40+ Bathroom Items You Should Throw Away + Printable List

Read on for my tips for how to declutter your bathroom, plus a printable checklist of 40 bathroom items you can throw away.

My bathroom in it’s decluttered glory

Even though our bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the house, they tend to be one of the spaces that fill up with clutter quickest. Dirty clothes, toiletries, medicines, hair tools you tried once and decided you hated, the nail polish color you bought but never used … these things can pile up quickly, creating chaos in a space that’s all about function. <- This is not good.

If you’re sick of your hair spray can falling out on your foot every time you open your vanity door (that was the catalyst for me, at least), consider this your official “How to Declutter Your Bathroom” guide with all the bathroom decluttering deets you’ll need to get a handle on the stuff.

The good news is, decluttering your bathroom is totally doable, and I personally find it to be one of the easiest spots in the home to declutter, since there are a lot of objective criteria you can use for getting rid of things (is this cold medicine expired? Is this lipstick my color?)

Still, I broke down a process to make it even easier, and included a list of 40+ things to get rid of when you’re decluttering (along with a printable checklist at the bottom of this post!).

One thing to note: I’m just covering decluttering here! I tackle bathroom organization ideas in another post, because I think it’s important to declutter first then organize. Trying to do both at once tends to be inefficient and overwhelming.

40+ Bathroom Items to Throw Away


  • Expired items, especially self-tanner, exfoliators, sunscreen and serums
  • Face masks you don’t use (if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, chances are good that you won’t!)
  • Old, worn out, or unused body and face tools (massagers, dry brushes, razors, etc.)
  • Dried out face wipes/makeup wipes
  • Thing you purchased but have since replaced with something you like better

Bathing & Personal Care

  • Almost-empty shampoo, conditioner & body wash
  • Loofahs older than 4 weeks
  • Soap slivers
  • Dull razors, or ones you’ve since replaced
  • Duplicate travel-sized items – you only need a couple of each if you even use them
  • Travel cases or containers you don’t use
  • Gifted bubble bath / spa treatments you won’t use
  • Feminine products you don’t like or use
  • Extra items like hand soap, toilet paper, etc – keep only what you’ll use in the next few weeks in the bathroom and store the rest in a closet/pantry

Medications & first aid

  • Expired medications
  • Old prescriptions you don’t need/use
  • Hand sanitizer you don’t need or use


  • Expired makeup
  • Old items that you’ve since replaced, like mascara, blush
  • Old makeup brushes/sponges
  • Things you don’t like or don’t use
  • Trendy products that are no longer in style
  • Gift makeup sets you don’t use
  • Makeup bags that were part of store freebies that you don’t use

Nail Care

  • Dried-out or discolored nail polish
  • Worn out nail-files
  • Nail stickers/decor/tools you haven’t used in six months

Hair products and accessories

  • Expired or not used sprays, creams, oils, treatments,
  • Hair brushes and combs – keep only the ones you use daily, and eliminate duplicates
  • Specialty hair tools you don’t use, like curling irons, crimpers, waving tools, etc.
  • Styling accessories you don’t use, like barrettes, scrunchies, claw clips, etc.

Dental care

  • Old or expired whitening gels/tools
  • Electric toothbrush accessories you don’t use like chargers, attachments, etc.
  • Floss and toothpicks you don’t like, i.e. if you get a certain type from the dentist
  • Almost-empty toothpaste if you’ve since replaced it

Towels and washcloths

  • Stained or ripped bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths
  • Towels you’ve since replaced but never got rid of

Baby and kid items

  • Bath toys
  • Items that no longer match the stage you’re in, like diaper creams and ointments if your kids are out of diapers

Cleaning Products & Supplies

  • Anything that’s not bathroom-specific, like toilet bowl cleaner, can be kept somewhere else.

Download a printable checklist of these items here.

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