20 Home Decor Influencers to Follow for Home Inspo

A Studio Mcgee bathroom. Image and design via Studio Mcgee

If there’s one major contributor to my weekly screen time, it’s the home decor influencers I follow. As a lover of all things home (and a smaller home decor Instagrammer myself), I can literally go down a scroll hole for hours if left unchecked. Instagram largely replaced design magazines and even Pinterest for me, as my first stop for home inspiration.

Between being on IG for more than 10 years, and working as a design editor, I’ve managed to come up with quite a list of home decor Instagrammers I love. So, if you’re looking for IG inspo for your home for the very first time, or you’re just wanting to expand your horizons to new accounts, keep reading, because I’m sharing a whole bunch of my favorite home design influencers on Instagram.

20 of the Best Home Decor and Interior Design Influeners To Follow

Ok 21 if you follow me, too. 🙂

1. Studio McGee

home decor influencers studio mcgee kitchen
Image via Studio Mcgee

Between a Netflix show, a Target line, and nearly 5 million total Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that Studio McGee and its founders Shea and Syd are having a major impact on home decor trends right now. The design firm is known for its light layered style that mixed traditional and modern aesthetics, whether they’re designing a kitchen, a bathroom, a kids room, or a dining room.

2. Jean Stoffer

home decor influencers jean stoffer
Image via Jean Stoffer

Jean Stoffer might not have a Netflix show, but she does have one on the Magnolia network. The designer, who is best known for her jaw-dropping kitchen designs (definitely one to watch if you’re looking for kitchen inspo!), brings a fresh touch to traditional style and will appeal to anyone with an older home or a love for muted, but saturated colors.

3. Amber Interiors

amber interiors kitchen
Image via Amber Interiors

Amber Lewis’s signature style landed her firm, Amber Interiors, a collaboration with Anthropologie, and plenty of Instagram followers. Look to her for home inspiration that’s neutral and rustic, with a California-cool that feels easy and chic.

4. Brigette Romanek

white breakfast nook
Image via Brigette Romanek

Brigette Romanek is a decorated designer whose been named to the Elle Decor A-list, the AD 100, and the 1st Dibs 50. Her tailored, inviting interiors are a study in layering and mixing old and new.

5. Park & Oak

green home office

Suburban Chicago-based Park & Oak has a style that’s sort of a mix of Studio McGee and Jean Stoffer. If you love either of those looks, seek out your home inspiration via Park & Oak.

6. Chris Loves Julia

Julia Marcum has grown her blog Chris Loves Julia to more than 1 million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of monthly website views, and it’s all thanks to her enviable style. Her current home is a fresh take on traditional (think moody blue-gray paint colors, antiques mixed with modern elements, and lots of wallpaper), but she’s moved around a lot in recent years, so it’s worth a dive through her archives, where she has a more modern primary residence, and a modern-rustic family cabin, too.

7. Justina Blakeney

If your dream home inspiration is full of color and pattern, follow Justina Blakeney. Her bright bohemian style is as cheerful as it is stunning. You may recognize it from her line with Target, Jungalow (also the name of her blog).

8. April Tomlin

April Tomlin is the go-to designer for Nashville-area celebs and influencers like Lauren Lane and Mallory Ervin. If you like design that’s clean but cozy, and heavy on the neutrals, you’ll love her work.

9. Lauren Liess

Lauren Liess (yes, the one from HGTV), operates a full-service design studio out of Virginia, and creates spaces that are warm, stylish, and layered, often with a mix of new and old pieces, and rustic or handmade elements. Her Instagram is full of inspiration, but if you’re looking for more, she also has three best-selling coffee table books.

10. Jenna Sue Design

Jena Sue documents her own home transformations and DIYs on her blog and Instagram. If you like to take a budget-friendly or DIY approach to your home updates, her account will be full of inspiration.

11. Max Humphrey

Pacific Northwest-based Max Humphrey has a style that speaks to his home base. It feels sort of like a vintage-camp, a little Americana, a bit masculine, but it’s also fun, funky, and downright gorgeous.

12. Whittney Parkinson

Indiana-based Whitney Parkinson’s interiors are nuanced, layered and traditional-leaning, but with a fresh twist. She combines patterns and textures in a way that’s interesting but restrained.

13. Tiffany Brooks

Tiffany Brooks is known for livable, family-friendly interiors that still manage to pack plenty of style and a touch of glamour. The HGTV host and AD 100 designer isn’t afraid of color or creating a bold moment in a room.

14. The Fox Group

If you’re looking for luxurious, sophisticated, over-the-top home inspiration, The Fox Group is the place to start. The custom design-build firm in Utah is behind some of the most gorgeous home renovations and room designs you’ll see anywhere.

15. Becca Interiors

Becca Interiors is owned by a Connecticut-based British designer. Her work has distinct English-cottage charm with a modern touch.

16. Bless’er House

The Bless’er House blog is filled with budget-friendly interior design ideas, and DIY projects that totally transform a space. Creator Lauren managed to create spaces that look high-end, but feature thrifted decor and affordable furniture and decor mixed with the occasional higher-end piece.

17. Josh Young Design House

If you love antiques and lots of white, you’ll love Josh Young. He’s a Washington, DC-based artist, but his home is incredibly sophisticated and perfectly curated.

18. BrePurposed

Bre Bertolini, the blogger behind BrePurposed, has a warm, slightly moody home that’s a touch rustic and a little bit vintage, but also trendy and relevant. She combines cute decor with sturdy upcycled furniture and creative DIY touches that result in an original and budget-friendly family space.

19. Julie Blanner

Julie Blanner is one of my favorite home decor influencers because her home is beautiful, but it’s also approachable. Her spaces are bright and inviting, but her feed also makes you feel like you could actually achieve a home like hers without spending every waking minute keeping up with home decor trends and DIYing.

20. Kismet House

Erin Conway of Kismet House has the talent of a designer and the handyman skills of Chip Gaines. The results are a fabulous old home filled with character.

How to find home decor Instagram accounts

If you’re looking for home home decor influencers to follow, there are a few ways I like to do it.

The first is to look at hashtags. And get specific. Things like #bohohomestyle or #homeonabudget will surface influencers that are specific to your home and style.

The second is to check the comments section. Influencers like to comment on each other’s content (There were once even chat groups dedicated to influencers boosting each others engagement), so I’ve found a few of my favorite influencers by looking at the comments section and clicking various profiles.

Look at brand accounts. Brands both big and small partner with influencers these days, and often share their content on their own feeds.

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