11 Mushroom Paint Colors I Love [PHOTOS]

mushroom bdroom with white accents
Behr Perfect Taupe in my primary bedroom

My Favorite Mushroom Paint Colors

mushroom colored kitchne cabinets
A mushroom kitchen by Heidi Callier, painted Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball

Mushroom paint colors have been a big home decor color trend over the last few years, and it’s one that I’ve embraced fully in my home.

I first chose a mushroom paint color for our primary bedroom back in 2018, and then painted our closet the same color a few years later.

When we remodeled our first floor, I choose another ‘shroomy hue for the family room space. Again, I love the result.

Finding a perfect mushroom paint color isn’t always easy, though. Many mushroom-inspired shades are versions of taupe, which can easily look pink or purple in certain lights, while others lack saturation and read like a greige instead of a mushroom.

Since I’ve done the legwork to find the perfect mushroom paint colors for my own home, I’m sharing my favorites that I’ve found along the way, plus the ones I ultimately chose, below.

What color is mushroom?

Mushroom colors are a mix of brown/tan and gray. I think what you’re thinking. But isn’t that greige? Kind of, but not exactly.

I think the best way to explain it that mushroom colors are like richer, deeper greige. Sort of like greige but a few shades more saturated. Mushroom also skews more to the brown side, while with greige colors, the gray hue is more dominant.

Mushroom colors are also often compare with taupe, and I actually think taupe is a closer match than greige. While mushroom and taupe are very similar colors, taupe colors can often have more prominent purple or pink undertones, while mushroom tones tend to be more neutral or with slight green/khaki undertones. Mushroom tones are thus more versatile.

To me, the overall effect of mushroom paint colors is like a more traditional and sophisticated version of greige.

Are mushroom paint colors trendy or timeless?

Mushroom paint colors are definitely a big home color trend right now. They’re an especially popular choice for kitchen cabinets, wall trim, and wall paneling, and keep in line with the whole English country vibe that’s currently happening in design right now

At the same time, like all neutrals, mushroom colors are also timeless. They may not always be the height of style like they are right now, but they’ll never feel as dated as a bold-colored accent wall or a bright, loud paint color.

Best mushroom paint colors

mushroom paint colors graphic

1. Benjamin Moore Finnie Gray

mushroom colored built in bookcase
The built-ins in my family room

Finnie Gray might be my current favorite mushroom paint color. I chose it for our family room remodel, and I love how it’s a bit of a chameleon. Sometimes it looks more taupe, other times a touch more gray/green. It’s warm and rich, and pairs beautifully with warmer whites, shades of warm amber, and wood tones.

2. Behr Perfect Taupe

taupe closet with built ins
My closet, painted Behr Perfect Taupe

I love this shade! As a I explain in my blog post dedicated to Perfect Taupe, I tried about eight different shades of taupe in my bedroom before settling on this one.

Many of the ones I tried looked too violet or pink, but Perfect Taupe doesn’t have quite-so-obvious warm undertones. It just may be the perfect taupe after all.

3. Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back

dark mushroom bedroom with grid wall paneling
Image vai @welcome_to_no.1

Seeing photos of Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back is what first sparked my love of mushroom paint colors. This hue is more on the brown side, but it just feels so rich and fancy. It’s also the darkest paint color on this list, so give it a try if you’re looking for drama.

4. Dunn Edwards Shady

kitchen with wall of windows
Image: Amber Interiors | Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Dunn Edwards Shady is a lighter paint color that falls on the tan side of the mushroom color spectrum. It’s a beautiful choice for mushroom colored cabinetry or trim work, a la the above kitchen by Amber Interiors.

5. Benjamin Moore Pashmina

Pashmina is a lovely neutral mushroom tone that’s not too light and not too dark. Benjamin Moore describes it as “Perfectly balanced between warm and cool, light and dark—a sophisticated neutral that you can use anywhere.”

6. Farrow & Ball Worsted

bedroom with taupe walls
Image via Erin Kestenbaum

Farrow & Ball Worsted is a mushroom paint color that skews more gray, so if you’re looking for a mid-tone taupe color that’s more on the gray side, this is a lovely hue to try.

7. Behr Bonsai Pot

built in banquette area

Before I chose Finnie Gray for our downstairs, I almost went with Behr Bonsai pot. It’s a very similar shade, but with a bit more of a khaki undertone that read a little too tan for our space. But, it might be perfect mushroom for a north-facing room with cooler light.

8. Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath

bedroom with trim on wall
Image via Willow Heart Home

So you’ve probably figured our by now that Farrow & Ball is a great source for mushroom paint colors. Elephant’s Breath is another of my favorites, which can look more gray or greige in certain lighting.

9. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is pale mushroom paint color, AKA greige, but it’s beautiful if you’re looking for a slightly lighter tone, or you’re worried that some of the deeper tones may be too dark for your space. Agreeable Gray is also a classic, and one of Sherwin Williams best-selling colors year-after-year.

10. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Image via Haven

Edgecomb Gray is a popular Benjamin Moore color that could be classified as either greige or mushroom. I think of it more as a mushroom because I perceive it to be a touch more tan than gray. I love this hue for kitchen cabinets, trim work, and exterior shutters.

11. Farrow & Ball Light Gray

Image via @myoldpub

OK, final F&B color here. But Light Gray has to be one of the prettiest of the Farrow & Ball mushroom colors. It’s light, but warm, and just feels so chic. I especially love it in a palette of neutrals and warm wood tones like in the photo above.

Is mushroom the same as taupe?

While mushroom and taupe are very similar colors, taupe colors can often have more prominent purple or pink undertones, while mushroom tones tend to be more neutral or with slight green/khaki undertones. Mushroom tones are thus more versatile.

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