Pura 3 Vs. Pura 4: Is the Upgrade Worth it?

The Pura 4 is on the left, and the Pura 3 on the right.

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If you’re comparing Pura 3 vs. Pura 4, you’ve come to the right place. I recently got my second Pura, the Pura 4, after owning the Pura 3 for a while.

I bought the second Pura because I wanted to use the first one in our Airbnb as a way to ensure it always smells lovely for guests, and intended to keep the Pura 4 for our home. I’d never found anything wrong with the Pura 3, but since the Pura 4 was available and was priced only moderately higher than its predecessor, it felt like an easy choice to try out the newer model the second time around.

A quick verdict: There are some noticeable differences right out of the gate.

If you’re contemplating the Pura 3 vs. 4 for your own Pura purchase, here’s an overview of key differences, and whether or not I think the Pura 4 is worth the extra $10ish (depending on if either model is on sale). I was also able to talk to the brand directly, so included their key points about the differences in the models.

Pura 3 vs. Pura 4: Looks

The first thing I noticed about the Pura 4 is the way it looks. It’s smaller and a little sleeker than the Pura 3. It doesn’t have the bubble design on the front, the Pura logo is smaller, and the device is also thinner. Both models are simple enough, but I do prefer the more minimalist look of the Pura 4.

Pura 3 vs. Pura 4: Key Differences

You won’t need to scan QR codes with the Pura 4

Aside from the way the Pura models look, the Pura 4 offers a number of extra features and functionalities that the Pura 3 does not, the key ones being:

Automatic fragrance detection

With the Pura 3, your have to scan a QR code on the back of each fragrance before you put it into the Pura device. This tells the Pura app which fragrances you are using, so you can select the one you want to use in your app.

Th QR code scanning is super easy, but there have been a few times when I replaced the fragrance without scanning the code first, and it’s a little annoying because then I have to go in and remove it in order to scan the QR code.

The Pura 4 has automatic fragrance detection so you can skip the QR code step altogether. Again, it’s not a huge deal to scan the QR code, but I do appreciate this little upgrade.

Fragrance-specific diffusion

Along with the automatic fragrance detection goes “fragrance-specific diffusion,” which means the device adjusts how the fragrance is dispersed based on how strong the specific fragrance is, how warm the room is and how large the room is.

I’ve definitely noticed in the past that some of the Pura fragrances are just stronger than others. Some tend to linger even after I turn the device off, or smell super-strong even on the low setting, so I like that this is an attempt to make the fragrance strength settings more uniform between fragrances. I haven’t noticed a ton of difference because I tend to use different fragrances every month, but I like the idea of this technology.

Low-fragrance alerts

The final big upgrade to the Pura 4 is that the app will tell you when your fragrance is running low, which is also a nice feature. When I first got the Pura 3, I’d assumed I’d be able to monitor the fragrance levels from the app, which wasn’t the case, so it feels like an intuitive add on.

Pura 3 vs. 4: What the Brand Says

According to a rep for the Pura brand, who I spoke with through their PR firm, the Pura 3 is still a great buy, but the 4 offers some added value that’s hard to ignore.

“Pura 3 still provides an amazing scent experience and is the original diffuser we know and love! Pura 4 uses our updated and enhanced technology to take that even further. We have developed Pura 4 to include Puralast technology with our new smart vials to intelligently scent your space for longer. 

Pura 4 also uses updated automatic vial detection, so no need to scan fragrances into the app anymore, it will automatically detect them. It also uses adaptive diffusion to read the room’s temperature and adjust scent according to your preferences. Pura 4 houses an updated design that is sleek and has an improved vial replacement experience. Overall, it’s taking Pura’s scenting experience a step further into the future and making it that much better and easier to scent your home the way you want to.”

Can you use the same fragrances in Pura 3 and 4?

As you can see, above, both Pura devices take the same sized cartridges

One thing I was a little confused about when I was thinking about purchasing the Pura 4 was whether the same fragrance vials would work in both devices. So if you’re wondering the same, the answer is yes, the same Pura fragrance vials work in both the Pura 3 and Pura 4.

Is the Pura 4 better?

Overall, if you’re looking to buy a new Pura device, I’d say go for the Pura 4. It’s usually only about $5-$10 more expensive than the Pura 3, and the added features, scenting technology updates, sleeker look, etc. are worth it!

However, if you already own a Pura 3, I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade to the Pura 4 until it’s time to replace the device! I still think my Pura 3 works great even though I have the Pura 4 also.