8 Best Pura Scents for Year Round [2024]

I’ve been on a mission to find the best Pura scents since I first got the device last year. I love a freshly scented home, but I’m also highly sensitive to scents. Or should I say highly sensitive to scents I don’t like. A bad smell, especially in my own home, can ruin my day. Dramatic, I know.

So, I started my Pura journey with some research, by reading other lists of top Pura scents, and looking for Pura fragrances with notes that I gravitate towards.

My first few Pura orders were a bit of trial and error, still. I ended up sending back a couple of the scents I chose with my first order (if you didn’t know, Pura has a great fragrance return policy. Sometimes, you don’t even have to send the old fragrances back, so I donate them to my local thrift store instead).

But, after doing some additional research, mainly by looking at the specific fragrance profiles of certain scents, zeroing in on brands I know I like because I’ve used their candles, and the ultimate research of asking my sister (who has had a Pura for a few years now) I managed to find a set of fragrances I liked, and a bunch that I absolutely love.

Overall, I’ve tried 20 different Pura scents, and these are the ones I love the most for using throughout the year. If you’re looking for a holiday/fall-specific roundup, I have a post on that, too!

Best Pura Scents for Year Round

1. Apotheke Sea Salt Grapefruit

Apotheke’s Sea Salt Grapefruit candle is my favorite summer candle. It reminds me of a Miami hotel lobby – fresh and bright, but not super fruity. The Pura scent isn’t an exact match – but it’s close enough that I keep it on repeat during the hotter months of the year. It just smells refreshing and sophisticated.

2. Brooklyn Candle Co. Sunday Morning

I tried Sunday Morning because I’ve heard from various influencers, as well as my sister, that this was their favorite fragrance, and this one definitely delivers. The best way for me to describe it is clean and bright. It reminds me a little of clean laundry and will work for people who like more feminine, floral scents, as well as those who prefer something a little sweeter or warmer- it’s a good happy medium between the two, and a great whole house Pura fragrance.

3. Guy Fox Soho

I was drawn to Soho because it had Santal notes, which is one of my favorite fragrances. It’s not exactly Santal-scented, but has that masculine, woodsy scent that reminds me of fancy boutiques and hotel lobbies.

4. Brooklyn Candle Co Palo Santo

Palo Santo is one of the “it” fragrances right now, which is what prompted me to try this Brooklyn Candle Co. version. The woodsy scent, which is a mix of cedar and sandalwood, is subtle and masculine, which I love in a fragrance. The top note of cedar gives it vague holiday-vibes, but it’s still subtle enough that you could use the scent year-round.

I’ve never smelled actual Palo Santo wood burning, so I can’t say how it compares to that, but I imagine the Pura version is a bit more delicate and multi-note. It’s a definite winner if you like earthy, woodsy fragrances!

5. Capri Blue Volcano

Capri Blue’s Volcano is another Pura best seller. It smells like a tropical vacation, and is definitely something I use in the spring and summer months. The scent is actually similar to Apotheke’s Sea Salt Grapefruit, because it’s heavy on the citrus notes, which I love. The big difference is that Volcano is definitely fruitier and sweeter smelling. If Sea Salt Grapefruit was citrus and well, salt, then Volcano would be citrus and sugar.

6. Brooklyn Candle Co. Santorini

The Fig notes sold me on this one, and it was a good bet. Santorini is a lovely, fresh year round scent. The fig notes are definitely the strongest note on this one, but the other notes (currant, Amber and Sandalwood) balance it out so that it’s not overly sweet. Another thing that’s good to know, this is one of the stronger Pura scents I’ve tried.

7. Capri Blue Havana Vanilla

Havana Vanilla is like a sophisticated take on vanilla. Not the overly sweet vanilla scent you’ll find in a lot of candles. It has Sandalwood undertones that ground it a bit and make it a little more balanced and subtle. I love this as a whole-home scent, and it works all year round.

8. Studio McGee Santal Vanilla

I purchased this one because I love the Studio McGee Santal Ginger candle from Target, which is a close dupe for Le Labo’s Santal 33 fragrance. While the Santal Vanilla doesn’t give me the same Le Labo vibes, it is a very warm, subtly sweet fragrance that’s perfect for everyday.

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