Affordable Lighting: Where to Find it Online + Top Picks

Affordable lighting doesn’t have to mean basic lighting. (We say no to boob lights here). Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a beautiful or stylish light fixture.

Don’t get me wrong, lighting is truly one of my favorite elements of home decor, and sometimes, I spend way too much on the perfect fixture. I think that’s warranted. But, I balance out my expensive lighting habit with really awesome, affordable lighting options, too. It’s all about the balance.

From Amazon dupes to Target finds, I’ve rounded up 34 of my favorite affordable lighting picks, below, as well as listed out my favorite sources for finding affordable lighting online.

34 Affordable Lighting Options: Pendants, Chandeliers, Sconces and Lamps

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Where to buy affordable lighting

I have a few go-to places to look when I’m shopping for affordable lighting. Depending on what I’m looking for, I’ll use any of the below sources.


The Visual Comfort light I wanted for my house.
The Amazon version I bought. I added Rub-n-Buff in Gold Leaf to give the sconce an aged look the like $$ version.

Amazon has become my favorite source for affordable lighting, especially for accent lighting like small ceiling fixtures, sconces, and lamps.

I’ve also found some pretty great dupes on Amazon of super-expensive lighting, like the star-shaped ceiling mount I used in our downstairs hallway (see above). The original version was $519, and the Amazon version was $35. I needed three lights, so buying the Amazon option basically saved me over $1400.

I also found a pretty close dupe of the Rejuvenation Mission chandelier, which I have in my dining room. Sadly, I found this dupe about three years after I bought the light, so I missed out on that one.


Target is another great place to look for budget-friendly lighting that doesn’t look budget-friendly. I’m especially a fan of their lamps. I purchased a brass pharmacy-style floor lamp for under $100, that looked a lot like a $500 lamp I wanted. They also come out with new, on-trend lamps each season, which is a great was to refresh a space.

The Studio McGee for Target collection has been especially awesome for stylish table and floor lamps.


If you have your eye on a certain designer light fixture, check Ebay before you splurge! While cheap lighting options are great, sometimes there’s nothing quite like an expensive designer fixture from a brand like Visual Comfort or Currey & Co. When I get my heart set on a pricier fixture, I check Ebay first.

What I usually do is type in the name of the fixture I want, and add “open box” at the end. Sometimes, I get lucky and find a new light for a big discount because it’s been returned to a lighting showroom, or was used as a display in a store. I purchased the Visual Comfort pendant light in our foyer that way.


Not only does Wayfair have a ton of affordable light options on its site, they also offer deep discounts on new, open box items, as well as pieces that have been returned. Check their open box section before you pay full price.

Facebook Marketplace

I’ve found some amazing things on Facebook marketplace. And some of those things have been lighting. When we lived in Chicago, I wanted this West Elm Sputnik-style chandelier for our apartment, but it was a little out of our price range at the time. So I went on Facebook Marketplace and I literally found the exact fixture I wanted for half the price.

It doesn’t always work out quite the poetically, but if you’re persistent and check often, you can usually find some winners. In addition to things like “Table lamp,” I usually get specific with brand names, colors, finishes, etc. which tends to turn up better results.

Other places to look for affordable lighting

While the above are my favorite places also found awesomely affordable lighting, I’ve also found some fab, budget-friendly lighting at retailers like:

West Elm
Lamps Plus
-Lighting New York

All of these stores have frequent sales, or sell their open-box merchandise. You can also check the brick-and-mortar locations for West Elm & Cb2, since they sometimes sell the floor models.

What to avoid when shopping for affordable lighting

There’s also lot of bad affordable lighting out there. Overall, avoid super generic light fixtures Things like boob lights, or chrome bathroom sconces with those soup can-shaped shades made from frosted glass. There’s no need to go overly basic when there are so many better options out there!

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