Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Review: The Green Paint Color I Used for Our Nursery

Baby boy Pewter Green nursery gold crib

(This post was originally published in 2018, but has since been updated to reflect a color name change from Sherwin Williams. The color now called Sherwin Williams Pewter Green used to be called Woodland Lichen, along with a few other edits).

One of the questions I get asked most on Instagram is for the name of the dark green paint color we used in my younger son, Penn’s, nursery. It’s actually probably the only question I get asked on Instagram, since I’m not really bombarded with design questions in my DMs

. But people typically see the photo of the nursery on Pinterest, and then find me on Instagram to ask about the green color of the room. So I figured why not answer the question here, to make it easier for those wondering about the paint color to find it.

So… the color is:

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

The paint color used to be called Woodland Lichen, but Sherwin Williams has since changed the name to Pewter Green. In my opinion, it’s one of the best dark green paint colors around.

I love this color for lots of reasons. It’s dark but not too dark, it feels warm and cozy, and it works with both traditional and modern interiors. Our nursery definitely leans toward the traditional side of things, but I know it works well in modern spaces too because I’ve seen it used in spaces around Pinterest and Instagram.

Here’s our nursery with my sweet babe when he was probably five or six months old, right before we dropped the crib and got rid of the crib skirt. (Update: Check out the plans for his big boy room, which he now shares with his older brother, and the nursery ideas I used to transform this room for our baby girl).

Baby boy dark green nursery gold crib
My son’s room

And then here it is again almost a year and a half later, after we made some additions and added in some blue tones after getting rid of the crib skirt (which is from here, btw).

What Color is Pewter Green?

Pewter Green is a dark green shade with gray undertones. It can look more gray or more green depending on the space it’s used in. 

Sherwin Williams describes the color as “dark yet calming, this cool green complements natural elements like wood and metal. Bring a down-to-earth elegance to your favorite room.”

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green LRV and Undertones

The LRV of Pewter Green is 12, which makes it a dark paint color. If you’re not familiar with LRV, or light reflectance value, it’s a measure of paint color lightness. It’s measured on a scale of 0-100, where 0 is pitch black, and 100 is pure white. Most paint colors fall between 3-95, since there is no purely black or white paint.

Pewter Green is a green tone with strong gray undertones, which make it a cool-toned color. Personally, I used the color in a south-facing room with a decent amount of natural light, which meant the greener tones came through more than the gray ones. However, if you were to use the color in a north or east-facing room, the gray tones will likely be more visible, since rooms that face these directions tend to get cooler light.

A Note About The Actual Color We Used

To be totally transparent, we actually didn’t end up using Sherwin Williams paint, since we typically get our paint at Lowe’s or Home Depot, and they don’t carry Sherwin Williams.

Instead, I had Home Depot color match a Behr paint to the Sherwin Williams color (they can do that! Most big home improvement stores have a database of paint colors, so if you give them the name of a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color, for example, they can usually pull up the color formula and mix it for you on the spot).

It went on in two coats, and I loved it the moment we painted. It’s sophisticated and different. I will note, though, that this color is one that tends to look really different depending on the space it’s used in. 

Here are a few more rooms that are done in Pewter Green 

A kitchen by @gardnercreativeco

I love the color for kitchen cabinets in a rustic home or cabin space.

Design and photo: BrePurposed

Here is Sherwin Williams Pewter Green in a room by blogger BrePurposed. One of the things I love about this color is how well it works with different style rooms. Our nursery is super traditional, but the color is just as perfect in a more modern or boho space.

And finally, here it is shown in a mudroom against marble tile and white walls.

Colors like Pewter Green

Sherwin Williams Privilege Green

Image: Customer-submitted photo from Sherwin Williams

Looking for another gorgeous green paint color for a nursery? Here’s a room in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green, which is a slightly lighter shade of green than the one we used, but also a beautiful choice for a nursery. It’s also a bit mossy-er.

Behr Thai Basil

green nursery with gold crib
Image via jlkami29 on Reddit

I found this green nursery photo on Pinterest, and it actually has the same crib we used in ours. (Again, crazy how a similar paint color and furnishings can feel so different depending on accessories in a room). This green is Behr Thai Basil, and looks like it’s almost a cross between Pewter Green and Privilege Green.

I love all of these green paint colors for a nursery, and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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