15 Best Hostess Gifts On Amazon Under $50

Amazon is actually one of my favorite places to buy hostess gifts, for two reasons. First, the selection is massive, and you can literally find something for anyone there. And second, because the shipping is so fast, so if you get a last-minute invite or you’re just the last-minute type (like me!), then you can get something fun, that your host will appreciate, and you’ll get it on time.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best hostess gifts on Amazon, according to yours truly.

Best Hostess Gifts On Amazon – My 15 Go-Tos

I used to be big into bringing flowers when I went to someone’s home, but then an Aunt told me that flowers can actually be a pain for a hostess because they have to stop what they’re doing to get a vase, cut the flowers, put them in water, etc. So, I’ve since stopped doing that, (though if you know someone who really loves flowers, or you’re going to an intimate gathering where the host/hostess won’t be super busy, I still think this is a lovely gesture).

Instead, here are some of my go-to gifts. I choose these gifts often because they meet my criteria for a good hostess gift, which are:

  • They don’t have to manage the gift immediately
  • It’s useful, meaning it’s not a duplicate of something they already own, and if they do already own it, it’s something that they’ll need to replenish or can likely use more of
  • It’s not too style specific. I.e. I wouldn’t give someone wall art, but I would give them simple marble coasters.

That’s it. That’s my criteria. And here are my picks.

And did I mention they’re all under $40? Most are under $20.

1. Nice dish towels

I love gifting nice dish towels, because they’re something everyone uses, but not everyone wants to spend money on. These are made with upcycled cotton, and would be cute gifted with a nice hand soap.

2. A coffee table book that reflects their interests

Coffee table books are one of the best hostess gifts on Amazon because you’ll find one for almost any personality. If you aren’t sure which one to buy, you can’t go wrong with a design or art book with a neutral cover. This Athena Calderone book is one of my favorites, and only $35!

3. Candle snuffer

Candle snuffers just make me feel fancy, and I also find them fun to use 🙂 This one is cute enough to leave sitting out alongside a candle on a shelf or table.

4. Taper candles set

Another go-to hostess gift idea it to give the candle snuffer alongside a set of taper candles. I like giving taper candles since they’re usually unscented, and unless you know your host really well, scents can be hard to choose for someone else.

5. Le Creuset Stoneware Sauce Jar

This is a great gift because it’s so versatile. For one, the white color goes with any kitchen. Plus, this little pitcher can be used as a countertop catchall for utensils or tea bags, as a serving piece for creamers, or to warm up sauces or syrup in the microwave. And those are just a few of the uses I thought of. Plus, it’s a Le Creuset piece that’s under $25!

6. A seasonal candle

One exception to my opinion on scented candles is if it’s a holiday or seasonal scented candle. A lot of people I know burn pumpkin or apple scented candles during the fall, and fir or clove-scented candles during the holiday season, so they feel more universal. And, since these seasons are prime time for hostess gifts, they make a great option.

7. Coffee & A Coffee Clip/Scoop

This little coffee scoop doubles as a bag clip to hold your coffee bag closed. Not only cute, but convenient, and it keeps your coffee fresh. It’s a lovely gift one its own, or alongside a bag o’ beans.

8. Long matches

You know how sometimes when you order things on Amazon, they lack a certain design aesthetic that you might get if you were shopping on Etsy or at a small shop? Like the Amazon things can have weird branding? I appreciate that these matches are not one of those products, and the jar looks well-designed and giftable. They’d be perfect with a candle.

9. All-in-one charcuterie board

This is not your average charcuterie board. This one comes with a little built-in drawer that houses all the service utensils you’ll need, too. It even has a wine cork.

10. An on-trend bowl

If you want to give a home-related gift, I like to go with a neutral, on-trend accent piece. These stone bowls have been all over design Instagram, usually at a much higher price point than the $35 this one if offered at.

11. Wine stoppers

I’m not going to lie, there’s a 90% chance that if you invite me to your house after 4p.m., I’m going to bring wine. It’s an easy hostess gift that’s usually appreciated (unless your hosts aren’t drinkers, in which case, skip!). However, I do like to make the gift feel more intentional by adding a wine accessory. My favorites are either a wine stopper, or spoiler alert, a wine coaster (see #11). This makes it feel more like a gift and less like you stopped at the corner bodega on the way.

12. A wine coaster

See #11. Wine coasters are handy for, say, enjoying wine in the living room without worrying about your bottle of red dripping all over your coffee table.

13. Le Cresuet Floral Spoon Rest

Another Le Cresuet item, but I like giving little trinkets from more expensive brands. They just feel nicer. This floral spoon rest is also both pretty and practical.

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