15 Gorgeous Fall Porch Ideas You Haven’t Already Seen Everywhere

When we were looking at our current house, one of the first thoughts I had was about how great it would look decorated for fall. It’s got an adorable [albeit small] front porch that’s perfect for potted mums, and there’s a ledge above the front door that’s the right size for a row of mini pumpkins.

We closed on our house at the end of September, and I literally have a photo on my phone of my son opening the door to the house for the first time … and then the very next photo is my son at the pumpkin patch. I wasted no time realizing my fall porch dream. Sort of….

In reality my fall porch was actually pretty sad that first year, probably because I’d just moved across the country with two kids under 3, and I just couldn’t get it together (see below). But every year since then I’ve gotten a little more enthusiastic with my fall porch decor.

fall porch before
My year one pumpkin pile.

Each year I like to switch it up a bit. I usually choose a color scheme or inspiration of some sort and work from there.

In 2020, I went with a black, white and green theme to match the house. I used white pumpkins and cinderella pumpkins, white mums, and faux pumpkins painted black and white.

fall porch with mums and pumpkins in a black and white theme

In 2021 I had a thing for ornamental kale, so I worked some of the purple colors from that into an orange and white scheme.

fall porch with purple and orange color scheme

And then in 2022, I got a late start and ended up going with more of a Halloween porch scheme.

white house with fall and halloween porch decor

This year, I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do, but you better believe I’m already looking for ideas. I like to be ready to whip out my fall porch decor the first day it’s under 80 degrees. So, in the name of research, and because I love nothing more than a well-decorated fall scene, here are some gorgeous fall porch ideas I’ve saved from Instagram and Pinterest recently.

  1. I always love when outdoor decor of any kind really reflects the home and the area where the home is, and I feel like this Southern-style fall porch does just that with the colors of the pumpkins and the addition of the ferns.

2. Here’s a mum-free porch idea from influencer Bre-Purposed, who says she’s not a fan of mums. If you aren’t part of Team Mum (or you simply can’t keep them alive, which is also valid), why not try a combo of white pumpkins and tall grasses? Again, this one also reflects the more modern-earthy vibe of her house.

Modern fall porch decor with white pumpkin and pampas grass
Image via Bre-Purposed

3. Brooke Wagner proves that your fall porch ideas don’t have to be complicated to be awesome: two small piles of pumpkins in different shapes and colors might be all you need this year.

4. This one is a favorite! I love the combination of the blue and white ginger jars with white mums and pumpkins. It’s a gorgeous idea for a home with traditional architecture, like this brick one.

fall porch decor with blue and white ginger jars
Image via Meredith Lewis

5. Here, Liz Marie mixes different pumpkin varieties with ornamental kale, rustic planters and mums in fall hues to achieve that dreamy farmhouse-chic vibe she’s known for.

maximalist fall porch decor on a white porch
Image via Liz Marie Blog

6. One of the keys to the whole Pinterest-porch vibe is stacking, like Michelle Phillips does here. Sit smaller pumpkins on top of larger ones, and tip disc-shaped pumpkins (like Cinderella pumpkins) onto their sides for a layered look.

7. Here’s a clever ideas from Driven By Decor: Fill black outdoor lanterns with small white pumpkins.

Lanterns filled with pumpkins
Image via Driven by Decor

8. I have a couple of friends (as well as a sister) who just do not do color. They live in gorgeous neutral worlds, and not even fall colors can make them change their ways. Neutral gals, this one’s for you. I love the addition of the bats on the bare branches for Halloween.

porch with all white fall decor
Image via TheWild_WoodLife

9. This next idea feels a little more minimalist in its own way, because it’s festive without the need for piles of stuff. It’s just a simple swag and garland around the door, paired with planters and mums.

10. This one is also a favorite. This porch idea is just right for late summer/early fall, before pumpkins feel totally appropriate (for those with the restraint to wait until they are…) This one is from fellow Connecticut blogger Annie Diamond of Most Lovely Things. She used bunches of dried hydrangeas tied in vintage ribbon and simple concrete planters to create a mum- and pumpkin-less display that still feels autumnal.

11. The more, the merrier! This look of a porch completely overrun with pumpkins feels so New England to me, and if I ever stop needing to use my front door, I will totally do this.

pumpkins piled across front stairs of a home
Photo by Jules Denby, Home of QuietLivingVT

12. And lastly, here’s another neutral scheme featuring one of the best ideas for getting a fall porch that suits your style: painted pumpkins! If you’re crafty, this look literally has no limits. You can freehand a design, use a stencil, paint them all one color, add some glitter, you do you.

painted pumpkins on a fall porch

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and happy [almost] fall porch season. I’ll be sure to share whatever I do with mine over on Instagram!

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