My West Elm Show Wood Chair Review

One of my West Elm Show Wood chairs sitting pretty in our ski house in Vermont, six years after we bought it

I first fell in love with the West Elm Show Wood chair back in 2016 when we moved into our condo in Chicago. I tried to ignore that love because the chairs were our of my budget at the time. After trying out a few different chairs in our living room, and looking at dupes on Amazon and Wayfair, though, I couldn’t get the Show Wood Chairs out of my mind, and I bought two of them in the

They made the move with us when we moved to Connecticut, and one of them is currently in our Vermont log cabin. So, they’ve now been with me for six years, three kids, and three homes. So how are they holding up? Pretty damn well.

Here’s my full West Elm Show Wood Chair review.

West Elm Show Wood Chair – Style

The style of this chair is why I bought it in the first place. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and it’s classic all at the same time. I will say when I first bought it I was a little worried that the midcentury style would be a passing home decor trend, but I’ve been surprised at how versatile it is, since I’ve been able to use it in so many different rooms in different homes.

It’s served as a modern piece to offset the more traditional elements in our Chicago condo. It’s underscored the masculine of my husband’s office. And it’s looked rustic and rugged in our Vermont cabin.

To show you just how versatile this thing is, here’s a look at all of the place I’ve used it in six years.

The chair in the breakfast area in my current home
In our Vermont log cabin
In my husband’s office
In their original spot, in our condo in Chicago

If you’re debating between the leather and fabric options, I can totally vouch for the leather. It’s beautiful, high-quality leather, and it gets a slight patina over time, but nothing that changes the way the chair looks in any dramatic way. They still look basically brand new.

One thing to consider when purchasing this chair is that it’s low-profile and fairly compact. That was a selling point for me when we bought it because our space was pretty small and our other furniture was also streamlined. I’ve made it a point over the years to keep the chair in rooms with other low-profile furniture, because it looks odd when paired with larger-scale pieces. For example, in our Vermont cabin, it’s next to a leather chesterfield which is also low profile. But, wouldn’t put it next to a deep sectional sofa in a great room with high ceilings.

West Elm Show Wood Chair – Quality

The quality of this chair has been a pleasant surprise. When I bought it, I could tell in the store it was good quality. But, since then, it’s proved itself time and time again.

I say that because we have a black lab and three children in our home, and these chairs still look really good even after taking a beating by everyone in our family. My oldest son used to love to scratch his nails on the chairs when we first bought them, which caused scratches in the leather, and I just buffed out the scratch with a cloth, or clean fingers, or leather cleaner, and they came out pretty easily.

It’s also a great chair for dog owners because the hair just brushes right off the upholstery.

There are a couple of stains that we weren’t able to get out, but that’s because we were lazy and didn’t get to them in time.

As far as the frame goes, it’s super sturdy, especially for a streamlined chair. My husband is 6’4″, and has sat in the chair with various small children in his lap over the years, and the chair holds it own.

The carved wood is also very solid, and it’s still shiny! Overall, like I said, I’ve been super impressed with the quality of this chair.

Is the West Elm Show Wood Chair worth the money?

Let’s be honest: this chair ain’t cheap. But, while it might not be a bargain buy, if you consider how well it’s made and how versatile the style is, it’s truly an excellent value. This chair will last you decades.

I’ve seen lots of dupes of this chair at stores like West Elm, but a cheap version will not only look cheap, it likely won’t last as long. I’m all for buying more expensive items that you love, and that will last.

Is the West Elm Show Wood Chair comfortable?

Looks are only one part of the reason to buy furniture. It also has to be comfortable, right? This chair is definitely not a spot where you’d curl up for hours with a good book. But you probable knew that already given the fact that it has wooden arms and it’s a small chair.

At the same time, it’s a lovely place to have a cup of coffee in the morning, which I’ve done hundreds of times in the last few years. It’s great for sitting in while you chat with friends over wine. And you can even get pretty cozy in it if you have an ottoman and a nice blanket. But it’s no La-Z-Boy.

Overall, the West Elm Show Wood chair has been one of my best furniture purchases as an adult, and I don’t see us getting rid of them any time soon! I recommend it.

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