8 stores like Kirkland’s – for affordable home decor

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Looking for stores like Kirkland’s? If you’re shopping for an item but can’t quite find exactly what you’re looking for, or you simply want to see what else is out there, it’s always helpful to know where to find similar items so you can do a little comparison shopping.

(I do this all the time myself, which is why I’ve created a series of posts to round up home decor and furniture stores with similar styles.)

Kirkland’s is known for it’s traditional, sometimes country-inspired decor. It’s home-y and inviting, and it’s affordably priced, too. Personally, I’ve turned to Kirkland’s for mirrors and seasonal decor — I find they always have a well-stocked selection of both on their site.

8 Stores like Kirkland’s, for affordable furniture and decor

These seven furniture stores offer similar styles and price points to Kirkland’s. I’ve noted similarities and differences to each.

Grandin Road

Grandin Road is known for its seasonal decor like holiday throw pillows and outdoor furnishings. But, over the last few year, the brand has become a year-round destination for furnishings and decor. The Grandin Road style is very similar to Kirkland’s. The furniture is traditional with a country touch, and decor is rustic and home-y.


Like Grandin Road, Frontgate stated out as more of a specialty retailer, selling mostly outdoor items. While you’ll still find almost anything you could want to decorate the exterior of your home (mailboxes, welcome signs, wreaths and more), they also have a large range of accent furniture and decorations for indoors, too, and the style is similar to what you’ll find at Kirkland’s.

Ballard Designs

Ballard is a mid-range furniture and decor store that sells beautiful traditional furniture. Their selection skews more towards fresh-traditional style, without the rustic element that Kirkland’s collections tend to have. It’s well-suited to coastal homes, grandmillennial spaces, and those who want a classic home that still feels relevant and modern. Ballard Designs prices are also a bit higher than Kirkland’s.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is one of the top home decor retailers in the country thanks to a mix of high-quality items, and a transitional style that works will all sorts of aesthetics. I consider Pottery Barn to be a store like Kirkland’s because it also offers lots of decor with rustic touches. Like Ballard, Pottery Barn prices are about 20% higher than Kirkland’s across the board.

Home Goods

Home Goods isn’t exactly like Kirkland’s because it has decor and furniture in all kinds of styles: modern, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, boho, you name it. But, a lot of the selection they do have overlaps with Kirkland’s from an aesthetic standpoint, and the price points are similar, too.


If you like Kirkland’s, but are looking for more modern or contemporary options (more similar to CB2 or West Elm), try Arhaus. A lot of Arhaus furniture has a similar rustic, handsome undertone that you’ll find at Kirkland’s, but it’s more streamlined and sophisticated, where Kirkland’s tends to be more traditional and casual.

Pier 1

But Pier 1 is closed, you exclaim! It is. The retail stores are, at least. But the website is still live, and it offers lots of styles that are complementary to Kirkland’s items, especially things like mirrors, throw pillows, baskets, and candle holders.

World Market

World Market started as a California-based home decor store, but is now a large chain retailer with stores nationwide. The store was actually started by a businessman who imported woven furniture and decor that he sold on the piers of San Francisco! Style-wise, World Market is more globally-inspired and bohemian than Kirkland’s, but the stores are very similar in that the selection is trend-driven and affordably priced.

Can you shop Kirkland’s online?

Kirkland’s has more than 350 physical stores scattered around the U.S., but they aren’t in every state. (They’re in 35 states, to be exact). If you don’t live near one of their retail locations, you can shop online. Kirkland’s ships nationwide.

Is Kirkland’s expensive?

One of the best parts about shopping at Kirkland’s is that it’s budget-friendly. While it’s not IKEA-cheap, prices are comparable to what you’d pay at HomeGoods or Wayfair.

Are Kirkland’s and HomeGoods the same?

While Kirkland’s and HomeGoods both sell furniture and decor at similar price points, and both have popular physical retail locations and online stores, they are not the same. For one, Kirkland’s sells more furniture than HomeGoods, while HomeGoods is more focused on decor. Plus, Kirkland’s tends to sell decor in one particular style (transitional with a rustic touch), while HomeGoods sells decor in a wide range of styles. They are also owned by different companies. Kirkland’s is its own company, while HomeGoods is owned by TJX, the parent company that also owns TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

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