11 Arched Cabinets for all Budgets & Styles

fern arched cabinet in a gray house
The Anthropologie Fern cabinet in my sister @Linds_Severo‘s house

Arched cabinets are one of the biggest home decor trends of the moment. They’re all over Instagram, Pinterest, and in magazines, and pretty much every major home furnishings store is selling a version of the arched cabinet. There are even IKEA hacks to recreate the look for less.

Personally, I love the look of an arched cabinet. They add some architecture to a room, and they’re both pretty and functional, because you can style them like you would a bookcase, and/or use them for more practical storage purposes.

I was recently shopping at Retail 101 (IYKYK) with my sister, who purchased the internet-famous Anthropologie Fern Cabinet, and it’s a statement maker in her space (see above!).

If you’re thinking about adding one of these beauties to your space, I’ve rounded up 11 of my favorite options, which start at just $450 (I also included a simple arched bookcase alterative for just $100 towards the bottom of the post).

My Favorite Arched Cabinets Right Now

1. Anthropologie Fern Cabinet

black and wood arched cabinet in a taupe room

I feel like this might be the most famous arched cabinet of the moment, right? I’ve seen if all over Instagram, and it might be be Anthro’s most photographed home piece (after their Primrose mirror, or course). I love the black version, but it also comes in a handful of other colors including gray and white.

This cabinet is expensive, but it’s also super high-quality (and heavy. so heavy). The shelf that sits above the drawers is marble, too, which is a lovely little detail.

2. UO Mason Cabinet

The Mason cabinet, from Anthro’s sister store Urban Outfitters, is very similar to the Fern cabinet, but it feels more sleek and midcentury thanks to the cleaner silhouette and deeper wood tones. This one is about $500 less than the Anthropologie version, too, if you’re looking for a similar, but slightly cheaper alternative.

3. Target Arched Cabinet

cane arched cabinet

This stylish little cabinet is the most budget-friendly on this list, coming in at under $500. Instead of glass fronts, this version has cane, which give it a more bohemian vibe, However, it could also work in a coastal or classic modern rustic space.

Note, that at just over 4 feet tall, it’s smaller than the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitter’s versions.

4. Ballard Designs Arched Cabinet

pair of black arched cabinet shelves

This two-tone beauty is sleep and simple, which means it’ll fit well with all sorts of styles. Unlike some of the other cabinets here, this one has no doors on it, which technically make it more of a bookcase. Also good to know: It comes in black and ivory options.

5. World Market Arched Cabinet

brown arched cabinet

The World Market arched cabinet is a slightly more rustic take on the look, thanks to the darker wood and black metal color combo. At under $1,000 this handsome guy is deal, for sure.

6. Pottery Barn Arched Cabinet

light wood arched cabinet in a neutral room

I’m not gonna lie, this one might be my favorite. I love how the oversized cabinet is balanced by the slim legs. It makes sense that this one is my favorite, since it’s also the most expensive (always happens, right?), at more than $4,000.

7. Art Deco Arched Cabinet

all black arched cabinet

This cabinet feels a bit more edge and Art Deco thanks to the all-black look and the detailing on the windows. This works well in a more contemporary room.

8. Cream Arched Cabinet

cream arched cabinet

The curve of this cabinet is angled slightly differently than the others on this list, which, to me, feels more retro. I love how this one was styled with earth tones!

9. Crate & Barrel Lana Cabinet

The detailing on this sleek wood cabinet if just gorgeous. It would look awesome styled with pale neutral accessories and books turned backwards (you know, so you just see all the coordinating white pages?). Love it.

10. Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel Arched Cabinet

arched light wood cabinet

If you’re looking for a cabinet more for storage purposes, this one is a beauty. Its wooden doors make sure you can store whatever you want in there without worrying about a cluttered look. Think: work files, kids art supplies, even pantry items.

This one also comes in black and ivory tones.

11 Arched Bookcase

If you like the look of the ached cabinets but don’t want to drop close to $1,000 or more, this arched bookcase is a lovely alterative. Is has the same silhouette and is similar in size to many of the other cabinets listed here, but costs around $100. For that price, you could line them up side-by-side along an entire wall!

Where to use an arched cabinet

Arched cabinets can work in most rooms in the home, but they’re most natural in dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, entryways, and family rooms. Here, I’ve rounded up some photos of arched cabinets placed around the house for inspiration.

Here’s a cabinet styled in the dining room. This is a classic way to incorporate one of these cabinets into you home: Simply place it at the center of an empty wall in your dining room. It can also go between two windows, or used to balance out an off center window.

arched cabinet in a living room
Image via Becs Farmhouse

Arched cabinets are also a great addition to living spaces or family rooms (skip the glass doors if you have kids). They easily fill an empty corner, and look great styled next to a chair, bench or ottoman with some artwork hung above.

You can also use an arched cabinet to fill an awkward spot in a hallway or entry hall, like in the space above. Ditto for office spaces.

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