9 stores like World Market – For unique and affordable home decor and furniture

World Market is a go-to store for trendy and unique home decor and furniture. They stock everything from sofas to mirrors and wall art, and the best part? It’s affordable. If you can’t get enough of the retailer and are looking for stores like World Market to broaden your shopping horizons, there are plenty of similar furniture stores where you can get your budget-friendly decor fix.

I’ve rounded up 9 of my favorite World Market alternatives, below, along with what makes each retailer similar and different. But first, let’s get a little background on what makes World Market so great.

What is World Market?

World Market started as a California-based home decor store, but is now a large chain retailer with stores nationwide. The store was actually started by a businessman who imported woven furniture and decor that he sold on the piers of San Francisco! Style-wise, World Market remains globally-inspired, and offers many colorful, bohemian and handmade designs that give the assortment a unique feel.

Much of the store’s inventory is made up of furniture and home decor, but they also sell gift items, clothing, food (and wine in some stores), seasonal decor (their fall decor selection is always fab) and beauty products.

In addition to its bricks-and-mortar stores, World Market also has a robust website where you can find most of the items they sell in-store. I prefer to shop in the store when I can, to see things in person, but the website is a great resource if you don’t like close to a store.

Stores like World Market

1. HomeGoods

I consider HomeGoods a store like World Market for a few reasons. First, both retailers offer cute decor and furnishings for an affordable price. Both are good sources for seasonal decor and designer dupes (I’ve seen Anthropologie mirror dupes at both, for example).

Plus, both HomeGoods and World Market are stores that constantly change their inventory, so you’ll never know what you’ll find at either. They’re good stores for treasure hunting, as I like to call it!

2. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is like World Market’s sophisticated older sister. Both stores share a unique, bohemian, colorful aesthetic, but Anthropologie is more expensive and generally higher quality. If you love the style of World Market decor, but want something a bit more elevated, check out Anthropologie’s home selection.

3. Terrain

Terrain is owned by the same company that owns Anthropologie, so it’s no wonder that its also on my list of stores like World Market. Terrain is primarily a garden store but, like World Market, it sells a selection of things like candles, natural and unique beauty products, coffee table books, and gift items. Like Anthropologie, Terrain is also more expensive than World Market, so it’s a better option if you’re feeling splurge-y or looking for a nice gift.

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ home decor tends to be colorful, on-trend and affordable, which is the same sweet spot World Market targets .Urban Outfitters’ offerings tend to be more modern, while World Market leans more bohemian, so if you love the World Market look but want a clean-lined or midcentury twist, try Urban Outfitters. They’ve also got a good selection of smaller-scale apartment furniture.

5. Target

Target is on this list because, like World Market, the store sells a range of furniture and decor that’s trendy and value-priced. Target also sells a decor collection by Justina Blakeney, called Jungalow, that shares a similarly colorful, bohemian aesthetic with World Market.

6. Kirkland’s

Kirkland’s is another one of my top stores like World Market in that you can shop both in-store and online, and their selection is very affordable. Kirkland’s has a wide range of mirrors, baskets, and dinnerware, along with furniture, drapery, bedding, bath and more. Style-wise, the Kirkland’s look is more neutral and traditional than World Market. If you’re not familiar with the brand, stores like Kirkland’s include Frontgate, Ballard, and Grandin Road. 

7. Pier 1

Since Pier 1 went all-online, the retailer’s style has become broader, but you’ll still find plenty of crossover between World Market and Pier 1. Pier 1 offers lots of styles that are very similar to World Market items, especially things like mirrors, throw pillows, baskets, and candle holders. World Market and Pier 1 share a similar origin story, where each was originally an import shop of global goods and decor.

8. Amazon

Browsing Amazon home decor is sort of similar to World Market in that you’ll find lots of affordable options, and you never quite know what you’re going to find. Amazon has so many decor options that it can almost be overwhelming to sift through them (or frustrating when you can’t quite get the search terms right to find what you’re looking for). However, I love this trick for finding dupes on Amazon, which also works for finding very specific decor items, too, a la styles like what you’d find at World Market.

9. H&M Home

H&M home is one of the best decor stores out there for on-trend, cute accents and decor. If you want to update your shelfie with the it-objects everyone has on Instagram, you’ll find an affordable version here. I also love their throw pillow cover collections. They change seasonally and are up-to-the-moment trend wise (and CHEAP! Oh so cheap.)

Is Cost Plus World Market the same as World Market?

World Market is sometimes referred to as Cost Plus World Market, because until 2012, the store’s full name was technically Cost Plus World Market. So yes, World Market and Cost Plus World Market are the same thing.

Is World Market like Pier 1?

Yes, Pier 1 is definitely one of the stores like World Market. Before Pier 1 closed its retail stores in 2020, World Market and Pier 1 were very similar. Both sold affordable home decor, kitchenware, and furniture with a global-inspired spin, in retail stores and online. While Pier 1 sold mostly decor and furniture in its stores, World Market also sold gifts, beauty, clothing, wine, beer, and specialty foods.

Since Pier 1 went all online, the store’s selections have become broader and it’s branched out from the globally-sourced goods and design sense, however there is still lots of crossover among both style and price point.

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