Spray Paint Makeovers. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

I’m totally addicted to spray paint these days. No, I’m not huffing it.

But, I am definitely on a bit of a spray paint bender. I’ve gone through probably five cans since we moved into our house two months ago. I got hooked after I began spray-painting furniture, starting with the outdoor chairs we found in the attic above our garage. Once I saw how awesome they turned out, I spray painted an ugly (borderline creepy) lawn ornament we found in the yard (no junk left behind!) and it wasn’t so ugly anymore.

Here it is before:

spray paint makeovers

And here it is after, following a couple of coats of white spray paint, on the bookshelf in my living room. I know I  have seen something like this at Target for $20.

photo 2

And then I unearthed a mirror that I had in college, which my mom brought me in a box of my old stuff when we moved in. I almost tossed it … until I realized I could paint it! So the before shot:

Dip dye 358

And the after. (I used painter’s tape to cover the gold because I liked that part.)


So then I spray painted some vases I found at the dump (the dump in Hingham, Massachusetts a goldmine, and worthy of it’s own story, which I will tell another day!). And I’m sure you get where this is going. I’ve  done a pair of bookends, some drawer knobs, and a few picture frames, too.

photo 3

I think what I love most about a good spray-paint makeover, even more than how effective it is, is how easy it is to do. I think each of these projects (except the outdoor chairs) took maybe 10 minutes (including the five minutes I waited for the paint to dry between coats).

This weekend, I’m thinking about painting the spines of some of the old books on my bookshelves so they’re color-coordinated, and I have a light fixture that could use some updating, too.  I have absolutely no plans to try an ween myself off the can. 5 Minute Makover

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