Benjamin Moore Simply White vs Swiss Coffee

Simply White walls and Swiss Coffee cabinets. Image via Jodi Mockabee

Simply White and Swiss Coffee are some of the most popular white paint colors by Benjamin Moore. They belong to the family of soft whites with the right amount of warmth and don’t have that sterile look. However, there is a difference between these popular colors.

In this post, we explain the difference between Simply White vs Swiss Coffee to help you choose the right fit for your needs.

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Benjamin Moore Simply White in our dining room

Benjamin Moore Simply White vs Swiss Coffee

When it comes to choosing a warm white, Swiss Coffee and Simply White by Benjamin Moore are both popular choices. As featured in Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection, both of these subtle whites create a tranquil space.

The biggest difference between Simply White vs Swiss Coffee is that Swiss Coffee is a darker paint color that will add more depth (albeit slightly) to a room, while Simply White is closer to a true white.

We can say that both have a warm undertone and a hint of green. Both colors feature a yellow undertone that gives them a touch of warmth. With both, you would want to be careful when curating your color schemes. The blue undertone in cool whites can bring out the yellow undertone. If you don’t prefer the yellowish look, it is better not to match cool and warm whites.

However, we can also spot a significant difference in Simply White vs Swiss Coffee when we put them close. Swiss Coffee comes with an LRV of 81.91, while Simply White has 89.52. When comparing the LRV, we can conclude that Swiss Coffee is a darker tone. The closer the LRV is to 100, the lighter the color is. When looking for a brighter white, it is better to stick with Simply White.

Swiss Coffee tends to have a slight brown tone and stands out more. However, it still keeps the whiteness and does not appear too muddy. Although they are both whites, Simply White will seem slightly lighter. Although both are nice off whites, the final choice depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you aren’t looking for a stark white, both colors can be considered. Swiss Coffee is a little bit darker, so it might not give off that airy and bright feel. No matter which color you choose, always test it first. The color will behave differently when placed next to other colors or when exposed to artificial and natural light.

What type of white are Simply White and Swiss Coffee?

Simply White in my dining room

When looking for the right white paint, there are two choices available: warm and cool whites. Simply White and Swiss Coffee are classified as warm whites. They have a yellow undertone that gives a slight hint of warmth.

On the other hand, cool whites have blue or purple undertones. This gives them a cold look and a sterile vibe, making them better for modern styles. If you need crisp white that appears bright, a cool tone is your choice.

Warm whites are cozy and inviting, so they can fit a wide range of styles. We love how they complement rustic and traditional styles, breaking down the sterile look. The yellow undertone makes them appear softer and warmer.

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore describes Simply White as a crisp white with a hint of warmth. The LRV of 89.52 confirms that it is a bright white that can be used in any room.

If cool whites appear too sterile for your taste, Simply White is the ideal fit for your requirements. With the tiniest hint of warmth, this versatile white will perfectly fit any color palette. If you aren’t keen on yellow undertones and want your paint to contain as little as possible, Simply White is the right choice. Even though it has a touch of warmth, we can’t say that the yellow undertones are prominent. However, they might come up under specific flight conditions and certain color combinations. Overall, Simply White will ideally complement rustic and traditional styles that crave a touch of warmth.

Which colors go best with Simply White?

  • Dove Wing is an off-white with a silvery undertone that pairs well with Simply White. Perfect if you are looking to add another neutral to your color scheme.
  • Somerville Red is a gorgeous accent color to complement your off-white. The dusty wine shade is ideal for making a bold statement.
  • Silver Satin is another white, coming with a moderate lavender undertone.
  • Casco Bay is a rich teal tone that will complement Simply White.

Creating a curated color scheme with Simply White is straightforward. The warm white ideally complements browns, warm earthy colors, and black. It will also work nicely with greige and deeper beige tones.

Where to use Simply White

Simply White in my living room

Simply White can be used in any space where you want to add coziness and a touch of warmth. If you wish to update your kitchen, the white tone is ideal for the cabinets. Whether you want to go for the farmhouse or traditional look, the color will introduce an inviting and cozy look without the cold feel that other whites have. In addition, the warm white will ideally highlight the trim without making it feel too bright. This is perfect if you want to create a softer transition to the walls.

However, there is one thing to be careful with when decorating Simply White. The yellow undertone might appear more prominent if paired with cool whites.

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Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is off-white with the perfect amount of warmth. It is ideal if you prefer warm whites that don’t look too creamy. With an LRV of 81.91, it is the ideal choice for any room, regardless of the natural light. The high light-reflecting value means that the color will disperse the light through the room.

Which colors go best with Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is a versatile color that goes perfectly well with other warm tones and neutrals. You can create an earthy color palette with browns, tan, and terracotta. For a more elegant look, match Swiss Coffee with navy.

  • White Drift is a white color with a gray undertone.
  • Lush is an elegant jewel tone that will complement the white as a gorgeous accent color.
  • Fossil is a neutral beige color that goes well with warm whites.
  • Newburg Green is a lovely teal that makes a magnificent statement.

Where to use Swiss Coffee?

Even though warm whites like Swiss Coffee are ideal for traditional and rustic styles, the color is versatile enough to fit any style. The off-white will ideally complement dark hardwood floors with its warm vibe. Also, it is an ideal choice for painting the trim. The off-white tone looks more subtle and won’t stand out as much as crisp whites do.

Swiss Coffee is the ideal pick if you want to create a cozy and inviting kitchen that feels bright. The soft white makes the space feel airy but still manages to keep the relaxed look. If you aren’t keen on the sterile look that stark whites have, this is your best choice. It can also make a gorgeous exterior paint color for shaded houses, enhancing the curb appeal and highlighting the architectural details. If your home is exposed to natural sunlight, the color might appear too bright.

As with other warm whites, you need to be careful when pairing with cool colors. The blue undertone in cool tones can contrast with the yellow, making it stand out more.

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