Love Serena & Lily? Try These 18 Stores

It’s hard not to love Serena & Lily. The scenes in their aspirational catalogues make it look like, if you lived in one of their perfectly-styled coastal homes, you’d never experience another day of sadness. They’re that gorgeous.

And their retail stores? Forget it. I’m lucky enough to live near one, in Westport, CT, and any time I stop in it feels like a mini vacation. It’s like they only open in retail locations where they know the light will be downright ethereal.

At the same time, coastal California perfection can get, well, expensive. While I love Serena & Lily’s bedding and am happy to pay for it, I do find myself looking for dupes when it comes to some of the larger purchases. When I was looking at the brand’s outdoor Riviera chairs for our patio, I ended up finding something very similar looking for a fraction of the price, and went for the dupe. They’re lovely.

The Serena & Lily dupe chairs on my porch, from Safavieh

The good news is, as the Serena & Lily style has exploded in recent years, lots of other brands have caught on to S&L’s signature coastal vibe. Serena & Lily dupes are plentiful, as are furniture brands and collections that make beautiful complements to the Serena & Lily vibe. These brands exists at all points on the price spectrum, too. (Woop!)

Here, I’ve rounded up my favorite brands and stores like Serena & Lily. I’ve broken them down into stores/brands with a similar aesthetic or that complement the S&L vibe well, and then stores like Serena & Lily but cheaper. These stores generally sell a bigger mix of decorating styles, but often have S&L dupes for a lot cheaper than you’d find elsewhere. Hopefully they’ll help you along your shopping journey!

Stores like Serena & Lily – For Similar Quality & Complementary Items

white console table with blue mirror on top
Image via Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs

Ballard is a mid-range furniture and decor store that sells timeless, traditional furniture and decor. Their selection skews more towards fresh-traditional style, that coastal design. Ballard Designs prices are comparable or slightly lower than Serena & Lily’s.

coastal kitchen island

Cailini Coastal

Cailini Coastal is a relative newcomer on the home decor scene. Launched in 2020 by a California native who later moved to coastal Connecticut, Cailini Coastal sells a mix of curated furniture from other coastal-minded brands, as well as an ever-expanding line of its own designs.

traditional living space
Image via Pepper Home

Pepper Home

Pepper Home is a great place to shop for bight, preppy textiles in seriously gorgeous prints. If your coastal style skews towards the southern, east-coast vibe, instead of the organic-modern, California coast, check out Pepper Home for textiles that’ll round out your decor.

rattan console table

Meadow Blu

I just recently heard of Meadow Blu, which is an online store that’s sort of similar to Wayfair in that they sell furniture and decor from a bunch of different manufacturers. One of the lines they carry, Villa & Home, offers lots of furniture that has that Serena & Lily look, like the rattan-wrapped console table, above.

5. OKA

dinign area with large tree in the background
Image via OKA

OKA is a British retailer that crossed the pond a few years ago, first with a U.S. ecommerce site, then with retail locations in Texas, and Connecticut. OKA is known for it’s gorgeous prints, rich colors, and layered aesthetic. Its furniture, decor, and textiles can be a beautiful complementary to Serena & Lily furniture, or a nice alternative for those looking for pattern and color that’s not quite so coastal.

6. Lulu & Georgia

high end garden with bistro table and umbrella

Like Serena & Lily, Lulu & Georgia is one of the “it” furniture retailers of the moment, thanks to on-trend, high-quality furniture offerings. It’s also California-based and shares a double-name moniker. However, the Lulu & Georgia look is more contemporary and bohemian than Serena & Lily. If Serena & Lily is Newport Beach, Lulu & Georgia is L.A.

7. Anthropologie

pale blue modern sofa sectional

As I mentioned earlier, Serena & Lily definitely has some boho influences, and boho influences is where Anthropologie shines. So, if you’re looking for a few more unique and modern items to balance out your coastal decor, give Anthropoligie’s site a browse.

8. Rejuvenation

neutral fireplace decor

Rejuvenation started in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s got its own take on West Coast style. The look is rooted in tradition, with a bit of midcentury and Americana elements mixed in, and is definitely more masculine that Serena & Lily. If you’re looking to add a bit of gravitas to your coastal look, check out Rejuvenation.

9. Pottery Barn

coastal throw pillows on a sofa

Like S&L, Pottery Barn offers custom and in-stock upholstery and furniture, a selection of homewares, and home accessories like rugs, bedding, and throw pillows. Both have items rooted in classic style, but the Pottery Barn aesthetic leans a little more rustic/cottage-style, while Serena & Lily takes a coastal/boho standpoint.

10. Williams Sonoma Home

white bamboo dining chairs

If you’re attracted to Serena & Lily because the furniture is high quality and beautiful, you’ll want to check out Williams Sonoma Home. While Williams Sonoma doesn’t offer that signature coastal aesthetic that Serena & Lily has, it does offer classic furniture designs that’ll easily fit in with a more beach-inspired home. Expect the stores to have. similar price points, too.

11. RH Beach House

RH Beach House is a collection by Restoration Hardware (now RH) that’s designed specifically with a coastal aesthetic in mind. It’s definitely a Restoration Hardware take on coastal style though. Most of the collection is neutral and bit more rustic-modern than you’d find at Serena & Lily.

Stores like Serena & Lily but cheaper

12. Target

a beach inspired patio set

Target is now one of the ultimate destinations for on-trend, fast fashion-type home decor, so when the Serena & Lily look started to take off, you can bet that Target started offering some similar looks for less. I find that the most similarity between Target and S&L happens during the summer months, with Target’s outdoor furniture and summer home collections. I always see throw pillows and even patio furniture that is super similar to Serena & Lily’s.

13. WayfairBest Bet for Lots of S&L Dupes

Wayfair’s selection is so large that it can be hard to pinpoint it to one specific style, like Serena & Lily. That said, Wayfair really does have a little of everything, including coastal-inspired style and some pretty impressive Serena & Lily dupes for less, like the barstool above. They lump most of their Serena & Lily inspired items under their house brand, BeachCrest Home.

14. Birch Lane

Birch Lane, one of the Wayfair brands, is sort of like Wayfair’s answer to Pottery Barn. That said, you’ll still find lots of items with a coastal spin, too, like the baskets, above, which are a near-identical dupe of the Serena & Lily La Jolla basket. The price points on Birch Lane are also more affordable that S&L’s.

15. Overstock

Like Wayfair, Overstock sells a ton of different looks, including a variety of Serena & Lily dupes. Best bets to get the coastal look include rugs, baskets, art, and small rattan furnishings.

16. H&M Home

H&M Home is dedicated to all things on trend, so if the Serena & Lily look is trending, you better bet H&M is on board. Since H&M tends to sell smaller goods, expect to find things like coastal picture frames, candle holders, linen throw pillows, etc.

17. Zara Home

striped beach umbrella

Ditto to H&M, above. If theres a trend brewing, expect Zara to hop on board. Zara even launched a beach collection this year.

18. HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls

I grouped HomeGoods, Tj. Maxx and Marshalls together because they’re all owned by the same company and what I say about one really applies to all three. But, all of the TJX stores often have Serena & Lily dupes. I’ve especially seen a lot of Riviera-style chairs and barstools recently, including kid-sized versions. I’ve also spotted S&L style mirrors and throw pillows.

Your best bet is to shop in store.

Happy shopping!

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