, making it feel more interesting and special.

While board and batten walls are often linked to farmhouse-style design, I actually find them to be suitable for all sorts of home styles. My house is an old colonial, and my style leans more traditional, and I think the board and batten in our entryway fits perfectly.

If you’re considering adding board and batten to a room in your house, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite board and batten wall ideas, including the style I went with in my home. I’ve found images that represent all sorts of styles and use-cases to show just how versatile this trendy trim can be!

Board and batten wall ideas

1. Board and batten with a traditional twist

This is the board and batten wall we did in our entryway. To make it suite the more traditional space, we added an extra piece of decorative picture rail molding long the top trim piece. Here’s a closer look at it before I painted it.

2. Add hooks for a functional board and batten entryway

One of the most popular ways to use board and batten is in an entryway or mudroom area, with hooks along the boards or battens for storage. This space does both for extra function.

3. Add wallpaper to a board and batten wall

My favorite board and batten idea, which you can probably see from the photo of my entryway, is to add wallpaper above the board and batten. I love this idea not only because it’s gorgeous, but it also makes your wallpaper go a lot further – you get a pop of pattern without having to spend the money to cover the whole wall.

Imagine the space above if the entire room was green. It would be cute, but not really memorable, right? The addition of the accent wall and wallpaper ties the entire space together and adds interest.

4. Paint above your board and batten

There are a few choices when it comes to painting your board and batten wall. One is to paint above the board and batten, like the above. This works well if you have white trim throughout your home, and want the board and batten wall to feel seamless (i.e. if you’re doing a board and batten wall on only part of a wall to carve out an entry, for example.). It also works well if you just like this look!

5. Or paint the board and batten itself

Image via Olive & Oak Home

The other option you have with board and batten is to paint the board and batten itself, and leave the top portion of the wall white.

To me, this look feels fresher and more modern, since the white-on-the-bottom look reminds me a little of the days when people would only paint above their chair rail, and leave the lower portion of the wall white. However, both are beautiful and it’s totally a personal style choice.

6. Go monochrome

Image via Jessica Terminella Interiors

If you love the look of all-white walls (like I do!), and want to add some interest, try a board and batten wall in all one color. It creates just enough visual interest to make white walls feel intentional.

7. Use the idea as a kids’ room accent wall

Image via Halfway Holistic

Adding detail to kids rooms is what makes them fun. I love a board and batten wall as a backdrop to a bed or crib, or done around the whole room like in the image above. Another great thing about board and batten in a kids room – as kids grow and their tastes change, you’ll only have to paint one half of the wall 🙂

8. Add beadboard between board and batten

Image via @linenandbasil

If you want to double up on the detail, try adding beadboard paneling between the battens on your wall a la the above photo. This look works well for homes with a traditional twist, coastal spaces, or farmhouses.

9. Create a grid-like design

Image via Angela Rose Home

If your home is more modern, or you like to embrace trends, this grid-style take on board is batten is a trendy accent wall choice.

10. Take it floor-to-ceiling

Image via House Seven Design

There’s also the option to do a simple floor-to-ceiling board and batten treatment, which feels a little more unique, since it’s not quite as popular as the half-wall or 3/4 wall options. I LOVE what Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design did with these walls (just like I love all the things she does. Queen.).

11. Add a homey feeling in the basement

Image via Nesting With Grace

The basement in our Vermont log cabin is currently all white, which feels a little stark and not very cozy, so I’ve been thinking about adding board and batten for a while. Here’s the main inspo pic that made me want to do it!

12. Let it give a bathroom soul

Sage and cream bathroom with board and batten wall paneling, tile floors and gold-plated fixtures looks onto tiled shower room
Photo via Margaret Rajic, Design by Corey Lohmann Design,, Styling by Brandi Devers

This bathroom space was created by Corey Lohmann Design, with styling by Brandi Devers, and beautifully captured by Margaret Rajic. It is a gorgeous example of how board and batten can bring timeless elegance to all areas of the home. The tall wall paneling soothes in sage tones and makes the perfect canvas for that striking floor tile design, and other artistic, spa-like features. Honestly, this feels like the epitome of calm luxury.

13. Add fresh interest to the board and batten with sunny patterns

Photo via @josephgbradshaw, Design @housesevendesign, Photo styling @abby.mcnabby and @ben_seigman

We already scouted out a plaid wallpaper and board and batten look, but this mudroom space designed by no one but House Seven Design has sunny vibes written all over it. The thin beadboard design is sleek and super modern, plus, I like the clever addition of hooks (and the stunning antique chair) to make this mudroom work a little harder. I agree with photographer Joseph on the Instagram post, this space is super ripe: ‘For putting on your socks, etc.’

14. Frame the stairwell

Fresh board and batten in hallway and up the stairwell, with rug down on wooden floor in hall.jpg
Photo via @josephgbradshaw, Design @housesevendesign

In another stunning space designed by House Seven Design, we witness how boxy board and batten can add a modern element and intrigue to the most unexpected places. The painted finish serves as a cool lift to the cozy wooden floor and is punctuated by the sculpted ceiling pendants and a dash of black on the balustrade.

15. Accent it with your favorite things

Image via Cindy Clarke Interiors

As Cindy highlights, the entryway is where you want to make a majorly wonderful first impression. And even though board and batten is definitely an accent in its own right, that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from accessories to lift it. A cute wooden console is the perfect place to carry flowers, family photos, and more that will instantly show guests a little of your home’s personality.

16. Keep it fresh and minimal

Entryway with black modern console, round mirror, white wall paneling and decorative pendant lighting
Photo via @josephgbradshaw, Design @housesevendesign, Photo styling @abby.mcnabby and @ben_seigman

For grand impact that doesn’t overwhelm, taking board and batten all the way to the fifth wall in a more minimal design works like a charm. I love the look that Anissa Zajac from House Seven Design has achieved in this entryway, it has character, elegance, and a contemporary finish—all in one package.

17. Bring a sense of calm to a dining space

Photo via @josephgbradshaw, for @everhem and @rogersbuild

It’s hard to imagine a zen dinner time with the kids running around, however, this setup with the sage green square board and batten framing the gorgeous dining table makes it feel possible. Remember to weave similar hues into the surroundings for cohesion and it will help expand the room too. What a vibe.

Is board and batten still in style?

If you’re wondering if board and batten is still in style, the answer is yes. This farmhouse-inspired wall moulding gained major popularity over the last few years, along with its even trendier cousin, shiplap. But, despite being everywhere, board and batten paneling is still going strong.

Is there a difference between board and batten and wainscoting?

A little like the term ‘wall paneling’ is used to refer to the very application of batons and beadboard, in whichever material you choose to use, board and batten and wainscoting (two different types of paneling) are often used interchangeably. Wainscoting, however, refers to paneling on the lower third of a wall. It is also usually more ornate and gives more distinct architectural detail, compared to board and batten, which is typically smoother and bolder in design.

Choosing between the two really comes down to your style preferences and the existing space. Both will protect your walls if that is a key want for your home, and both come with different stylistic benefits.

Classic floor-to-ceiling board and batten in a square design can bring a modern feel to a bland space – without it feeling overly fussy. And, decorative wainscoting trim can be used to add elegance and character to a newly built home or even apartment. Board and batten wainscoting, a little like in the kids’ room look I’ve included above is a cool look too if you feel like combining them.

Is there a difference between board and batten and shiplap?

Shiplap by comparison is more distinctive. Shiplap is made up of horizontal boards that overlap for a sealed finish. This is why it was historically used as cladding on outdoor constructions, for sheds, cabins, (and even ships!) for example. In recent years, shiplap has been making an appearance inside the coolest homes – giving relaxed, beach house vibes, and you’ll often find it looking awesome with farmhouse-style interiors too.

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