How to Find Dupes on Amazon – My trick for Finding the Best Designer Dupes and Furniture

If you’re trying to find dupes on Amazon and thinking to yourself that there must be a better way than typing in all the search terms you can think of and hoping for the best, there is.

Amazon is one of the best places to shop for home decor and fashion, because it’s a vast abyss of anything you ever wanted. That includes lots of ‘dupes,’ or products that look like high-end or designer items, but cost a lot less. The thing with Amazon, though, is because the site sells so.much.stuff, it can also make finding something so particular like finding a needled in a haystack.

The good news is that there’s an easier way to find dupes on Amazon than typing in dozens of different search queries.

This is actually what I did for *years* until I learned that there was actually a much, much easier way to find dupes on Amazon home decor or fashion items.

If you haven’t learned the easy way to find dupes on Amazon, here’s an overview of how to do it. I’ve also listed out some of my favorite dupes that I’ve found on Amazon, at the end of this post.

How to find dupes on Amazon – The easy way

This Amazon dupes hack uses images to search for the exact product you want, instead of guessing with search terms or typing in things like “West Elm dupes” or “Restoration Hardware dupes.”

Step 1: Take a screenshot of the product you want to find.

The first step is to take a screenshot of the product you want to search for on Amazon.

You can use a product image from a website, for example, if you’re looking for a dupe of the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror.

Or, if you’re looking for a product in an inspiration image you saved from an Instagram account or a magazine, you can take a photo or screenshot of an entire image, too, not just a product.

Say, for example, you wanted to find a chair similar to the one in this photo, you’d just upload a screenshot of the photo.

Step 2: Open the Amazon app, and click the visual search icon

Once you have a screenshot or image of the item you want to find a dupe of, open the Amazon app. (Note, you need to have the Amazon app to use this dupes trick).

Then, click the visual search icon in the search bar, which is the square one to the left of the microphone. (Never noticed that little guy up there, did ya? I didn’t either.)

When you tap on the button, it’ll open the ‘Style Snaps’ tab.

Style Snaps is the visual search tool that’ll help you find the best dupes on Amazon.

Step 3: Upload your photo

Now, it’s time to upload your photo. Just click the ‘upload photo’ button and choose the correct image from your camera roll.

After you upload the photo, you should get a notification that Amazon is locating similar styles, which will populate underneath your inspiration photo.

Step 4 : Shop similar looks

visual of how to find dupes on amazon

After you upload your image, Amazon will start to list similar styles for each item in your photo. If you upload an inspiration photo (i.e. not a product photo on a white background), you’ll get suggestions for each item in the photo that Amazon can find matches for. You can toggle between products at the top of the app to see matches for each different item in the photo.

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can add the item to your cart right from the StyleSnap tool.

That’s it! Isn’t SOO much easier than trying to find dupes on Amazon yourself?

I’ve also used this trick to ‘dig through’ home products on Amazon, because it sometimes feels like I see the same things over and over when I type in searches on my own. It’s like the good stuff can get buried on Amazon’s product pages, so using an inspiration photo can help you weed through the basic items and find the hidden gems.

What is an Amazon dupe?

“Dupes” is short for duplicates, and are basically items that look similar to designer pieces, or higher-end items. Usually, a dupe isn’t an exact replica of the item, but something similar, and it’s generally sold at a lower price. Amazon dupes have become popular on social media, with lots of influencers posting the lower-priced versions of designer items they uncover on the site.

Are dupes OK?

Whether or not the dupe you’re buying will be good quality depends on what you’re buying. Sometimes, duplicate items are perfectly high quality, but they’re just made by a less expensive manufacturer. If you’re buying a dupe of a Restoration Hardware leather chesterfield sofa, for example, and your dupe is still made of real leather, but instead of being $12,000, your sofa is $3,000, there’s a good chance the product will still be good quality, it just won’t have the designer name attached to it.

But, if it’s a tech item, like a wireless phone charging dock, or a smart-home product, there’s a chance you could face quality issues if the tech isn’t as advanced as the original product. You can also face quality issue with materials if, say, you want a high-end boucle throw pillow, but you purchase one for $15 on Amazon, instead.

If the original item is within your budget, your best bet is to buy the real thing. But, if it’s completely out of your price range, there’s nothing wrong with looking for something similar that you can afford. Just temper your expectations that the quality or design might not be exactly up to the level of the original.

Is dupe the same as fake?

The terms “dupe” and “fake” can be used interchangeably, but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing.

A dupe can be an item that looks like another item – say you want a $300 throw pillow from a high-end boutique, but you manage to find a $30 item that looks similar. That doesn’t mean the $30 item is a fake version of the $300 item – so long as the cheaper brand isn’t pretending to be the $300 brand.

Or to put it in fashion terms: There are all sorts of Lululemon dupes floating around on Amazon – these are products that look or function similarly to popular Lululemon products, but the cheaper products aren’t marketing themselves as Lululemon pant, and they’re not trying to make consumers believe that their cheaper products are original Lululemon items. Usually, items are labeled as dupes because consumers have tried the item, and find it similar to something sold by a more expensive brand.

A fake is like something you see on Canal Street – a Louis Vuitton bag with all of the Louis Vuitton branding, that’s not actually made by Louis Vuitton. There’s an element of deceit with a fake.

How do you find a designer dupe on Amazon?

The trick I shared above, using Amazon’s visual search tool, is the best way to find a designer dupe on Amazon. It cuts down on the amount of guesswork you have to do, by typing in all sorts of keywords and hoping you find what you’re looking for.

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