The Best Sage Green Paint Colors

SW Evergreen Fog | Image via Sherwin WIlliams

Green is my all-time favorite color, for decorating and otherwise, so I’ve dedicated a fair share of my life as a homeowner to pouring over various shades of green paint, sage greens included (but also olive green and dark green).

Currently, I have about 15 sage green paint samples in my garage, plus about a half dozen peel-and-stick Samplize swatches. Here’s a look at a handful of them, which I’ve tested in various rooms of my house over the years.

The sage green paint colors I tested in my home

Because I’ve done all sorts of real-life testing, I thought I’d share my favorite sage green paints to give you a starting point for your space.

A few notes before I start:

  • Color always looks different on a screen than it does in a home. Always test paint samples in your home first! I love Samplize for easy peel-and-stick samples.
  • If you get overwhelmed by color selection, check out my blog post on how to choose a paint color, which has some objective ways to evaluate color.
  • I’ve included both lighter and darker colors here, and noted the LRV of each so you can get an idea for which are which. LRV is measured on a scale of 0-100, which 0 being pitch black and 100 being bright white.

The best sage green paint colors

1. Farrow & Ball French Gray

This is how the color looked on the walls in my laundry room. Left is a Samplize sample, right is one coat of a paint sample.

LRV: 24

Despite its name, French Gray is not all that gray. Instead, it reads as a pale green with gray undertones. It’s a gorgeous, muted shade of shade that feels very elegant.

I tested the color in our family room during our renovation, and, even though I ended up going with something a bit more taupe, I’m still looking for a chance to use French Gray in my house.

2. Benjamin Moore October Mist

LRV: 40.54

October Mist was Benjamin Moore’s 2022 color of the year. It’s a gorgeous sage tone that’s got warm gray undertones, which makes it almost a neutral and super easy to use. It was my runner-up choice!

In my opinion, this color is a modern take on a true sage, thanks to the neutral undertones. I find that sage greens with too much blue in them remind me of suburban homes in the ’90s and early 2000s, when everyone’s mom paired the color with oak cabinets and cranberry-colored accents. Yikes.

3. Benjamin Moore Cypress Green

Cypress Green was the deepest of all of the colors I tried, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a sage green that borders on a pale olive tone. I loved this color. With an LRV of 34.4, it’s a mid-tone paint colors that would be perfect for a front door, or as a cabinet (or island) color in the kitchen.

4. Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green

Image via Room For Tuesday

Sherwin Williams Halycon Green is a rich green shade with blue and gray undertones. It’s incredibly soothing and sophisticated, which, to me, makes it the perfect choice for a bedroom. Depending on the light, it can read like a blue, a gray, or a green – in my home it was more of a blue – so be sure to test this one out first!

5. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage

SW Clary Sage in a kitchen, via This Old House

Sherwin Williams Clary Sage is a popular medium-green with blue-gray undertones. Depending on the lighting, it can come off as a more gray green, or a taupe-ish green. I love how it looks on the cabinets in the kitchen, above!

6. Benjamin Moore Cheyenne Green

From top: Benjamin Moore Rolling Hills, F&B French Gray, and Benjamin Moore Cheyenne Green

Cheyenne Green is a gray-toned sage green that reads more neutral than some of the other tones on this list. You can see in the photo above, that I’ve paired the swatch against Benjamin Moore Rolling Hills (top) and F&B French Gray (middle).

I’ve seen Cheyenne Green touted as a dupe of Farrow & Ball French Gray, but as you can see above, the two are noticeable different, with Cheyenne Green being the more neutral of the two.

7. Farrow & Ball Blue Gray

Image via Farrow & Ball

Blue Gray isn’t really blue or gray at all. They should call it Blue-Gray Green, because it’s a blue-ish toned shade of sage green. It’s less gray then French Gray, and more blue, so the color feels a little clearer and brighter, too. It’s a beautiful color, but I passed on it because I was choosing something for a room that gets a lot of natural light, so the color felt a little too, well, colorful, and I wanted something with more neutral tones.

8. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Image via Sherwin Williams

Evergreen Fog was Sherwin Williams Color of the Year in 2022, and it’s not hard to see why this one stands out above the rest. It’s a beautiful mid-tone gray-green color with the sophistication and versatility of a neutral. It’s more of a cool-toned blue-green, which, to me, makes it a lovely pick for a bedroom or bathroom.

9. Benjamin Moore Great Barrington Green

Image via Homebunch

If you’re looking for a deeper shade of sage green, try Benjamin Moore’s Great Barrington Green. According to BM, it’s a “deep shade of mossy green,” but it has enough of a chalky, neutral tone that it reads to me like a deep shade of sage. I absolutely love Great Barrington Green as an exterior color.

10. Farrow & Ball Treron

F&B Treron in my dining room

Treron is the color I ended up using in my dining room. It’s another shade of deep sage green, which makes it feel moody and sophisticated. I used the color in a room that gets cool-toned, North-facing light, which makes it feel even darker. However, in a brighter, south-facing space, the shade would appear brighter and more green.

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