10 Studio McGee Bedrooms & How to Get the Look

Studio McGee bedrooms are the stuff of dreams. They’re calming and serene, not to mention gorgeous. They’re all just so good. Which is probably why the firm has a Netflix Show, a million Instagram followers and a Target line. Anyway.

I’ve been studying these spaces for a few weeks now, while I’m gathering inspiration for a primary bedroom refresh of my own. I’ve noticed lots of common threads between the typical Studio McGee-style bedrooms that I’ve noted to help me pull off a similar look of my own.

If you’re after the Studio McGee bedroom look for your space, keep reading, because I’m sharing my favorite inspiation, plus tips for recreating a similar space.

Studio McGee Bedrooms

1. White and wood

Images via Studio McGee

This California bedroom is just so inviting. I love the combination of the white walls and the warm wood on the ceiling.

2. Poster bed bedroom

Image: Studio McGee

My favorite part of this simple Studio McGee bedroom has to be the bed. There’s something about a poster bed that feels so regal, like someone important is sleeping in it.

3. A neutral space with a pop of blue

Image via Studio McGee

Is this Sunday morning in a bedroom or what? I love this overall vibe (and those are my dream lamps!), I’d probably just swap the nightstands for something vintage.

4. A warm, tonal space

Image via Studio McGee

This gorgeous space feels layered and cozy thanks to richer colors and a mix of prints and textures. The white oak bed and custom headboard combo are also a wow.

5. An elegant bedroom with wall paneling

Image via studio MCgee

I painted all the walls in my homes white for years…and then I got sick of it and went the other way with bold colors. But I’m considering white for my bedroom again because I just want the space to feel clean and airy. If I do it though, I’m definitely going to add some sort of moulding, like the above, to make things more interesting.

6. A cozy taupe space

Sooo…this is pretty much the color my bedroom is now, a mid-toned taupe. I’ve been feeling like I need to paint it a creamy white (Thinking SW Alabaster) but this has me feeling like maybe I could make the taupe work and just switch up the decor a bit?

7. A textural bedroom with a pop of green

Image via Studio McGee

This bedroom is a perfect example of the SM bedroom formula: White walls, wood tones, earth-tone accents, matching bedside tables and sculptural lamps (With white shades).

8. A muraled space

Image via Studio McGee

This is the guest room in Shea & Syd McGee’s home … isn’t is lovely? This might be my favorite space on the list. I just love that mural. Also, can you believe this room … is in their basement?!

9. Wall of windows

Image via Studio McGee

This space is another example of clean, simple design (because who needs fussy with exterior doors and a view like that?). A neutral bed, mushroom-colored sofa, and layered rugs are the key to this look.

10. Adventure-themed kids room

I had to throw in a couple of super-cute kids rooms, too. I love how Studio McGee designs kids rooms that are whimsical and fun without being overly childish or theme-y.

11. Swing bedroom

This is another kids space that feels sophisticated yet playful thanks to the swing in the corner.

How to Get the Studio McGee Look in Your Bedroom

As I mentioned, there are a few design rules that Studio McGee seems to follow when it comes to bedrooms. The must haves?

Creamy white walls.

You probably noticed that most of the bedrooms above are painted in some shade of neutral, creamy white. This is a Studio McGee signature. In fact, I would be money that after “Dream Home Makeover” came out on Netflix, sales of Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee skyrocketed.

Wood tones.

Again, almost every photo above has wood tones incorporated. While wood paneling on the ceiling is a Studio McGee favorite, you can also achieve similar warmth with wooden nightstands, a wood-tone dresser or bench, or wooden-framed art above the bed.

Earth tones.

Earth tones are a Studio McGee signature. If you want to incorporate color into your bedroom, stick to subtle, muted tones found in nature. Think moss green, steely blue, amber, or soft terracotta.

Plush bedding.

Fluffy beds are a must for Studio McGee. That means opting for a duvet instead of a quilt (or layering both), plus plenty of pillows. Choose bedding in solids, with at least one element a bright white (think sheets, pillow cases or duvet covers).

Matching Nightstands and Lamps.

When it comes to bedroom design, Studio McGee is all about symmetry. Choose matching nightstands and table lamps for a Shea McGee-approved look. If your space doesn’t allow for matching nightstands, aim for balance instead (see image #4).

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