17 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas – Plus The One I Chose for My Home

My dining room as it looks now, with Graham & Brown wallpaper

Confession: I spent over a year looking at dining room wallpaper ideas before I finally chose one for my own dining room, above! My dining room was white for almost four years before I got the itch to do something a little more … interesting.

The all white look was one I loved when I first did it and one I still like a lot, but since I’ve seen more and more dining rooms with wallpaper come across my Instagram feed and in magazines, I couldn’t help but feel like our dining room was a bit, well, lackluster.

Wallpapered dining rooms have become a big home decor trend over the last few years, as interiors have turned more toward the traditional. It’s not uncommon to see classic wallpaper patterns like florals and chinoiseries in a modern dining room space, usually paired with some sort of colorful trim that echoes the wallpaper color.

At the same time, dining room wallpaper ideas can also be subtle. Grasscloths, stripes, and simple patterns in neutral colorways can also add interest to the room without feeling like such a bold decision.

For me, I felt like if I was going to spend the time to wallpaper my dining room, I wanted something that wowed. So, I chose a botanical pattern from Graham & Brown. The green and white print feels bold, but it still goes well with the rest of my house which is more understated.

If you’re still on the fence about wallpaper in your dining room and are looking for inspiration, here are some of the best dining room wallpaper idea I found in my idea-gathering journey.

17 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas I Love

1. A moody green space

Design and image: Haneen’s Haven

This room above is one of my favorite examples of a dining room with wallpaper right now. It’s moody, but elegant, and cozy. Perfection.

It was one of the dining room wallpaper ideas that made me really want to go with a green and white botanical design. I also love the painted ceiling on this one!

A few of my favorite wallpapers:

2. Antique mural dining room wallpaper

Image via Bless’er House

I am obsessed with this beautiful dining room by blogger Bless’er House. I love the idea of a mural inside panels. I almost went in this direction for my own dining room, but I didn’t want to give up all of the art I have in that room, because you can’t really layer a ton of art over a mural.

3. A tropical paradise

Image: Milton King

This dining room wallpaper idea just feels fun. I so appreciate the bold pattern on the wall paired with the art deco accents in the rest of the room.

4. A neutral addition

Design: Erin Gates, Photo: Michael J Lee

If you are dipping your toe in the wallpaper pool, a neutral wallpaper in a simple, timeless print is the way to go. This space is proof that a simple, neutral dining room wallpaper can still make the whole space.

5. A Serena & Lily fav

Design: Laurel Bern Interiors

This bright, fresh Serena & Lily Priano print is all over Instagram, and for good reason. It’s coastal but sophisticated, and it still manages to feel clean despite the allover print. I considered the green one for my own dining room.

6. A beautiful botanical dining room wallpaper

Design: Jean Stoffer

Here’s another of my favorite dining room wallpaper ideas, from Jean Stoffer, who I consider to be the reining queen of the dark wall trim + wallpaper look.

7. A colorful traditional look

This dining nook is perfectly timeless and traditional. I really love the mix of a brighter floral or botanical wallpaper with neutral furnishings. The darker wood antiques here bring a little gravitas to this space and downplay the feminine floral pattern well.

8. A twist on traditional

Picture this room with all white walls. It kind of feels outdated, right? The wallpaper that Claire Staszak from Centered by Design chose may be a traditional print, but somehow it modernizes this entire space.

9. A Morris & Co dining room wallpaper

A classis Morris & Co print is always a good choice. The brand has been trending like crazy in the world of interior design, so if you’re looking for a good place to start, check out Morris & Co’s offerings.

10. Green and white dining room with wallpaper

Ditto for this Sandberg / Scalamandre Wallpaper beauty. This wallpaper was my top contender for my dining room space until I saw the Graham & Brown one I ultimately went went, but I still think this is such a stunner.

11. Classic blue and white

This is Julia Marcom of Chris Loves Julia’s old dining room (it might be a mock up, actually, but I’m not totally sure!). Again, the overall design of the room is very simple, and the wallpaper just totally elevates the whole thing.

12. A dining room mural wallpaper

This is another dining room muralChris Loves Julia’s office in their current home, which Julia turned into a dining room for a get-together. I love this as a dining room look, especially the wainscoting and wallpaper combo.

13. A muted look

Here’s yet another Chris Loves Julia design, which is the actual dining room in their current home. This idea underscores a lot of the other ones on this list, which is a bolder wallpaper paired with simpler furnishings to create a space that feels unique but not busy.

14. A fresh coastal dining room wallpaper

This space shows how many different looks are possible with wallpaper and how you can find something to suit almost any styl.e. This room by Kate Marker interiors has a simple, pale teal wallpaper that give the room a fresh coastal feel.

15. Floor-to-ceiling dining room mural

Talk about drama. This look is similar to the mural idea from a few of the other photos above, but in this dining room the mural goes floor-to-ceiling, which feels more modern.

16. A floral wallpaper dining room

Image via MeetWest Studio

I love the combination of richly painted paneling/trim and a coordinating wallpaper. It feels warm and unique, yet polished.

17. Traditional Green Dining Room Wallpaper

And finally, last but not last, is the dining room wallpaper idea that I settled on, which is Graham & Brown’s Enzia Sage wallpaper, with Farrow & Ball’s Treron paint.

How to choose the right dining room wallpaper idea

The one thing with deciding to wallpaper your dining room is that there are thousands (millions?) of gorgeous wallpapers out there. So many styles. So many colors.

To narrow them down:

First, choose wallpaper that goes with you overall home decor

Wallpaper is a statement that will make your dining room stand out from the rest of the space in your house, but it should still feel like a part of your home. If your house is neutral, try a neutral or earth-toned wallpaper. Ditto for bright spaces, or homes decorated in a distinct color palette. Let the rest of your house give you clue about the wallpaper that will work in your dining room.

Second, decide if you want your dining room wallpaper to be permanent

Or if you’ll want to remove it in a few years. Peel and stick wallpapers are a great choice for renters, or if you don’t like to commit to a look long term. But, they also tend to look a little “cheaper” than standard wallpaper because they’re often made of vinyl, which gives it a different sheen and texture than traditional paper. If you plan to have your wallpaper up for at least five years, go for a traditional pasted paper, and choose something strippable, which will make it easier to remove when the time comes.

Order all the swatches

I’m not kidding, I probably ordered 50 wallpaper swatches before I decided on the wallpaper I used. Maybe more. I hung them each on the wall for a few days at a time to see if I liked them. And then I’d hang up a few side by side to compare, and then pair the winner against the next contender, sort of like wallpaper March Madness. However, doing this was so helpful, and it made me realize how different some wallpapers look online. Definitely, definitely get swatches before you commit!