Best Benjamin Moore Navy Blue paint colors

Navy blue is one of the most popular paint colors because it’s versatile enough to complement various interior styles and can be used in any room in the house. Like the best white paint colors, though, there are seemingly hundreds of blue shades to choose from. With so many paint colors in their lineup, Benjamin Moore features a fine collection of navy blues, from rich, purply-blues, to black-toned navies that feel moody and intense.

The variety of colors and undertones mean that you’re sure to find the right match for your space, but you might just need a bit of guidance to land on the perfect hue. Here, I’ve rounded up the best Benjamin Moore navy blue paint colors, based on my experience with them, plus designer favorites and the brand’s most popular shades according to an interview I did with the Benjamin Moore public relations team. Once you go through it, you will understand the differences between each and can pick the proper fit. 

The best Benjamin Moore Navy Blue paint colors

With dozens of blue hues to choose from, I’ve whittled down my top pick for Benjamin Moore Navy Blues.

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1. Hale Navy

The versatile shade of navy features LRV for 8.36, giving you an idea of how dark it really is. If you are looking for a true navy that doesn’t gravitate towards blue, it is the right pick for you. The deep tone will ideally suit both modern and traditional styles. 

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy features a gray undertone making it sophisticated enough to fit different color schemes. Having the right balance between cool and warm undertones, you can easily pair it with other colors. 

The versatility of this deep navy can complement kitchen cabinetry or bathroom vanity. Hale Navy paired with crisp white board, and batten will make a remarkable statement in any room, thanks to the bold contrast. It will work beautifully with greige and grays from the Benjamin Moore collection. 

2. Polo Blue

According To Benjamin Moore’s site, Polo Blue is the closest you can get to black. The LRV of 5.67 confirms that, as it is low on the light reflectance value scale. It is a gorgeous moody shade that brings a masculine vibe to the space. 

You can play with crisp white and grays if you wish to curate a modern color palette. To add a pop of color, you can add teal accents. If you are looking for a less vibrant and more moody navy tone, Polo blue would be the ideal pick. We can envision a bold accent wall painted in this gorgeous color, adding depth to any room. If you want to add a decorative touch to the exterior, painting your shutters in this deep tone would work perfectly. 

3. Evening Sky

Evening Sky is a part of Benjamin Moore’s timeless collection of colors that will never go out of fashion. It is a close color to Hale Navy but is slightly lighter. With an LRV of 7.35, it is a gorgeous navy with a slight purple undertone. 

The deep blue with a hint of plum also works well for house exteriors if you prefer bold color choices. Or, it can be an ideal paint choice for sprucing up the front door. You can consider pairing it with dusty pink or light blue when creating a vibrant color scheme. The classic tone will fit modern and traditional styles, complementing them to perfection with its richness. 

4. Blue Note

With an LRV of 9.02, Blue Note is too close to black. But it features a rich navy undertone that completes your interior style. The professionals at Benjamin Moore would pair this gorgeous tone with neutrals such as Moonlight White and November Rain. 

The dark navy color has depth while adding drama to the space. Blue Tone brings a sense of luxury while making the room feel snugger. While it is similar to Hale Navy, it is slightly lighter. You can easily tell that by comparing the LRV. 

Whether you wish to create a solid focal wall in the bedroom or add accents to the exterior, this pain is the ultimate choice. Brass or golden details would ideally complement this dark tone, adding a dose of elegance. 

5. Gentleman’s Gray

If you prefer more vibrant tones, Gentleman’s Gray will amaze you with its uniqueness. With an LRV of 7.26, it is a deep teal color that brings freshness. To highlight its beauty, pros record you to pair it with whites such as Chalk White and Gardenia. It can make a perfect paint color for a home office or a stylish powder room. Its masculine vibe feels bold and luxurious at the same time. However, you can pair it with blush or dusty pink to soften it.

This gorgeous navy tone is versatile enough to fit any room. You can use it in the form of bold accents that add character to the space. It pairs excellently with crisp and off whites, so you can make a good choice for the trimming. Also, Gentleman’s Gray is an ideal pick for bedrooms, thanks to its serene vibe. 

6. Van Deusen Blue

Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue is one of the brand’s most popular blue paint colors. With an LRV of 11.97, it is a lighter navy than the other choices in Benjamin Moore’s selection. It is a versatile navy paint color that features a cool undertone. Because of this, you should opt for whites with minimal yellow undertones. Simply White is an excellent match if you want to make a bold contrast, as it is a gorgeous crisp white. Van Deusen Blue will match with Thunder, a nice neutral with the right balance between warms and cools. 

Van Deusen Blue and Newburyport Blue are two similar navy tones. However, Van Deusen Blue is a little lighter choice. It would make an ideal choice for a focal wall, doors, and cabinets. If you wish to introduce a modern white and navy color scheme to your kitchen, pair it with White Dove and a warm-toned butcher block countertop. 

7. Newburyport Blue

Along with Hale Navy and Van Deusen Blue, Newburyport Blue rounds out Benjamin Moore’s best selling blues. It’s a gorgeous deep blue with an LRV of 10.31. Its timeless appeal will anchor the space without overwhelming it. The fact that it is part of the Historical Collection tells you enough of its timeless nature. The nautical tone is ideal for adding a coastal vibe to your home. However, it can also enhance the exterior with bold accents. Painting the front door and garage doors in this stunning deep tone will make a statement. 

The prominent tones of Newburyport Blue make it stand out among the other Benjamin Moore navy blue paint colors. If you wish to curate a tasteful color scheme, try pairing it with neutrals such as Light Pewter, Rustic Taupe, or Weston Flax. Also, it is another navy color that is lighter than Hale Navy.

8. Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay is a classic navy with an LRV of 9.77. When compared to Hale Navy, we can notice its more prominent blue tone. The rich color is bold enough to make a statement but still remains part of the timeless collection of Designer Classics by Benjamin Moore. We can envision a gorgeous kitchen with navy cabinets painted with this color. Golden hardware will add a touch of luxury, while off whites will elevate the look. The deep navy tone perfectly matches whites such as Decorator’s White and White Dove. However, it will also go along with light grays. Wind’s Breath and October Mist are perfect examples of grays that will let the beauty of Hudson Bay stand out proudly. The exquisite tone is ideal for setting a calm mood in the bedroom or enhancing the bathroom. 

According to Benjamin Moore, the brand’s three most popular blue paint colors are Hale Navy, Van Deusen Blue, and Newburyport Blue.

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