Best Benjamin Moore White – A roundup of Benjamin Moore’s top white paints

Swiss Coffee cabinets and Simply White walls. Image via Jodi Mockabee

The best Benjamin Moore Whites

White is a versatile color that suits a wide range of styles. It also makes the space feel bright and airy. However, choosing the right shade of white among thousands of options is a challenge. White shades are pretty complex, and the undertones makes a huge difference. The good news is, Benjamin Moore has a wide selection of white paints so that anyone can find the right fit for their taste and preferences.

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To help you whittle down the overwhelmingly long list of white paint, I’ve curated a list of the best Benjamin Moore white paints — including the ones I always go back to for my own homes. Whether you look for cool or warm whites, this post will help you make the right choice.

Best Benjamin Moore Whites

From designer favorites to shades we’ve used in our own homes, these are the best Benjamin Moore whites for any space.

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Simply White

Simply White in my living room

Simply White is a best-seller in Benjamin Moore’s whites collection. No wonder, as this versatile warm white fits any space. With an LRV of 89.52, it is a bright color that will disperse the light through the room. If you are looking for a softer white that doesn’t appear yellowish, Simply White is the right choice.

With an oh-so-subtle touch of yellow-green, this paint color looks inviting and cozy. If you are looking for a white that doesn’t appear too stark but lacks a dominant yellow undertone, Simply White might be your choice. It goes well with other off-whites, deep wine, and teal. I’ve used Simply White in a wide range of homes, including a log cabin, and in our traditional Connecticut home where it’s paired with dark floors and black interior doors.

If you’re debating between common Benjamin Moore paint colors like Simply White vs White Dove or Simply White vs. Swiss Coffee, know that Simply White is the brightest white of the bunch.

White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove is another popular white, with an LRV of 83.16. It features green and gray undertones, which balance the warmth, creating a timeless paint color that adds coziness to the space. Warm whites like this one are ideal for introducing a natural feel to the area. Also, it will make an excellent pick for painting the trim if you aren’t keen on the stern look of crisp whites. It pairs well with warm grays, greige, and earthy tones.

Swiss Coffee

With an LRV of 81.91 and a golden yellow undertone, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is ideal for traditional and rustic interior styles. It pairs excellently with warm neutrals and earthy shades, creating a curated color scheme. Whether you want to update the kitchen cabinets or paint your bedroom, Swiss Coffee would be an ideal pick. Also, it is a good pick for the house exterior is located in a shady area.

Decorator’s White

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is an excellent white color with a moderate gray undertone, with an LRV of 84.61. With slight green and blue undertones, this color is a bright but not too stark white. If you are looking for a white that doesn’t have yellow undertones, this is a good pick. Decorator’s White is excellent for trim since it doesn’t appear yellowish when paired with other colors. However, it isn’t a completely crisp white, so it doesn’t seem too bright.

Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a soft white without any apparent yellow undertones. With a high LRV of 90.04, it is a classic color choice that looks relatively neutral. However, you can still notice its warm side when compared to other crisp whites. Without any prominent undertones, Chantilly lace is a versatile color choice for a wide range of projects. Thanks to its minimal warm undertone, it is a crisp white but doesn’t feel too sterile.

White Heron

With An LRV of 86.69, Benjamin Moore White Heron is a sophisticated white color that doesn’t appear too warm. It is white that looks bright but isn’t too stark. Unlike other colors where the yellow or blue undertone will dominate under specific light conditions, White Heron will always stay white. On the light reflection scale, the paint color sticks to 86.69. This is a pretty high number indicating that White Heron is more of a true white. However, this paint color does have subtle gray and yellow undertones. The yellow adds the right amount of warmth, while the gray keeps things balanced. White Heron is classified as a warm white, but the warmth isn’t that obvious. It goes well with gray tones, creating a modern color scheme.

Cloud White

Benjamin Moore Cloud White is one of the best sellers in Benjamin Moore’s collection. The LRV of 85.05 speaks about this light and airy feel. It is classified as a warm white, but it doesn’t appear too yellowish. Moreover, it is somewhere between the warm and crisp whites. If you aren’t keen on the prominent yellowish undertone or the starkness, this will make the ideal choice. With being versatile enough, it will suit both traditional and contemporary styles. It is considered natural enough to be paired with other off-white colors, no matter whether they are crisp or creamy. Therefore, it would be perfect for kitchen cabinets when you don’t want a yellowish-white to clash with the stark backsplash and countertops.

Navajo White

Benjamin Moore Navajo White is a warm white. With an LRV of 78.26, this white sits farther on the light reflection scale. Therefore it is a slightly shaded tone but still has a classic look. The yellow and tan undertones add a touch of warmth, perfect if you want to make the space feel cozier. It will make an ideal choice for walls if you intend to make the space feel roomier and airier. Navajo White is more of a cream shade and is a perfect choice for walls and accent walls.

White Opulence

Benjamin Moore White Opulence is a gorgeous white with a slight pink undertone to make it appear softer. With a high LRV of 87.67, this paint color is fresh and airy. It looks white, but the red undertone can be highlighted under different lighting conditions. Therefore, you would want to have this in mind when using this paint color in the space. If you don’t mind its pink look, you can go forward and use it in your room.


Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise is off-white with a dominant warm undertone. The type of color would make the space filled with sunshine, even on a cloudy and moody day. The LRV of 88.07 confirms that this is a light and bright color that will disperse the light through the space. Under specific light conditions, it can appear a very pale yellow. However, it is an excellent choice if you want a white with a creamy appearance.

Acadia White

Benjamin Moore Acadia White is a perfect color for traditional spaces. It is more of an ivory tone, adding depth to the room without looking too beige or yellow. Therefore it is an ideal choice if you want to soften the space. Also, it will perfectly complement the warm note of hardwood floors.

What Benjamin Moore white has no undertones?

Super White is a clean white in Benjamin Moore’s collection of whites. The paint color doesn’t have prominent undertones, making it a versatile choice to fit any color combination. The pure white will ideally flatter modern styles and is the perfect choice for walls, trims, and doors. It is a slightly cool color that doesn’t appear too cold. Its cool side might be more prominent in north-facing rooms. 

Best Benjamin Moore Whites – Final thoughts

Even though the paint colors seem similar, they slightly differ in depth or undertones. If you prefer the soft and traditional look, it would be best to stick with off whites. When you want to introduce a modern look, cool whites will flatter your style. On the other hand, it is essential to see how your chosen white paint bears with other colors. The yellow undertone might be more prominent if you place a warm white next to a cool tone. Also, the colors will look different under different lighting conditions. Therefore, it is important to test your chosen white paint and see how it looks in your home.