Our DIY Bathroom Remodel: What We Did

Our DIY bathroom remodel is finished. I almost wrote finally finished and then erased it because “finally” makes it seem like it took two months when in fact it took about two weekends. Two weekends of blood and sweat (there were no tears, thankfully, and the blood was minimal), and about $1000. It looks a million times better than it did before, but as is the case with all DIY projects, we also learned a few things we’d do for next time. I thought I’d break down what we did, what we bought, and how much it cost first, and then I’ll tackle the process and the lessons we learned in the next post.

DIY bathroom remodel
An “after” shot

DIY Bathroom Remodel

What we did

  • Tore out and replaced the old tile, toilet, mirror and light fixture.
  • Painted the walls and ceiling.
  • Spray painted sink and toilet supply lines.
  • Added a toilet paper holder and shelf.
  • Bought new shower curtain, bathmats, and hand towels.
  • Added a baseboard.

What we didn’t do:

Although I hate the style of the tub surround tile, for now we didn’t touch it since it’s largely hidden by the shower curtain and still in good condition. We also left the shower hardware as it was. I’m hoping we can pay someone to replace the tub surround tile early next year, since I think I’m done DIY-ing in this room for a while.

DIY bathroom remodel- marble shelf

DIY bathroom remodel

The inspiration & design

I talked about the inspiration behind the bathroom remodel here. We made the decision to rip it out pretty hastily, so I went back and forth with a few options before settling on a brass, white, and black look. The overall direction really sprouted from a few things: I wanted a black ceiling and white walls, and I wanted white penny tile with black grout. After that, I found a beautiful brass faucet online for SO CHEAP. Then the rest of it kind of fell into place from there.

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DIY bathroom remodel under 1000

What we bought & What it cost

We already had the black interior paint and gold spray paint I used on the ceiling and plumbing.

Total Cost: $936 (before tax, and probably forgetting a few tools and things we bought along the way)

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  1. Anyone would love the pattern of your bathroom! Good work for everyone who had been part of this project. You are sure to be proud of it.

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