The best leather chesterfield sofas

Earlier this year, I was looking for the best leather chesterfield sofa for our cabin in Vermont. I wanted a leather chesterfield because there’s just something about this style of sofa: it’s masculine, but tailored, and rustic yet refined. I.e. just-right complement to a cozy ski house. While I was shopping for the perfect sofa, I was surprised to come across so many gorgeous options. Eventually, I chose mine (the Four Hands Maxx sofa in leather, above) based on a combination of good looks, quality, and quick lead time, but there were plenty of other contenders that I’d love to use in a home one day.

If you’re looking for a stylish leather chesterfield sofa to add to your home, here are the best ones I saw on my shopping journey.

The best leather chesterfield sofas

Here are my favorites, starting with the one I bought for our home.

The best quick ship choice: Four Hands Maxx leather sofa

This is the sofa I chose for our Vermont cabin. It’s incredibly gorgeous and one of my favorite furniture pieces I’ve ever bought. As far as chesterfields go, this one is more contemporary thanks to it’s low profile, sleek lines and distressing. The color is technically black, but it reads more like a very dark black brown, thanks mostly to the distressed areas. This is a gorgeous piece for a modern cabin, a home office, or warming up an urban loft space. Of course, if you’re looking for something more traditional or polished, you’ll want to skip this one, since the leather distressing give it a rustic feel.

One more thing to note: as I mentioned, the sofa has a low back and is low to the ground. Still, the seat is very deep, so it feels roomy, and my 6’3″ husband says it’s very comfortable to sit on. It’s also very long, so would be a better choice for a big room. We paired it with a the West Elm Show Wood Chair.

The best classic leather chesterfield: Pottery Barn leather chesterfield

If you’re looking for a true, classic chesterfield sofa with rolled arms, Pottery Barn’s version is it. This timeless, high quality piece is made from real, semi-aniline leather, which allows the leather’s natural grain to show through the dye. While this sofa is completely customizable and you can choose from different sizes and more than 30 leather colors, it also comes in a quick ship version (praise!) that’s available in 1-5 weeks.

The best modern leather chesterfield: Crate & Barrel Modern leather chesterfield

In true form, a Chesterfield sofa is very traditional. Its oversized, a bit squat, and a lot of times has nail head and deep tufting details that make more maximalist than streamlined. But! That doesn’t mean you can’t have a chesterfield in a modern space. Enter: This sleek, linear leather version from Crate & Barrel. I love the mix of minimalist styling with the warm cognac leather.

The best budget option: Kelly Clarkson home faux leather chesterfield couch

Any genuine leather couch you buy is going to be expensive. Leather is a long-wearing, natural material, so it’s worth the money you’ll pay for it, but sometimes, there’s no room in the budget for genuine leather. If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly alternative to a leather chesterfield, this faux-leather version from Kelly Clarkson Home is a good option. It’s made of a fabric that looks like leather (not vegan leather), so it’ll feel more like an upholstered sofa than a leather one.

The best colored leather chesterfield: Interior Define Mr. Chesterfield Leather Sofa

If you’re looking for a leather chesterfield in a color that’s not a shade of brown, Interior Define is a great resource. Their Mr. Chesterfield sofa can be custom-ordered in eight different shades of leather, including an olive green, above, plus navy blue, black, and a few different browns and tans. You can also choose your sofa legs, as well as the length and depth of the sofa.

The best faux-leather pick: Christopher Knight Faux Leather Sofa

Another budget-friendly pick, this Christopher Knight sofa is made from faux leather, which is perfect if you prefer a vegan option that still packs the punch of a classic chesterfield.

Are chesterfield leather sofas comfortable?

One thing I was a little worried about when buying our sofa is whether it would be comfortable, since it had pretty tight button tufting that give the seat a bumpy look and feel. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that, while our chesterfield may not be overstuffed sectional sofa comfortable, it’s still very cozy, nap-worthy, and the couch in our living room that everyone fights for.

It is definitely on the firmer side, which I’d imagine is the case with most chesterfields, just given the construction. I’d also imagine that the more pronounced the tufting, the less comfortable the sofa would be, so look for a sofa with low-profile tufting, or a version with smooth seat cushions (I’ve listed a few options above!).

Are chesterfield sofas still in style?

For a while about ten years ago, chesterfield sofas were a big home decor trend, especially velvet ones. While they’re no longer the ‘it’ sofa, chesterfield sofas will always be in style. It’s a classic, timeless style of couch that has been around for over 300 years, and it will remain a popular pick for masculine, industrial, rustic, and traditional design.

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