How to store paint brushes overnight

Not every paint project can be completed within a day. In fact, most of the ones I do myself take at least a couple of days, or more. If you will need more than one day to complete your paint job, you might be wondering what should you do with the brushes.

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True, you can wash them in between painting sessions … but you’ don’t really need to, ‘ll actually be making more work for yourself. You don’t need to wash them as long as you know how to store paint brushes overnight.

Here, I’ll talk through how I store paint brushes between painting sessions.

How to store paint brushes between painting sessions

To store paint brushes overnight, all you need to do is wrap them in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator. Yep, it’s really that simple.

Make sure to secure them tightly on the neck of the brush to prevent the airflow from drying the paint.

Using this method, the paint will remain wet for a couple of days, and you can just take the brushes out of the fridge whenever you’re ready to paint again.

If you look in my fridge on any given day, particularly a weekend day, there’s about a 75 percent chance you’ll find a paint brush sitting next to the milk and eggs.

How to store paint brushes for an extended period

Once you paint job is over, though, it’s time for a more permanent storage solution.

You don’t need to throw the brush when you have finished your painting job. You can save it for your next project by cleaning it properly. When the paint is still wet, make sure to scrape off the extra back into the can. Use a putty knife for this purpose, and remove as much paint as possible to make the cleaning process more manageable. 

Once you’ve scraped, mix together some water and dish soap and soak the brush. Rinse and slap the brush against a hard surface to remove the excess water and let it air dry, hanging down so that the bristles stay intact. If some of the paintbrush bristles are starting to look like flyaways, reshape the brush by hand before it dries.

When the brush is dry, you can store it. To avoid damage, be sure to store the brush in its original cover. This will keep the bristles intact and prevent them from losing their shape. If you didn’t save it, your brush will still be perfectly usable, but try to remember for next time, and it keeps the brush is its best form.

How to store paint rollers overnight

 A paint roller makes it easy to cover large surfaces such as walls and ceilings, and a brush is better for the corners and edges. When you know how to store paint brushes between painting sessions, you might ask yourself whether this is possible with rollers.

The answer is yes. You can keep paint rollers overnight the same way you stores brushes. All you need to do is place the roller in a plastic bag and make sure to squeeze the extra air out, then tie it off with an elastic or hair band (tape works in a pinch). This simple step will slow down the drying process, and the roller will be as you left it. Then, make sure to place the paint roller in the refrigerator.

Why painting tools matter

Newbies in painting might think they can get away with the cheapest tools they find at the store. However, they might not get the result they wanted. Good quality painting brushes and rollers will make a huge difference, resulting in a painting job that looks like it was completed by a professional.

The quality tools will create a smooth finish and not look like an amateur painting job. On the other hand, high-quality tools will be more durable. You don’t want that cheap plastic brush to fall apart in the middle of your painting job. When you invest in a good brush, you can use it for a couple of painting sessions. With this, you save both money and time. 

How to choose a good painting brush? Always look for soft and fuzzy bristles, as these have high precision and will create sharp edges. The part that connects the hairs with the brush should be made of metal for maximum durability. For the handle, it is best to choose wood. 

However, choosing the right paint roller can be more complex. They come with different fiber lengths, so you need to select according to the surface you will paint. A short nap will do fine for smooth walls such as drywall. 

How long does a paint brush last?

The longevity of a paint brush depends on the material it’s made of and how frequently you use it. They can last up anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years, so make sure to choose wisely. The average of a frequently used brush is two to three years. 

When shopping for paint brushes, you will find ones with natural and synthetic bristles. Natural brushes are made of animal hair and can last between three to five years if properly maintained. They are used for applying oil-based paint and should never be used with latex paint.

Polyester brushes are ideal for latex paint. Even though they will keep their shape and ensure a smooth application every time, they will last between six months and a year. For maximum durability, you can get mixed fiber brushes. They come with a mix of polyester and nylon fiber which holds the shape well. They can last up to three years if taken care of properly. After painting, it is crucial to wash the brushes with soapy water to remove the excess and prepare them for your next project. 

Paint brush or paint roller?

Painting my laundry room cabinets with a foam paint roller

Both rollers and brushes are needed to achieve a smooth finish. A paint brush is ideal for the small corners and crevices and any area where you need high precision and detailed work. The brush is perfect for textured walls, as the bristles will enter the tiniest crooks and crevices.

It is best to use a combination of a good quality brush and a roller for painting interior walls. You can use the brush to cover the area around the windows, along the ceiling, and paint details. Even with the highest quality brush, it is essential not to overload it with paint. Excess paint will create an uneven finish, so be sure to use the optimal amount. Despite achieving a perfect finish, this will save you paint as well. 

For large areas, it is better to use a roller. If you are a beginner at painting, it is always better to use this tool. Paint rollers will cover large areas like walls and ceilings without leaving any bristle marks. Also, they come with extension rods, so you might not need a ladder to reach the highest points in your home. 

Rollers come in different materials and sizes, so finding the right fit for your project is crucial. They can be made of wool, foam, or polyester. For latex paint, you should use synthetic materials. The nap thickness is also critical, as the thicker the fiber, the more paint it will absorb. Also, the thick nap is good for textured surfaces, as it can reach the tiniest crevices. If you paint over decks, masonry, stucco, and bricks, it is better t use a 3/4” nap. a 3/8“ nap will work the best for drywall and ceilings.