Our New Laundry Room Reveal

One of the things we tackled with our first floor renovation was moving the laundry room. It had previously been in a large closet that we opened up to create more space for our family room, so we needed to find a new spot for it.

Here’s the laundry area in the closet, before the reno:

Before! Paint color is Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

I loved the look, but the location didn’t make the most sense for what we were trying to accomplish with the layout of our home. So, we had to take it out.

We removed the wall around our old laundry area to open up the room it was in.

The solution that did end up making sense was to put laundry room inside our large, full bathroom that was off of the first floor playroom. The bathroom had a shower/tub that we never used, so we decided to instead turn half of it into a laundry room and the other half into a powder room.

The red bathroom before, half of which became our laundry room

It’s a teeny space, that’s literally just large enough for a side-by-side washer/dryer and a cabinet, but the smaller laundry space was worth the square footage we gained to create a family room.

Because it was such a small space, I wanted to make sure it was fun. So, we decided to use the same marble checkered tile that we used in the powder room, and do a pale gray/blue paint color (Benjamin Moore Smoke) on the walls and cabinets.

Here’s a progress shot of the tiny space coming along:

We had to do sliding doors of some sort, also, to accomodate the small area, so I ended up going with a farmhouse-style door system. Looking back, I probably would have done pocket doors, but that was an idea I had too late in the renovation process.

A progress shot of the laundry room. Don’t mind the toys.

Instead, I was determined to find farmhouse doors that fit my style. My house doesn’t have a farmhouse vibe at all, so I didn’t want to use traditional farmhouse doors, and I was THRILLED when I found these gorgeous glass-paneled doors on Facebook marketplace for a few hundred dollars. My husband drove 2 hours to pick them up, which was worth it. (For me at least, he might have a different opinion…).

I ended up re-using the light fixture which had been in our bathroom, because I just loved the vintage glass shade, and going with nickel hardware to match it.

Overall, I love how the space turned out! I think my one remaining project here is to stain the sliding doors a darker color, thinking a medium brown, for a more finished/polished look.

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