13 Studio McGee Bathrooms I Can’t Get Enough Of

A bathroom with a black tile floor and standing tub
Image via Studio Mcgee

Studio McGee Bathrooms I Love

Studio Mcgee bathrooms are truly the stuff of #housegoals. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or refresh, or building from scratch, there aren’t many design firms that’ll serve up all the inspiration you could ever need on a platter.

I did the hard work of browsing the Studio McGee website to find the firm’s most gorgeous bathrooms, and I rounded them up right here for you. (Once you’re done scrolling through the bathroom inspo, check out my favorite Studio Mcgee kitchens for all the kitchen inspo you need, while you’re at it).

My 13 Favorite Studio McGee Bathrooms

1. An all-around elegant space

If you’ve watched Studio Mcgee’s show Dream Home Makeover on Netflix, you may remember The Hilltop Estate, a gorgeous and massive new build the team did in California. This bathroom is part of that home. I love it because no detail is spared and you’d never know the home was a new construction just by looking at it. It has so much character. It’s one of my favorite Studio Mcgee bathrooms on this list.

2. A clean and modern space

This bathroom is based around clean lines and lots of white, but thanks to warm wood tones, brass hardware, and a geometric velvet stool, the space feels warm and elevated, not stark. Love.

3. A classic primary bath

This space, on the other hand, is all about traditional design with a fresh approach. The marble counters feature a unique farmhouse-sink inspired apron, which makes the whole piece feel unexpected.

4. An elegant beauty with rustic details

To get the Studio McGee bathroom look, you need to think details. From the ceiling down, this bathroom is all sophistication. But the rustic beam at the top adds just enough tension to make things interesting. It totally makes the space. This bathroom is in the Mcgee family’s home.

5. A modern vintage bathroom

Another one from the Mcgee home, this space feels casual and charming–like a vintage bathroom reimagined for today–thanks to the colorful wood paneling, simple ceramic-tile floors, and pedestal sink.

6. Rustic elegance

Ok, I’m not gonna lie: This bathroom is my favorite on this list. I have it saved on one of my Pinterest board for someday when we can redo our primary bathroom. I love how cozy it feels and I’m obsessed with sage green paint colors right now.

7. A pop of pattern

Here’s another example of great detail. This bathroom is 90% tradition and simplicity, but the fun floor tile adds a healthy dose of pattern that, once again, just totally brings it to another level.

8. A spa-like space

If you prefer clean, modern design, this one’s for you. This minimalist, clean-lined space is designed to let the view beyond the window shine. Like the first bathroom on this list, the contemporary lines are balanced by wood-paneled walls, which add warmth.

9. Moody glamour

There’s so much to love about this one. It’s dramatic, it’s glamorous, and it feels like it would be in the suite of the chicest boutique hotel you could imagine. Just in case you’re thinking this might be *too* dark: this is actually an alternate view of the bathroom in the first photo. The black is only part of the room, and the rest is white.

10. A cute kids space

This space layers a dose of fun into a classic Studio Mcgee bathroom design with a speckled pink wallpaper, in the firm’s Cove remodel project.

11. Unapologetic glam

This bathroom might be bigger than my entire primary suite. It’s glam and it’s grand, and everything from the tile selection, to the tub, to the light fixtures are timeless.

12. Sleek and simple

This space is all about elegance. I especially love the light fixtures, and the firm’s habit of putting vintage rugs in their bathroom designs.

13. Bright and airy

I love this Studio Mcgee bathroom because it’s so simple and would be easy to recreate in any home. Large stone tile, a freestanding tub, a lantern-style light fixture, light wood shelves and a vintage rug are the keys to the look.

Why Studio McGee bathrooms work so well

Now that we’ve seen all the bathrooms of our collective dreams, though, let’s take a moment to appreciate the brains of Shea McGee and her team and delve into why everyone is so into her work.

First and foremost, Studio McGee creates the ultimate dream homes for everyday living. The homes Shea Mcgee designs aren’t too precious or frilly, they’re inviting and approachable, but absolutely stunning at the same time.

She’s able to create this irresistible design recipe because the core, her designs are timeless. They’re usually neutral, and they’re filled with thoughtful detail and character. Once she creates the base for a home, she layers on contemporary touches and decor trends in a way that make her space feel fresh and relevant, too. Genius, I’ll tell ya.

This whole design approach is especially great in a bathroom. That’s because, when you’re designing a bathroom, you want your space to feel updated and luxurious, but you also don’t want to feel like it’s dated two years after you finish installing it. You need a timeless core, layered with fresh, on-trend touches.

How to design a Studio McGee bathroom

If you want to get the Studio McGee bathroom look in your home, but can’t afford to give Shea and Syd a call, keep these design principles in mind.

Stick to neutrals

Most of Studio McGee’s work is made up of shades of white, cream, gray, beige, and black, with metallic touches (either brass or nickel). White paint shades are also a key design element, and one that’s easy to pull off in almost any home.

Pick one finish

While mixing silver and gold toned hardware is perfectly fine, Studio McGee tends to choose one finish (like brass, nickel or stainless steel) and uses it throughout the entire bathroom.

Add a point of contrast

You’ll notice that most of the spaces above are about 80 percent classic or 80 percent modern, but the other 20 percent is an opposite design style. Brining in rustic elements warms up a modern space and brings an elegant one down to earth. Contemporary elements make traditional spaces feel relevant. Etc.

Incorporate wood tones

Studio McGee tends to incorporate lots of wood tones into their bathrooms, either with the vanity, or ceiling beams, or shelving. They typically choose lighter shades, like white or amber oak.

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