The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Colors

The Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Looking for the most popular Benjamin Moore colors? If you’re trying to find paint colors for your home, starting with the ones everybody loves isn’t a bad idea. For one Benjamin Moore has thousands of paint colors, so narrowing them down can be dizzying. And, even if you don’t choose one of the best-selling colors, they can be a good jumping off point for finding the right hues for your space.

Benjamin Moore keeps a running list of its most popular paint colors overall on its website, but nearly all of them are white, tan, and gray. To find out about the most popular picks in other shades, I sent a note to their public relations team, and then got back to me with a list of the top three paint colors in all shades.

Keep reading to find out the most popular Benjamin Moore colors in every hue.

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Overall, Benjamin Moore’s top three best-selling paint colors are all white. This makes perfect sense, because white is timeless and has so many applications. It’s a wall color, a trim color, a cabinet color, and exterior color, a picket fence color – you name it and you can probably paint it white.

Simply White OC-117

SImply White is one of my favorite paint colors. It’s a bright white with a touch of warmth.

White Dove OC-17

White Dove is an off white that’s similar to Simply White but a bit deeper. It works well in traditional or English Country spaces.

Chantilly Lace OC-65

Chantilly Lace is the brightest of these white paint colors. It’s a pure, crisp white that works well for trim, as well as hallways and pass-through spaces.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Blue Colors

Benjamin Moore’s most popular blues are all shades of deep, nearly navy blue. These best-selling blues all have a coastal, seafaring feel, but would also work well in a traditional home.

Hale Navy HC-154

Hale Navy is another of my personal favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors. It’s a deep blue with a touch of gray, that gives it a sophisticated feel.

Newburyport Blue HC-155

Newburyport Blue is navy, but it’s not quite as dark as Hale Navy. It’s a beautiful shade for coastal inspired homes, or for exterior doors.

Van Deusen Blue HC-156

Another deep blue tone, Van Deusen Blue is more of a mid-tone China blue than a deep navy. It works well in traditional homes or small spaces like powder rooms or mudrooms, as well as for cabinetry.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Neutral & Gray Paint Colors

When it comes to neutrals, the most popular colors are now skewing warmer, and shades of greige and tan are taking a place next to the neutral grays that reigned supreme in home decor a few years ago.

Revere Pewter HC-172

Revere Pewter is a perfect shade of gray for today, since cool-tones grays are going out of style, and warmer shades are taking their place.

Gray Owl OC-52

If you want a true gray, Gray Owl is a perfect choice. It’s a neutral gray, meaning it’s not too warm or too cool. The way it appears in a room will largely depend, then, on lighting and surroundings.

Manchester Tan HC-81

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Blue Colors

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Green Colors

What’s interesting to me about these shades, is that Benjamin Moore considers all of the above tones to be shades of green! Which just goes to show you can’t take a paint’s name at face value. Technically, these shades all fall into the green color spectrum, they’re just very pale, muted greens.

November Rain 2142-60

November Rain is a beige color with green undertones. It’s on the same color card as Mediterranean Olive, a deep, olive green.

Nantucket Gray HC-111

Nantucket Gray is a true khaki color – it’s mid-tone tan with olive green undertones, that can look either more green or more beige depending on the lighting and surrounding colors.

French Canvas 1514

French Canvas is a light, pale beige with green undertones, that makes a beautiful creamy neutral.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Red & Pink Paint Colors

First Light 2102-70

First light is a pale blush pink that’s soft but not too sweet, thanks to beige-y undertones. It’s perfect for a girl’s nursery, or for a pop in a powder room or primary suite.

Caliente AF-290

Caliente is a just-right red for a front door – it’s bright, but still subdued.

Boston Brick 2092-30

This popular red hue leans toward a terracotta brown, which means it can read more red or neutral deepening on the lighting.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Yellow Paint Colors

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4

This sunny shade is reminiscent of country interiors and cozy farmhouses.

Windham Cream HC-6

For a creamy butter-yellow shade with neutral undertones, Windham Cream is top choice. Depending on your lighting, the hue can read more cream-colored or yellow.

Philadelphia Cream HC-30

Philadelphia Cream is a subtle yellow with peach undertones, that borders on a tan paint color.

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Black Paint Colors

Black 2132-10

This classic, neutral black is perfect for everything from fireplaces, to outdoor railings, to kitchen cabinets. W

Wrought Iron 2124-20

With an LRV of 8.17, Wrought Iron is a near-black shade that’s just a touch lighter than Black. It’s a designer favorite.

Iron Mountain 2134-30

Iron Mountain is the lightest Benjamin Moore’s best-selling blacks. It’s a soft black that’s a bit more subtle and less striking than a true black.

What are the most popular wall colors?

Overall, Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors mimic the overall home color trends and preferences. Most people tend to paint their walls neutral shades, especially in main living areas and open-concept spaces, because neutrals are calming and invite the most flexibility when decorating.

That said, the most popular wall colors are shades of white, cream, off-white, greige, beige, and gray.

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