Fall Decor 2023: 50+ Picks for Stylish, Cozy Decorating

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Fall decor 2023 is all about incorporating warm and cozy elements into your space without going overboard on the overt fall themes. Think chunky textures and earth tones instead of pumpkin spice signs.

At the same time, the fall decor that is theme-y is chicer than ever, which means you can find fall pieces that’ll fit with your existing decor and give your home a subtle fall touch, without having to live amongst a sea of bright orange for the next three months.

With all the options out there (and there are many, many options since it seems like every home store now offers a fall decor line), I’ve rounded up 50 of the best fall decor 2023 picks for giving you space autumnal vibes.

Fall Decor Trends

As I mentioned, there is so much fall decor available nowadays, so you can pretty much find something to suit any decorating style, from traditional, to farmhouse, to contemporary or minimalist. That said, there are a number of overarching trends you’ll see across pretty much every retailer this year.

Plush pumpkins

If you’ve been into a Target, HomeGoods or Michael’s in the last few weeks, you’ve probably caught onto this one. Plush pumpkins, in velvet, boucle, or flannel fabric are everywhere this year. I’ve seen them in lots of fabrics and colors, which is nice if you don’t love traditional fall hues.

Fall-colored faux “greenery”

Think traditional greenery, but in colors like burgundy, terracotta, and even black. Retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon and HomeGoods are all selling faux hops, berries, baby’s breath and eucalyptus in autumnal colors.

Autumnal plaids

Plaids are always synonymous with cooler months, but this year, plaids are also having a moment in home decor in general. Which means extra plaid. Choose warm, muted tones, like this Homegoods pillow, for an updated look.

Fall Mantle Garlands

Mantle garlands are usually reserved for the holiday season, but this year, you’ve got an excuse to decorate the mantle a little earlier. Fall-themed mantle garlands, like this burgundy berries option from Afloral, are an elegant option for decorating for the season.

Best Fall Decor 2023

Here are 50+ of my favorite fall decor picks from retailers like Target, HomeGoods, Crate & Barrel, Walmart and more.

What month do you put out fall decor?

I once got a press release from a company that determined that August 17 was the official date when you could put out fall decor.

Personally, that feels a little early to me, since it’s often still 80 degrees outside. Instead, I think September is the ideal month to put out fall decor. It lets you fully enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and then spend time decorating for fall when the weather actually starts to match your vibe.

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